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recommended by
Alan R.

Great variety. I look forward to growing it again under the screen.

recommended by
john m.

the blackberry rawks great smell n taste and its hella potent outdoors it can get bud rot easily b ut other than that it pretty easy to gro nirvanas legit the seeds arived in less than 2 weeks

not my taste by
Daniel W.

I grew one of 5 seeds indoors along with three other plants of different varieties. It produced less than some others, about middle of the pack. The bud didn't have a blackberry smell or taste, but the smoke was fairly smooth with no harshness and little taste. I will grow the remaining seed (I gave 3 to a friend), perhaps outdoors, but unless it wows us, I doubt I will buy more of these seeds.

recommended by
Alan R.

Scuffed and soaked 4 of the 5, all 4 sprouting but 1 was kilt by my hand. The 3 are now curing, each one 90° from the other. A thin Asian sativa; a typical hybrid, and a spastic! I FIM snipped her; spastic reaction! Like an umbrella plant heavily covered by frosty nuggets. Basically it's like this..... Trust Nirvana without hesitation. They're the only Bank for me!

recommended by
Charles v.

Nice strain live soil 1 plant 5 pot. veg outside 45 days flower inside under 250w LED 13 weeks manifold trained. Very large dense buds. 200 grams trimed wet 85 grams cured.Nice sweet aroma,intellectual buzz fun, social,Personal use. Will grow again. Thanks Nirvana Charlie

recommended by
Jonathan S.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and started one plant inside in late April. I moved it outdoors in late May and this thing took off! It's been flowering now for two-three weeks. It's my first grow and this strain has been pretty easy to keep healthy. It measures about 7'6" and is looking/smelling amazing. I'll post again around harvest time.

recommended by
Gal b.

i love nirvana! fast delivery 55 popped out. affordable price now im in flowering period and they are looking great! thanx you guys!

recommended by
Neale T.

5 for 5 germ. Fast healthy growing plant

recommended by
Stu C.

One of my first grows. Unbelievable flavor with a dark berry tone.

not my taste by
Daron H.

So I got these seeds like 9 months ago thinking I would set up a indoor grow. I put in a 3 gallon pot with some cheap soil to get them started. Then it happened I got the dream job and I couldn't take them with me. So by this time spring was going,and it broke my heart but I had to leave them in the care of someone who would have issues with hot lights fans and all. So I put them outside, I'd stop in once a monrh increase pot size more soil. Now here it is near the beginning of October and holy smokes they we're cropped. Because I didn't want them to tall. Now I'm looking at a bush with 12 colas bigger then my arm on one plant, that's Like 60 arm size colas. I know it says indoor only,but these girls did outstanding in the south west desert climate. I mean what am I going to do with all this.. Believe me this is the best problem ever.

recommended by
Ibrahim Ata E.

I have had unfortunate affairs with my grow because of my personel issues, so I cant comment on potent and yield, but about 15 grams I took from a very strong plant which survived a lot was the best high: celebral, energetic and relaxing. Tastes good too. Great for movies and some good old TV. One more thing, I have read in comments that FIM method havent worked well for this strain and I have to agree by experience. Looking forward my next blackberry grow with better preparation and luck. Thanks Nirvana for great service, and for this great strain.

not my taste by
Allan M.

Of all the online shops NIRVANA has turned out to tops! 18 days from date of order. and my ladies are here, ( that's got to be a record? real excited to get them up and running,

not my taste by
Jack P.

The past 3 years I have grown several types but BlackBerry is by far the best, I am 6 1/2 to 7ft tall, my last plant had 42 branches full of buds. Sweet taste & long lasting high.....awesome.

not my taste by
Alan l C.

I had aurora indica, blackberry, maui waui and blue mystic going and finished. All have been jar cured for 2 months. Blackberry has the best smell and best yield of all the strains. A real standout. Like the maui and aurora, but blackberry is better. Out of 3 tries on the blue mystic I finally got the real good solid buds/trics and now all those seeds are gone. Great Nirvana grow all around. 4 weeks veg and 9 weeks of flower with dual 400 watters. One HPS, one MH in organic soil with some maxibloom at the end.

recommended by
Dan S.

