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Not my taste by
dario s.

Nirvana shop has a top-notch service. I appreciated the camouflage ;) I bought 4 Northern Lights seeds and it came with one extra seed. Thank you for that. I planted three in my tent at the end of summer, one never germinated and unfortunately the other two ended up being male so I just used them as decoration :(. This was very demotivating because it was my first real attempt to grow. I've tried before at college but without any effort or appropriate conditions. I'm still not sure what I'll do with the other two but I'll probably let them grow as a gerrilla plant and expect that at least one is female. Good grow everyone.

Blue Mystic Normal

  • Ligeiros reflexos azulados.
  • Aroma natural enquanto é cultivada.
  • Ligeiro sabor frutado.

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