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Skywalker OG

5× Gefeminiseerde Marijuana Zaden

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Skywalker OG


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Over Skywalker OG

Whether your looking to bring peace to the galaxy or rule it with an iron fist, you’re the chosen one in this story. And after just one puff you’re going to be hyperdriving your senses off to Alderaan.

True to its cinematic name origin, Skywalker OG is both exotic and rugged with sweet and piney high notes stained with nostalgic jet fuel that lingers slowly from the togue. The effects ring in harmony with binge watching the entire series as she lays a heavy blanket of relaxation over you. The high leaves you with mild electric sensations pulsing gently through a warm outer layer of numbness of what was once your body.

Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with Skywalker and OG Kush parents and she shows both sides nicely. Her OG Kush side creates that bold flavorful mouth full that lingers, while her Skywalker side takes over and, true to its lightside name, olberaties pain away.

Our tip for this strain: Skywalker OG is decently tall for her indica-dominant nature and ranges between 30’’ - 78”. This is usually due to her stretch where she can double her height, but what is nice is she flowers pretty fast while being incredibly giving in yield. So keep an eye on the stretch, but besides that it’s easy breezing along the Tatooine sunset

What we love about this strain: This strain is the real chosen one and the force between THC and other cannabinoids are perfectly balanced here for a great medical strain that couchlocks your body but not your mind. Her incredibly high midi-chlorians count, oops we mean THC content, keeps your mind alert and racing while her high myrcene, a terpenoid notorious for couchlocking, takes hold over your body.

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Genetica Skywalker x OG kush
Plantensoort Voornamelijk Indica
Geslacht Type Vrouw
Kweek Zowel binnen als buiten
Gemiddelde Opbrengst 500 - 600 g/m² in SOG
Bloeiperiode 8 - 9 weken
Moeilijkheid Medium
Label Gold Label

Ervaringen van gebruikers


  • Ontspannen
  • Vrolijk
  • Euphorisch


  • Aarde
  • Zoet
  • Scherp

Medicinale eigenschappen

  • Depressie
  • Stress
  • Pijn

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