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recommended by
Drynda H.

So far 3 out of 5 have sprouted after 8 days. I am hopeful...

not my taste by
anthony c.

Nirvana provided their usual good service. I ordered on 11/7/2017 and received the package on 11/24/2017 here on the west coast of the USA. I use a very simple hydroponic setup with a couple of aquarium pumps in a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket. It has worked well for Sumango XXL and AK48. Everything is enclosed in a Gorilla grow tent. So I have no problems keeping the plant in the dark. I feed with General Hydroponics Flora-Grow, Flora-Bloom, and Flora-Macro. I have never used any other nutrients for my grows.But I have to say I am disappointed with the results from my Amnesia Haze grow.11/26/2017 Started seed in my seed starter. No problems and I moved the plant to my grow tent on 12/24/2017 02/11/2018 Plant was about 20 inches tall. Switched to 12x12 light cycle 02/28/2018 Showed first signs of sex 04/22/2018 Ten weeks after switching the light cycle, the plant did not get much taller. There seemed to be very little "flowering stretch". Some other strains I have grown more than doubled in height.Today is 04/25/2018. Twelve weeks from the start of my 12x12 cycle will be 05/06/2018. The colas are tiny and not very dense. The plant is barely 3 feet tall and it looks like yield will be low.The other strains I have purchased from Nirvana produced good yields on large robust plants. But the Sumango yield will be small with only a very few small airy buds. Maybe it does not like Hydroponic grow systems. Back to Sumango XXL and AK48 for me. I started a new feminized Sumango XXL on 04/17/2018. It sprouted today. When I harvest the Amnesia Haze on 05/06, the Sumango seedling will go right into the grow tent where I give it a light cycle of 18x6.As I said, Nirvana's service is prompt and great. But there is no controlling mother nature.

recommended by
Kevin F.

Very easy to grow! My girls were 10' 6'' tall! Had to support them with heavy metal cages! 2 kilos plus! Very great rare and buzz!!

not my taste by
Nic O.

Quite a finicky plant to grow. Around the 4 week mark I get yellowing leaves and then the plants die. Not sure what I am doing wrong as I follow the exact same process as I do with the White Widow. Have one seed left which i am going to try some new methods on.

recommended by
alvin p.

This is very different than any other nirvana strain I have tried ,at day 70 of flowering period plants are pretty much all purple ,the buds are still promoting crystal .they look like no other .I am in for another 20 days !

Amnesia Haze feminized

  • After the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later combine one of these hybrids with a male derived from old school haze seeds creating the Amnesia Haze.

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