I have grown NYPD, Master Kush, Bubblelicious, and several different freebie strains from Nirvana over the past 2 years and Blackberry is by far the best so far. I germinated 3 seeds by soaking in water for 12 hours, then planted in peat plugs, in a humidity dome, on a heat mat, under a 75 watt LED bulb. Within 30 hours they were above ground and on their way. After 10 days in the dome, I transplanted them into 3 gallon pots with a 75% coco / 25% perlite mix. Vegged under 200 watt floros for 3 weeks and then switched to 12/12 under (2) 600 watt HPS lamps for 9 weeks. Trics were 10% amber at day 64. All 3 plants were very similar, fat leaves, about 2.5 feet tall, with 8 main colas after a single topping at the 4th node. The buds were super frosty and as dense as I've ever seen. In my opinion, if these were allowed an 8 week veg, they would easily produce 6-8oz per plant. I used a combo of brewed compost tea and General hydroponics Nova line. They loved the nutrients and showed no signs of stress or deficiency. They did seem to need a little extra Nitrogen in flower because they began to yellow out in week 5 of flower. I usually don't see this happen until week 7 or 8 in prior grows.

recommended by
Gatis S.

This was my last grow under CFL. Average yield but incredible potent and strong. Energizer, you brighter colours, sharp hearing, head worked like Einstein, loong high, therefore I called this strain - limitless. I recommend for cinema watching or do some math work. In some point I expected better taste and arome. Effects might be scary for weekend smokers.

recommended by
Zach T.

This strain put up with my crap and came it beautiful. This was my test run so I only grew one out of the 5 to get a feel for her of course the one seed I germed sprouted like a champ I only vegged for 30 days and she was frostie as hell at 6 weeks of flowering. I pulled her at 12 weeks judging by the trichs not just picking a set date. The buds are covered in crystals head to toe. It doesnt even smell skunky more like an earthy berry scent which is lovely. I cured her for three weeks and she does have a hint of berry taste but like i said before it tastes of quality more than anything. I dont smoke everyday more of a weekend warrior and two puffs puts me a little higher than is kosher for me ( giggle fits and what have you) but the hard edge wears off within an hour or so and I stay at a comfortable level for a good two, or three hours before I start to get tired and take a little siesta. This is probably one of the best strains on the seed bank market period I will play around with other nirvana strains that i haven't tried just for fun but will always know that my heart is with the blackberry.

recommended by
Irvin J.

I ordered Nirvana Blackberry among other seeds from the Attitude. My space only allows for two plants at a time. I grew Blackberry along with a "Cannabis Cup" winner from another company. I tried topping with Uncle Ben's method for the first time with both plants, and nearly killed both. I now realize you have to use less water when you top, because the remaining smaller plant will consume less. Each plant was overwatered, which affected the yield as noted above. I will say that Nirvana's BlackBerry finished faster, tastier, and stronger than the so called cup winner. That's why it's already gone, and I'm still waiting to finish the harvest for the "cup winner". Nirvana's genetics are consistent. They are the first company I ordered from, and will betthe last. Don't believe the hype! Don't pay more for overrated strains. Nirvana all the way!!

recommended by
John O.

This strain is awesome. Smooth berry cough flavor to end of vape (15 hits in solo). High is sativa underlying indica. Long lasting. Very tall plant; had to tie down. 3 gal soil +little bit foxfarm nutes; Cha Ching last 2 weeks. Sticky buds. Veg: 7 wks. Flower: 10-11 wks. Havested 1/2 oz 8 wks flower; vapeing it now. Long lasting up high-Great Job Guys!!!!!!!

recommended by
Ezequiel V.

This were a little hard to grow, but in the other hand i'm catching up with the indoor growing. Really nice trip .

recommended by
floyd f.

4 weeks veg 24 hr light 600 watts hydro then 9 weeks to finish will grow more

recommended by
Jerry W.

This is not the easiest plant to get all it will do without close attention. You will be well rewarded with some of the finest Medicine you can smoke . Very good for pain relief. These were some of the most dense buds I have ever grown from Nirvana. Very easy to trim. If pain is a problem give it a try you wont be dissapointed.

recommended by
Jason H.

