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recommended by
Chris S.

Grew one this spring. Sprouted after a couple days, quickly became a compact (24”?) xmas-tree-shaped bush, and stayed basically that size until harvest. Didn’t do much by way of training other than bending out the secondary colas. Was covered in trichs after just 4 weeks. I harvested after 13 weeks because I had to leave home for a couple weeks, but at that point it still just had a handful of amber trichs and could probably have gone a few more weeks. I had some trouble with nute burn and probably stressed out the plant with some serious light leaks and overly vigorous air circulation, but still ended up with about 70g of dank, potent nugs. I’ve got four more seeds in the freezer, and I’m looking forward to giving it another shot next winter with some more aggressive training.

recommended by
Jackie M.

My first hit of this was.. Wow. I have 4 plants and harvested one and it was glorious. It had a great citrus taste and was easy to grow. Zoey

recommended by
Stojche H.

i just recive my stuff and i strugle 2 open :D im very happy and thx for the nirvana king sive papers_i forgot to order one and u give me one like thet u make my day i love u alll there_

recommended by
Charles W.

I grew 12 of these girls in coco/perlite mix in 3 gallon fabric pots. They did not flower until 5 weeks, but then they took off building buds. These plants were the shortest plants i have ever grown, ranging from nine inches to 15 inches tall and only maybe a foot wide. I tied down the main cola to start and then kept the canopy even. I had a nice even canopy of buds on each plant with not very many lower buds at all. The reason is i lollipopped each plant and i defoliated them as well by taking only two fan leaves at once, skipping a day or two and then repeating. I lollipopped very slowly as well, but once this was finished the only thing the plant could do was build those buds, and they did. My dry weight was 16.8 ounces from 12 plants when all was done.If you have limited space this is the strain to grow. The smoke report is really a bonus because this weed makes you really want to do something. It makes you energetic and happy as hell. I will do this strain again. Great job Nirvana. Peace

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recommended by
Bob D.

Really nice plants. Smell beautiful, great relaxed, social high. Covered in trichs, just super nice weed. I used to get paranoid when I smoked, this stuff made me want to talk. If I'm home alone and I smoke it I wind up calling friends. Hadn't grown in 10 years, and this was my first auto. Started in too small a container and transplanted. Definately hurt my yield, but I still did OK. The Autoflowering plants took med/heavy feedings well. Start them in a 2/3 gallon bag or pot, and you will get a good yield of some really nice weed. I would reccomend this strain to anyone, and ordering from Nirvana was great. Just an excellent experience all around. Very happy.

recommended by
Chris R.

awesome strain and very easy to grow. The high is amazingly strong and the taste is smooth and earthy. Will definitely grow again

recommended by
Melvin J.

Great ordering experience very prompt and professional relatively short shipping time all seeds popped and genetics seem great 30 days in. I will check back in later to let you know the yield but so far so good. Thanks Nirvana!

recommended by
Jon B.

Seeds arrived quickly. Germination process was very easy and also fast. It was my first grow so I thought to try some Autos because they are pretty forgiving. I cleared some space in my closet with a 300W UV light and a small fan. On a 20/4 light schedule without any food (just water) and some trimming closer to the harvest, the buds are really pungent with a lot of crystals. About 9 1/2 weeks total, probably could have left them a full 10 weeks, but very smooth smoke, awesome taste and of course the high is very satisfying. Not a huge yield but for the tiny growing space it was fine. Perfect strain for functioning during the day with a positive attitude, ready to take on whatever comes. Thanks Nirvana :)

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recommended by
Kenneth M.

I'm very happy with this strain. It is very easy to grow and isn't picky about nutrients (at least for me). I'm growing it in MiracleGro too! I'm topping it before it flowers and getting good yields. Hubby who needs it for medicinal purposes likes it a lot and made sure I knew he liked it, twice, just so I add it to my list of favorites.

recommended by
Geoff H.

Seeds arrived in good time as always. These are good strong genetics going by early signs, soaked 10 seeds overnight then in paper towel and by second day they had all germinated. Along with some blueberry cush I had them in a heated propagator, which I managed to get caught up in the power cable and pull over upturned onto the floor. The seedling where about two centimetres high at the time. That was about three weeks ago and they are all now doing great apart from one runt but I don`t know if that`s cush or haze as they got mixed together in the fall. I will update later when I can distinguish between the two strains.

recommended by
Magen M.

I have yet to have any problem at all with nirvana they are 100% legit in my book if you want to have a great experience all the way around this is your place!!!!

recommended by
Jonathan B.

3rd GO newbie here... still dumbfounded how easy nirvana genetics makes it... thank you so much. Shout out to kind soil and tasty led.

Amnesia Haze Auto

  • The Amnesia Haze Automatic is the result of many years breeding.
  • A cross of the Amnesia Haze, bred in The Netherlands in the 1990's by Hy-Pro Seeds.
  • Popular, strong, early finishing strain.

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