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Very Positive 90% (44 reviews)
40 growers recommend this
recommended by
Nick D.

H ad a better expeiriance out of the ak48 yield was nice very as far as quality some of the best ive had took full 60 days flower and tastes was sweet too thank you guys aj is the man

recommended by
Eddie C.

Excellent Service, Received in 11 days to U.S. Thank you, Nirvana! ~

recommended by
Lee H.

I live in Maine USA. Sent 140$ cash. Was leery of doing this. Seeds arrived in fantastic packaging. Can not wait to see the results. Very professional with great service Thank you!

recommended by
James s.

Nirvana Is the best! hands down. It takes 2-3 weeks to get to NE U.S., I've ordered every kind but 4 but haven't had the time to test any out yet, I know nirvana genetics are the bomb already tho. Point is if your iffy about buying don't be. You will be happy you did, they have great Customer service also so I give them -10 stars

recommended by
J M.

arrived today .. slick packing .. great service .. will be back for more ..keep up the good work !!

recommended by
A J.

9 day shipping to east coast U.S. 9 out of 10 seeds germinated nicely.

recommended by

If I knew iwas going to be stranded on an island and could only take one strain, this would be it.AK just wants to live and grow. I got three different phenos, so theres a little variety too.

recommended by
Tom j.

我来自中国,现在我的手上有大量优质的种子。欢迎你们的来访I come from China, now I have a lot of quality seeds in my hand. Welcome your visit.

not my taste by
Larry D.

Did not get but one plant out of 10 seeds 9 males.

recommended by
Richard B.

Stealthy shipment. Took 14 days to arrive. I have grown this strain before, i found it very easy to grow, harvest and most of all smoke. 5 stars every time. 49 days flower, 10 day flush for coco. 0.95 grams per watt

not my taste by
Arturas A.

Fast delivery, germination also good but from 8 i get only 2 female

recommended by
Arthur P.

12 day delivery to west coast USA. Great service so far. will keep posted.

recommended by
Philip h.

fast delivery, very stealthy happy customer will buy from Nirvana again, good job started some seeds today

recommended by
Dainis L.

Thanks for fast delivery.

recommended by
Dave B.

Arrived today! Super stealthy, too, I've grown the AK48 before, great smoke - can't wait to grow these. Thanks Nirvana!!!

recommended by
Esko V.

I just want to say that this was amazing service, amazing seeds. My first grow couldn't have gone any better. It took 3 days to get here in Finland, 3 DAYS. Just amazing. Great strain, good smoke.

not my taste by
Andrew E.

Exceptional company... I've done business with about a dozen seed banks online over the years and nirvanas professionalism and quality is one of a kind! Customer service is a 13 outta 10... That being said, I grew the ak48s outdoor in Wisconsin last year and was upset that half of the 40 plants never even came close to finishing... The rest did finish but could a used a but longer....good taste, easy, resistant to harsh cond and mold ...overall good stuff if ya grow in the southern states or indoors...

recommended by
John M.

Awesome service received my order in 10 days! 5 out of 5 came up and are growing along with 5 Super Skunk, 5 Ice and 5 Master Kush! Thanks Nirvana you guys are on time!!!!

recommended by
Cleiton a.

ola,eu fiz minha primeira compra com o Nirvana Shop a a poucos dias atras comprei ak48,northern light,hawaii maui waui e venus flaytrap,eu recebi as minhas sementes aqui no Brasil em menos de duas semanas,embaladas de forma muito discreta,ainda não as germinei para falar sobre a qualidade das mesmas,mais tenho certeza que são de excelente qualidade,resumindo o Nivana shop é um dos melhores seed bank da atualidade,tanto no prazo de entrega,que alias foi o mais rapido que ja comprei ate hoje,quanto na parte de esclarecimentos de duvidas e atendimento ao cliente,os caras são nota 10 mesmo,eu recomendo a todos

recommended by
Thomas T.

Overall a good stady plant

recommended by
Darnell L.

Trying these babies out now, I germed 7 by soaking in a glass of water. so far 4 popped within 4 hours and at this rate maybe the other 3 will be peeking out by morning.I've heard lots of great things about this plant, So I'm gonna experiment with a 200w LED light this grow, needless to say I'm excited to see and report back with results. Stay tuned for an update on how AK-48 responds to LED.Thanks Nirvana you guys rock!

recommended by
Corey W.

This is a good plant. I did not care for them as well as I do with my other plants. I also went from seed to flowering. Even then they smell strong. And the smoke was good. Which I didn't expect. Definitely worth growing! : )

recommended by
Nedanel P.

arrived in Israel in about a week, no trouble and great genius packing! thank you very much

recommended by
tarek k.

simply amazing, its the 4th week of this wonderful weed, its looking good with no problems at all, i advise you to buy the ultimate kit.

recommended by
marco S.


recommended by
floyd f.

