Outdoor Innovation-Okazja w pakiecie

Swiss Cheese feminizowana (5 nasion) + Short Rider feminizowana (5 nasion) + Ultimate Grow Kit

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Kupując ten produkt, otrzymujesz 300 Punkty Nirvana. Wartość twojego koszyka wyniesie 300 punkty o wartości € 3,00.

€ 60,00

€ 72,00

-€ 12,00

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Pakiet okazyjny The Outdoor Innovation jest odpowiedni dla wymagających hodowców uprawiających marihuanę na zewnątrz! Ten doskonały pakiet okazyjny poywala ci zupełnie bezproblemowo wypróbować dwie odmiany Nirvana Shop. Otrzymasz nasiona i wszystko co jest ci potrzebne aby twoje nasiona zakiełkowały i rosły. Pakiety okazyjne są wydajne, łatwe, a przede wszystkim ekonomiczne!

Jamie P 2013-04-17

Proud owner

Put in order month or so ago,and the seeds arrived well within aweek. The growkit ,seperate packaging never showed up so I contacted WeedPortal and worked it out. I'll post an actual review once I get the other half of package. Was weary about whole customs thing ,but Nirvana came thru! Thanks for you guys service,and great customer.support

Evan P 2011-03-28

Great Shipping

I sent cash and gave a couple extra bucks and they gave me 20 extra seeds! Great service love nirvana

Ron J 2011-03-17

Please read this

I first want to thank AJ from your company I had a poor germ. rate on the short rider the cheese
was awesome 5 of 5. So I went to the support area clicked and filled out a short form about my problem. Went to my doctors came home and checked my email and AJ said Nirvana would replace my seeds. AJ I live in a state that shows mercy on sick people you and Nirvana
helped out a sick person that counts on your seeds to provide relief. I want the reader to know AJ never knew he was dealing with a sick person I never play that card. So AJ and Nirvana may God simle and bless you always ! Thank you Ron

John Doe 2011-03-03

Exemplary Service Indeed

After receiving the Outddor Innovation Package, a small (actually major) problem occurred. I contacted support, and within less than 24 hours, a certain NIrvana support specialist came to the rescue responding with the exact solution I needed. To say that Nirvana's customer service is exemplary would be an understatement. Exemplary Service Indeed!!!

Thank you NIrvana!

Ron J 2011-02-17

outdoor pack

First of all thank you for the fast shipping and quality of these seeds.
Great mix of autoflower and swiss cheese all poped and look GREAT !!

John Doe 2010-10-12

very good item to buy

my next door neighbouir bought this package deal and the swiss cheese was wonderful smoke :D

John Doe 2010-10-08

I grew AK48 and

have just harvested. I grew these outside and fed them with the dirty water from my fish tanks and they grew enormous asnd the stone is great to I have more than a K and i am going to keep it for myself. It will save me a furtune plus i know how to cope with next photoperiod or rudelias plans are started already, next year will be great

Landon H 2010-08-18


Love these things if you want a quick an easy way to start growing outside,
Def buy this:)!

John Doe 2010-08-13

short rider

my mate bought these seeds, grew it in his garden and its was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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Outdoor Innovation-Okazja w pakiecie

Outdoor Innovation-Okazja w pakiecie

Swiss Cheese feminizowana (5 nasion) + Short Rider feminizowana (5 nasion) + Ultimate Grow Kit

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