I chose Nirvana's Blackberry for my 1st grow because this medicine works for me. I've had many broken bones, implants in my lower back, left wrist and neck. 5 back surgeries w/nerve damage. Been shot etc. Blackberry eases my pain as well as the methadone and oxy i.r I take. I do NOT live in a m.marijuana state. Nirvana shipped my 5 fem.seeds and I received them less than 2wks after I ordered them. I germinated 3seeds.2 lived ( a newbie mistake killed the 3rd) I veg'd for 2months then turned my cfl from 20hrs/day to 10hrs a day. I did not use chemical fertilizerof any kind. Nirvana states flowers 9-11 wks. The trichomes on my buds were more than half clouded so I harvested on the 78th day. After drying and jar curing for a month the aroma is of a bowl of fresh-picked berries. The flavor is light and sweet. Not skunky or piney. The medicines effects eaze the nerve burn down my legs and feet. The deep aches ease a bit as well. Although.not couchlock,I am able to relax some and even take a nap. I highly recommend Blackberry as an effective medicine. I also highly recommend Nirvana for their high quality and fast service. *** teach a man to fish.....***

recommended by
Review r.

Gave a seed to a friend for hydro, to compare with soil... Between 5 plants, this sort grew the fastest and the Biggest close to a Jack Herrer...Even if the profil says that it is a slow plant.(Nature is not an exact science). The temperature was not cold enough to make it turn violet/blue. Really strong plant for my opinon.

recommended by
R. W.

Okay, here we go - Part 1 of my Nirvana Blackberry review. Dropped 2 seeds into moistened coco-pellets and had spouts by day 3. Early vegetation progressed smoothly in DWC/hydro under induction lighting. These blackberry plants would consume nutrients with a passion, but took a bit more attention in regard to keeping the pH in check. Began bloom in a SCROG at week six from seed under a Pro-Grow 180 LED and had full blooming buds by week 3 of 12/12. Now at week 5 of bloom, we have about 38, 10cm-18cm tall colas, averaging about 4cm thick, filling about 95% of the 94cmx45cm screen and are switching to a 600w HPS to finish the bloom. Trichomes developed at the second week of bloom and now cote all the inner leaves and calyxes. Grow smells were minimal till week 3 of bloom. We now have the carbon filter stripping that SWEET, TANGY, FLOWERY aroma from the air. I look forward to following up this review in about 5-6 weeks, after harvest to let you all know how it went. Meanwhile, you can see the grow pics here: And, as always NIrvana's customer service & shipping were excellent!

recommended by
Sandee D.

Well, these came really fast and I am about to harvest. Buds are really nice and it smells like a fine wine. I cannot wait to take it for a test drive. More later..............:-)

recommended by
Ken v.

orderd on the 10th n got em 18th .. stealthy undamaged n unreal ... germed 2 both sprouted in 24 .... very pleased ..... nirvana is by far the best ...

recommended by
tim e.

recieved seeds within week and a half to recieve them fast delivery and great packaging. planted 2 out of the 5 feminized seed i got they sprouted within 3 days in grow cakes cant wait to see the final product in 4 months

recommended by
Arthur f.

2 months ago I received blackberry 5 fem seeds. Only one germanated. I placed another order for wonder woman and told them what happen on my blackberry seeds. They sent me another 5 pack of blackberry for free. Im pretty sure the other seed company out there would not have just on a customers word. Oh The one seed that did germanated, is very healthy with huge sun leaves, bigger than my hand! Thank you NIRVANA

recommended by
Jazmine m.


recommended by
Bradley M.

I got my Bb's again in record shipping and safe. Got 2 hoping to pop. I know they will grow up to be healthy ladies. Looking for that special high out of your own stock. Doesn't get any better than that!! I let you know how my crop grows. Had good grows with Nirvana! Thanks Again!

recommended by
Pat P.

I give Narvana two thumbs up!!! I ordered my bb's last Tuesday, got shipped friday. And i received them a week later, only one was critically damaged of all 5 fems. But 4 is better than 0 if you ask me. Love the consistency; this is now my new seed home. Thanx Narvana

recommended by
Darren N.

Very easy to grow and awsome yeild and excellent review from my paitents.

Blackberry Feminized

  • Black Domino / Raspberry Cough hybrid.
  • Tight leaf structure.
  • Thick and heavy smoke with subtle Asian sativa flavors.
  • Good yields of superb marijuana.

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