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Very Positive 92% (54 reviews)
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recommended by
Angelo S.

Was very surprised on yield. LARGE and beautiful! 4 plants in 4X4 with 600HPS. 1.5LB cured. Basic GH nutes with Diamond Nectar

recommended by
Nick G.

Fat buds, smells like a skunks backside, beautiful colas. Would I buy this strain again absolutely! Would I recommend this strain? Damn right.

recommended by
Patrick C.

Low odor. Got one super frosty pheno. Low yield but the quality made up for it

recommended by
Laura J.

Just recieved my seeds today! Excellant stealth wrapping! The seeds--blue mystic---look great. Will write another review after I have harvested these girls! Laura

recommended by
Christopher J.

This plant showed me great bud structure. Was fortunate that the 3 Blue Mystic grew into 3 different pheno-types. One was very Sativa bud structures. The other was shorter and dense, very Indica. The third was an almost perfect 50/50 blend.

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recommended by
Wayne B.

Its an excellent strain overall.. Grows vigorous without any problems.. Outdoor grow; excellent genetics.. Had a bountiful harvest of Blue in 2016.. This year I had a good start to my outdoor grow.. I had Blue Mystic, Swiss Cheese, Somango XXL, Bubblelious, Jock Horror... Then all of a sudden in flower phase; my plants keep getting eaten nite after nite.. I couldn't do anything cuz I didn't know what I was dealing wit & this is first time for me outta 7yrs of growing.. 17 plants total, every morning, a plant is eaten or completely off its stalk.. Buds and all.. Later after plants were gone(took a month) I found out it was Rabbits, a squirrel, a chipmunk, then a dog ate my Somangos.. Yeah, crazy... Now I'm harvest less for 2017.. It happens.. But I'm bouncing back; I slapped in an indoor grow of White Widows.. 6 wks in Veg now.. LST-ed all.. topped all.. All Nirvana's strains are good genetics.. That's the bottom line.. Blue Mystic is a good indica strain.. The wildlife think so.. I guess I turned some wildlife into stoners.. I'm still in awe.... Peace

recommended by
James G.

Wonderful growth and really really hard to kill this strain. U could piss on the thing and it won't die (don't do that tho)

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recommended by
Alan R.

I have 4 Blue Mystic hanging upside down now. They are 6 days into drying. So far I've taken a dozen strains from Nirvana to harvest. This flavor is the least consistent, all 4 were quite unique. Short, tall, and in between. The production is adequate and it's truely low odor.

recommended by
Dante B.

Excellent grow! I vegged for 10 weeks, with 3 rounds of topping which they handled very well. Flowered 4 plants in 5gal FFOF under 1144w of CFL bulbs, canopy wasn't perfect, total yield was 7.25 oz. Extremely frosty, I can't stress enough how thick in trichomes these were!Only smell was lacking, but that's to be expected from this low-odor genetics strain. Grown in an apartment building with no carbon filter, no problems!I will note that of the 5 seeds I bought, 1 was a runt, slightly deformed and growing extremely slowly, never got past a foot tall. The other 4 grew wonderfully though!The high is definitely Indica, very stoney, which can be good or bad depending on what you're looking for.I am currently growing Blue Widows from Dinafem and they are doing CRAP compared to the Blue Mystics. I will definitely be coming back to Nirvana for my next batch.

not my taste by
Stephen M. M.

OK plant. Grew OK. Just wasn't impressed from the effect. Neither the High or the CDB's for pain. Flowered in 8 weeks.

recommended by
marty l.

One of my favorites. When I order different strains to try I always reorder this one. All my buddies love this strain. Easy to grow and does have an excellent smell to finish product. I've noticed if you go easy on the notes this plant seems to grow better, but that's usually the case with most autos I've grown.. try BM out. You won't be disappointed. Shipping to California is about 7-10 days. Thanks Nirvana

recommended by
Jay P.

