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Cannatonic CBD Gefeminiseerd


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Cannatonic CBD Gefeminiseerd 5× Gefeminiseerde Marijuana Zaden
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Cannatonic CBD Gefeminiseerd


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Over Cannatonic CBD Gefeminiseerd

Cannatonic grows and hits you like an Indica strain would, but smells and tastes like most popular hazy Sativa strains. This makes sense of course, considering its genetics. The Cannatonic strain stems from MK Ultra and G-13 Haze.

Bred by the founder of Resin Seeds – Jaime – 50% of Cannatonic plants are CBD-rich, meaning they lab test at 4% cannabidiol (CBD) or higher. It was one of the first strains recorded with a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 or better.

Already batched of Cannatonic tested at 17% CBD, which is pretty incredible in the southern California medical marijuana community. As we know, cannabidiol (CBD)may relieve anxiety, prevent certain cancers, inhibit seizures, treat OCD, and much more.

Why feminized seeds?

Only interested in female marijuana plants? Check out our feminized seed packs. Nirvana Shop guarantees you that all the seeds are healthy feminized marijuana seeds!

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  • Hoogste kwaliteit. De beste zaden die je kan krijgen, direct van de bron.
  • Discrete verzending om een veilige aankomst van je kwaliteitszaden te garanderen.
  • Superieur support om al je vragen te beantwoorden.


GenenMK Ultra x G13 Haze
KweekZowel binnen als buiten
Gemiddelde Opbrengst325 - 425 g/m² in SOG
Bloeiperiode9 - 11 weken
Grow DifficultyHard

Customer experience


  • Eetlust
  • Depressie
  • Pijn
  • Stress
  • Angst

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