Invigorating Startpakket Outdoor


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Invigorating Startpakket Outdoor

This pack contains:

Sour Diesel Gefeminiseerd Sativa's Sour Diesel Feminized feminized 5× wiet zaden € 35,00
Oogst Kit (invigorating outdoor sp) Yield Kit Growth SolutionVoor 5 planten € 15,00
Propagator set (invigorating outdoor sp) Propagator Kit Growth Solution10 Spongepots € 23,00
Groeizak 5x8 liter (invigorating outdoor sp) Root Pouch (5 pack) Growth Solution5 Rootpouches € 8,00
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Over Invigorating Startpakket Outdoor

This Starter Pack contains the following products:

5 Sativa's Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds
1 Propagator kit (for 10 seeds)
1 Yield kit (for 5 plants)
5 Root Pouches (2 gallons)

Starter Packs are designed for new or starting growers. These packs minimize the margin of error while maximizing the results. Each pack comes with everything you need to grow your plant from start to finish. This pack contains the Sativa's Sour Diesel Feminized which produces an invigorating head high that charges you with energy and creative thoughts.

Please note: growth solutions will be shipped separately from seeds.

Supreme CBD Lemon OG5 Sativa's Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds

The buds are tall sativa shaped candles and look like they have been hit by frostbite with a white glow all over. The effect is an invigorating head high that charges you with energy and creative thoughts.

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Propagator Kit1 Propagator Kit

The kit comes with 1 Germination kit and 1 Propagator Pro 2, both high quality products which will guarantee you a perfect germination of your precious marijuana seeds!

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Yield Kit1 Yield Kit

Make the most of your marijuana seeds! Nirvana's Yield Kit includes our three bestselling growth solutions: 5 Sachets of Root Xtender, 5 Soiltabs and 5 Flowertabs. That's all you need to harvest in an irresistible value pack!

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Root Pouches5 Root Pouches (2 gallons)

A packet of Flowertabs contains five 100% organic tablets. Flowertabs will slowly biodegrade, releasing measured doses of nutrients while the fungal ingredients strengthen and extend your roots just when your plants need it the most.

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