All time favorite, maybe not biggest but it is definetly quality over quanity. Feedback from friends was strongest out of everything and the final smell was extraordinary, think nirvana has a gem. hope it here forever.

recommended by
Justin B.

Very fast shipping only 9 days to arrive in northeastern U.S.A package very stealthy and the seeds look great cant wait to germ them and sample ill update agoan after cured definitely a lifetime customer thanks nirvana yall awesome!!!

recommended by
Cat D.

My seeds took only one week to arrive in U.S. The packaging was lovely and discreet, looked like a party invite. I soaked 2 seeds overnight and then put them in a flower pot with miracle gro. and have one sprouting (still cold and not much sun) so I am very pleased

recommended by
Campbell M.

To begin with, full marks to ‘Nirvana’. I ordered five seeds, a germination kit and a Propagator pro 2 and paid with my card. I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the delivery. This was my first grow and I now know I will never need to look any further. I followed the germination instructions exactly for what was to be a small scale and lo-cost, urban stealth op using only soil, basic nutrients, and a 300w CFL dual spectrum light. Within a week all five of the seeds had germinated. The seedlings withstood a lot, including the propagator lid falling on one, while I accidentally sprayed another two with kitchen spray instead of water. A week or two later I woke up one morning and one of the young plants appeared virtually lifeless. I gave her a drink and 24 hours later she was looking fine again. After about three months I switched from 18/6 to 12/12. At this point the plants, whose leaves were exhibiting a distinctly blue appearance, began immediately to flower. I harvested at week 8. The result is that I now have a bag of leaves to use for tobacco and a good weight of high grade bush hanging up to dry. As for the smoke report, I took a piece of sticky bud from one plant while it was growing, dried it on a hot plate for about ten minutes and skinned it up. The stone is friendly and trippy.

recommended by
Jacob R.

Just got my seeds yesterday. Awesome packaging. Very discreet. Will keep everyone updated:)

recommended by
Blake B.

Hardy little buggers grew in some harsh north Asian conditions. Weather like the mind of a woman and they still grew. Some what of a decent yield and supplements added.

recommended by
Cieran d.

If anyone is buying these thinking that they don't need a carbon filter, don't bother they STINK. For a temporary solution to not having enough power sockets I had to put my carbon filter on the same timer as my lights for a little while, every time my lights went out you could tell instantly from 3 rooms away. I germinated 3 of my 5 seeds so far, I pulled one of them a few weeks into flowering because it was a bad runt, the other 2 though where great phenotypes, extremely resistant to anything you throw at them, compact node spacing, dense frosty nugs. I probably won't grow these again because I have so many strains I want to try but I definitely don't regret it.

recommended by
Wayne C.

The only thing I did not enjoy about this strain was the amount of leaves I had to buds, and the buds weren't as large as many would like them to be. That being said, the blue/purplish hue they have under the extreme amount of crystals is eye candy to any bud smoker. The smell is almost to pungent, almost. It is definitely in my top 5 Nirvana seeds.

not my taste by
Donny D.

Very pleased with Blue Mystic...Finished one that actually got to 3 ft tall in a 1 1/2 ltr pot with long airy buds all the way down the stalk. Some color and had a definite berry taste especially when vaped. Easy to grow.. Definitely on the grow list.

recommended by
Bill C.

Whoever said you can grow this without a carbon filter must have a very poor sense of smell. My room smelled way mucho!!!!

recommended by
Gary E.

Good thing about an autoflower is you can throw one over in the corner of either room because theyll grow anyways, the feminized version will be photo period activated as the autoflowers are calendertime active. i ordered five Blue Mystic autos only planted one and it grew to mature, my friends swore i went to Colorado dispensory to get it, its some awesomely different level stuff, narcotic effect high. So now i'm going to order the feminized version so i can clone. Cant clone an auto. So thats why i commented here. Onward through the fog!

recommended by
David M.

