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Recommended by
Josh c.

Wonderful shipping speed! Arived in just a few weeks! Unfortunately this is my first grow and I screwed up when they were seedlings and only 2 survived. But those 2 were very sickly looking and now you can not tell a difference between those and the ones that did not get damaged. They look amazing and are covered in resin. For nutes I am using GH Flora series with some extra additives that im keeping secret. But they are loving the mix! I am about 4 weeks from harvest. Will update after harvest. Buy with confidence from Nirvana. They are true professionals and have some amazing products. Ps. Before i screwed tgem up all 5 seeds sprouted and were very strong seedlings.

Recommended by
Dwayne H.

Planted 2. Vegged for 5 weeks only with one king led 1000w (but only 185w) in a 3×3 tent. Added a second 185w led for flower. The stretch was amazing being it my first photo period grow and experiencing the switching to 12-12 light cycle. I topped twice and used lst before switching. And now in week 5 of flowering. These are thirsty plants! Feeding them ff trio every other watering. Also forgot to add I'm growing in ff ocean soil. The smell is amazing of these blue dream. One has more sativa and one has more indica leafs. These plants need a lot of defolliating they produce a lot of fan leafs. So far I have a tent full of tops and two beautiful healthy plants. Height around 30inch with over 25 tops and a nice even canopy. Not bad for a beginner so far. Can't wait until harvest in another 4 weeks. Looks like a high yielding strain as advertised. Thanks Nirvana for the fast stealth shipping as always. I love my autos but might be hooked on these blue dream feminized now! Peace

Recommended by
Zura m.

it,s good ...big and nice

Recommended by
Thomas S.

All popped, all growing great, very healthy, nodes are damn near on top of each other, very dense bushy growth

Recommended by
Randy P.

Last winter I ordered 5 Blue Dream feminized seeds. I had grown a few AK-48 plants w great results indoors but this was my first outdoor grow. While reading over the description of BD I was frothing at the mouth. It seemed to have the traits I wanted. Specifically High THC with moderate CBD’s, also the high yields and the Blue Berry flavor and smell & early harvest, all got my attention. Who wouldn’t want all that? Early spring all 5 seeds sprouted. I actually dug holes in the middle of the back yard lawn, added a gopher cage and mixed in a bucket of good soil. But then nature comes to town & bites me in the ass, how cud I anticipate such a cold brutal month of April? It stunted everything, and it was so weird cuz this is Central California. By May the sun was shining & plants started growing. As they got larger I caged them in 5’ hog wire for support and possibly help with theft deterrent. The aroma in my back yard is amazing, like frikin Blue Berry pie. I harvested my 3 smallest ones mid-Sept & I’m already sampling the first pickings & the potency on these smaller plants is sick. The remaining 2 plants are still going strong and have endured the bad start & hordes of spider mites, which were of biblical proportions, even ravenous little caterpillars. Imagine also a record breaking heat wave & 104 degree temps all summer. These plants took it & look amazing with big fat juicy buds & packing on the weight, & frosted and dense as all hell. I was worried the biggest plant would get too tall so I kept her topped. She leveled out as a 6’ tall bush, 6’ wide with 100 fat cola spears in every direction. There is going to be pounds of high shelf monster buds soon. Also there’s the 4 1/2’ beast. I probably can’t accurately describe the excitement and feelings I’m experiencing seeing these plants come into bloom. This is the last week of Sept & I believe I have about 2 weeks or so b4 they are ripe and let me tell you, the anticipation is insane. My Misty Kush and AK-48’s are ripening also and Holy Crap. The weather, the bugs and my inexperience was a factor, and I’m still going to have an outrageous harvest. The seed prices at Nirvana are quite reasonable, and with dam good genetics, it’s a no brainer. Let’s grow, Rando

Recommended by
David S.

Now this is the high that I remember from my youth. a pleasant wash over the senses. Uncontrolled laughter and great conversation. Very easy to grow.

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Recommended by
Rick S.

Great plans is Rick again in Oregon but 2in off within 24 hours I have them in cold water culture right now they're 3 weeks old beautiful thick monster leaves let you know how it comes out beautiful plants great job Nirvana

Recommended by
Chris C.

Just throwing this out there...These plants are only 25 days into veg from seed but they are monsters....Man these fingers on the leaves are so beautiful and big. These plants are so full with nodes and branches for being this young. They are about 12" now and just look great. Will leave another review later but they are really looking good.Light=Spider Farmer 600w LED Soil=Roots Organics Formula 707 water=Well water PH 6.7 Nutrients=NukeHeads Flower Power Package

Not my taste by
Chris C.

I just ordered this Blue Dream, I hope it turns out good. I was going to go with the dang good swiss cheese but 30 bucks is hard to pass up.I will review more after i get my seeds and get them going.

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