Official Distributors

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  • Basil Bush (England)
  • Tigre Uno/Seedsman (England)
  • Tangy Gifts (England)
  • Avalon Wholesale( England)
  • Plantasur (Spain)
  • La Mota (Spain)
  • Hipersemillas (Spain)
  • Hortitec (Spain)
  • Garden Seeds Trading (Spain)
  • Bushdoctor (Austria)
  • Seeds2Go (Austria)
  • ARI Logistics (Nederland)
  • Idrogrow (Italië)
  • Rubaru (Rusland)
  • NASB (Canada)
  • Growingo (Zuid Amerika)

I hope this was helpful and answered your questions. If not you can always contact me and ask your questions directly!

~ Alice