Fast grower, 120-150cm nice buds, hydro hybrid drip dwc, first time auto grower very impressed with speed of seed to harvest time. Nice grow overall.

recommended by
James A.

Her sweet spicy scent quite literally drives me a little bonkers. The smell during grow is quite low, however when I touch one of her buds I get the sweet spicy smell that she delivers in return. This smell, while quite low, is so powerful in terms of olfactory effects such that if I had a girlfriend, I would want to rub resinous buds from my Blue Mystic ladies on her prior to completely worshipping her. There may be some benefit to looking into bottling that scent as a woman's perfume meant to treat ED in men... Oh yeah as a long suffering insomniacs, she helps me get to sleep at night.

recommended by
Colton E.

I just wanted to say I live in a apartment complex. If you are looking for something that will not stink up your place you will not find it anywhere. this strain smells like weed. two weeks in, it smells like weed, You can see the little flowers starting to form but it still smells like weed on the leaves every now and again I will get a sniff of it. and thats from just one of these things growing. But it doesnt smell like most weed does. I really cant even explain it but I will try my best.Some people say it doesnt smell like weed, thats a lie. it does. But its very subtle, so far anyway. I germ 4 of them, they all pop, however 3 got killed from one of my lights falling on top of them D: I was looking for a strain that smells like weed but doesnt at the same time. This one is looking like that strain. The smell doesnt get that bad it seems fine as long as you keep it under 4 plants at a time. Also, keep in mind I live right above the office,where people pay their rent at lol. This strain seems to be aggressive in flowering I know its an auto, but damn. the flowers are growing fast and its not even done making its fan leaves.If you want a strain that will not stink hardcore I would go with this one. This is the first time I have ever gone with Nirvana, I think I will stick with them most of the reviews seem right on. I just want you guys to know that every strain will smell like weed, atleast a little bit haha.On a side note at about 60-70F it seems the leaves have a nice blue hint to them, dont keep them at that temp all the time, but at night it does the trick, If you want it to have that blue hint. Not sure if it does the same for the flowers yet, only another month will tell.Oh and on another thing I'm a bit scared to germ the 10 freebies they gave me because of the smell xD.

recommended by
tarek k.

it was my first plant, amazing buds, heavy smoke.

recommended by
Brian R.

This was my first ever grow. I know my nutes were unbalanced as spotting appeared on the leaves. This plant, however, was VERY forgiving to me, and the buds were a bit small, but very dense. The trichs on it were very impressive. Had some friends sample it, had some very good feedback. There is a lot of the same strains considered "popular", and most claimed they haven't heard of this strain. They loved it though!

recommended by
Kevin S.

going to try the none auto this time.

recommended by
Justin M.

I bought it for the neutral smell which is a huge plus but it wasn't the high I really wanted. So if you're looking for a heavy stone this is it but for me I'm aiming for a sativa next time.

recommended by
Review r.

Grown with CFL grow and flo, all mix, 11L pot, flowertabs, SCROG. It veg for 20 days, and flo for 8/9 weeks. First of all, it grow with full vigor, enjoying the all-mix nutrient, and after 24 h without light, it pre flowered 20 days, with a strech x3 (well done for scrog grow). 10 days after the change of light it started to create flower, the right time to put the flowetab into the soil. Then only happiness, grow like a charm, with large dark typical indica leaves.Only with 20 days veg, it was about 70 cm height at the end of the flo, with really smooth and subtile odor smelling it at 5 cm from the plant, but unoticeable in the room, even in the nature (flowers of the field would small more than this). Nice option for discret grows. After an easy strong grow, comes the best part, THE TASTE! It is not the biggest yeilder, just average, but one of the best taste ever, considering that it has genes of blueberry (HTCC2000, 2001) and probably nothernlights. The high start slowly while you re still analysing and disfruting the sweet fruity taste, then you feel a relaxing mind effect, followed by a body warm stone effect. After 2 hours, you're still getting more stone and relax until the point that you hardly want to move from the place you are, or that you could easily fall asleep. The duration of the effect takes 3 hours or more. One of my favorites in the Nirvana seed bank with the bubblelicious, papaya, ice. Will grow again, no doubt !! A must to have for those who are looking for a low odor plant, full of Indica power, with a subtile fruity taste !!... Enjoy

recommended by
Bobby h.