3 seeds all germinated over night in glass of water sitting on heating pad mh 600 watt 24/7 9 weeks 12/12 for 9 weeks this is bedtime smoke for sure dont plan on driveing will grow more soon. "thanks nirvanna"

recommended by
steve c.

Loving the smell from this one. I was given a sick seadling from a friend and after some tlc this plant is now the best in my grow room.

not my taste by
Michael R.

I have ordered already 10 breads from Nirvana and so far every one has sprouted and is on the way to a happy harvest ... I have 4of these ak48 seeds away so spread the wealth so there its no telling how those seeds went but as for the 6I have tried to germinate I'm 0-6 but I'm 20-20 on the combination of other strains I've germinated... So I'm pretty disappointed with the AK 48 seeds I received sorry Nirvana. A for all other strains I'm in the process of frowning them so after end readily they will get awesome reviews

recommended by
David H.

Hi All Bought 10 seeds sprouted 4 got 3 females. Already makes me a winner! Live in michigan very scared to make the move on buying seeds over the internet. But armed with a bottle of Vodka and some bagseed grow. I had to have some high grade seeds to play with. So I did it! And I grew them! And i'm not in jail! Nirvana I love ya man!! About my grow: Veg. 5 weeks very green grow fast almost 3' Flower 2 weeks showing flower started started 8 week flowering time.Plants started showing signs of yellowing (Soil Grow) in the fan leaves by the second week of flowering. But the Buds are growing massive (eating lots of Nitrogen) why leaves are turning yellow?.So Just let them grow.1 week to go and average plant size 6' Main cola Biggest 16" smallest 9" of the 3 plants. Again to Nirvana I Love Ya Man!

recommended by
Johnny J.

seeds came to canada within 2 weeks...100% germination

recommended by
Ted G.

I placed a order for AK-48 and Bubblelicious on 11/19/09 and received my order on 11/27/09 the seeds were plump and shiny and fresh and nice all of them and to my surprise I got a bonus. Nirvana are getting all my business for sure. I will be placing another order soon.Thanks Nirvana.

recommended by
jeffrey b.

first to you at nivana thank u thank u and thanks again for, well just being there ,I was out of seed stock-old seeds- and you came through with speedy delivery and great looking seeds and a little gift as well -cool-you guys deliver a great service to us

recommended by
Alan B.

Rest assured this site is the REAL DEAL order with confidents.

recommended by
David r.

i got my seeds in the mail today.this is my 4th batch from you guys.(wasnt very happy about the last ones. said it was snow white but didnt get me high.)2nd time buying the ak48 cause the buds were so nice and the cloning?? talk about easy. i will still continue to buy from here cause i love your shipping method and 99% of the time they are great seeds thanks nirvana

recommended by
Andre M.

I ordered my seeds and 3 weeks later they arrived in my place (Rio de Janeiro). Alice is very nice, and spent a lot of attention on my questions. Thanks Nirvana!!! More orders will com very soon!!!

recommended by
Kalvis J.

Once I try this strain and I was satisfied. Good harvest with weak ligt ( 85w 6400K grow / 2700K bloom CFL per ~1 m2). Yes, and tasty smoke - my girlfriend and me liked it. :)

recommended by
Scott r.

About 2 weeks since germinating these plants are crazy fast growers, already branching, if I didn't see it I wouldn't beleive it. Going fucking nuts. Buy as many as you can.-scott-

recommended by
Jameil M.

AK-48 is one of the best strains out there. A friend gave me some seeds he bought from this sight, I grew those bad boys up, and I've been in love ever since... Every time I take a bong hit with this strain, I just see fireworks...

recommended by
Ho an C.

I got some of this AK48 from a friend, its AWSOME ! its very strong ! this will be the strain that i will try to keep indoor next time!

recommended by
Juan enrique S.

Germinated 10 AK-48, all 10 germinated within 1-2 days, very viable seeds! All showed sex after 6 or 7th node in veg (about 12-14 inches tall)! Cut down 3 males, for a total of 7 out of 10 females! Grew very fast and bushy! Wouldn't recommened topping these girls, you def compromise your yield!! These girls like to be massive single stem bushes. Germinated Jan 25 and they stand 47inches off the ground today and about 3 feet wide!, getting ready to flower them in 2 weeks, i will update with a review of the finished product and the medical qualities! Highly recommended strain for veteran growers to beginners

recommended by
Brian S.

descent strain grows fast and effective will send a nothe revieew soon o tell you the female ratio. As for germ ration i ordere ten and 8 germinated so now the wuestion is how many will be ladies.Ill let u know in the future

recommended by
Jim B.

Been tryin different beans, AK48 has been the best hands down!! Will definately go with them again. Also, the people here are very kind, and are here to help us succeed. Thanks Nirvana, my pain is livable now.

AK-48 regular

  • Popular, strong, early finishing strain.
  • Hard buds, exceptional aroma.
  • Indica / Sativa hybrid producing a Indica high.

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