germinated 2 seeds very fast. vegged very strong & fast & clones are a breeze, seems to root them selves

not my taste by
Alan M.

ordered seeds two weeks ago, seeds arrived within a week, nicely packaged, i put two in to germinate in moist tissue, one opened within 24 hours the other never opened at all. The 3 stars is for delivery, very disappointed that only one germinated.

recommended by
Karl e.

A great body high. Takes a few minutes to creep up its easy to Smoke too much. Over all another great strain from Nirvana. Easy to grow, easy to clone, just a great experience all the way around. Only complaint, (if I had one) I was hoping for more blue.

recommended by
Christina P.

Have grown many strains since we started and blue mystic has stayed while many others have came and gone.

recommended by
Cory T.

I haven't grown from seeds in years, I forgot how healthy and strong a tap root makes. I'm so happy to have found you guys! Old school as I am, I was totally amazed at the germination rate of 100% Not only that, and not just with the Blue Mystic, but with three other feminized seed varieties from Nirvana, I haven't grown one male plant yet! I was expecting at least one for my own selfish purposes... But hell, with your genetics, I'll never need another male plant ever! Good job guys! (not to mention the speedy shipping!)

recommended by
Jerry W.

All 5 seeds grew to maturity, and they are some of the most beautiful plants I have ever grow even in veg. Already have re-ordered, this time I tried the auto-flower. Hope the do the auto as described cause I have a limited time to finish. Highly recomend this strain for any grower new or old school!! Shadeleaf!

recommended by
doug l.

popped two seeds in wet paper towels. vegged for 30 days under 4/ea 2 ft 6500 k ho tubes and two 2800k cfls running 24/7. plants went to autoflower after 30 days and have now been flowering for 21 days, while still running 24/7. anticipate another 3 weeks before they are finished. plants about 18 inches with large amount of buds. grown in 2 gallon pot with 60% miracle grow soil, 20% worn castings and 20% perlite. feeding plants with 1/4 strength miracle grow flower fert.goes to show good results can be gained with a low cost approach. don't need to spend $350 on lights and overpriced nutes. seed genetics, skill of grower and environment are most important was quick and stealthy. very well satisfied. nirvana is not perfect, but far ahead of most venders.

not my taste by
Kristian E.

I have a girl that have had a tough life. I had a serius temperature problem during the summer and my girl suffered greatly came out of the bloom cyckle which she haf been in for a few days and looked really sad. With new ventilaton and cooling system she was brought back to life and even trived greatly. It resulted in a pland bigger and bushier than I hoped for. She have been bloomin now for almost three weeks and looking good. She is now about 11 weeks old and I aspekt to harvest in about 4 weeks. Thanks to the abuse she is much older than these plants usually gets.

recommended by
Jordan L.

I grew 3 plants outside from the 1st of may to September 15. Each plant grew to about 3-4 foot tall. Very bushy plants, very thirsty, and very N hungry. Seeds arrived in the Midwest in about 2 weeks. These plants were my very first harvest so needless to say I am very happy with the end product. Thanks alot nirvana!!!

recommended by
Arlan H.

I have one plant in Plagron All-Grow soil and two in Canna Erde(I took the strongest from five sprouts due to space limits). I only grew the tops, four each. The Plagron plant got 8wks veg, the Canna plants got 4wks. Plagron Alga-Grow fertiliser and Bio-Bloom for all. The Canna plants gor Rhiztonic at the beginning, roots are strong and the buds are montruous while the Plagron plant produced smaller buds but more compact, and those crazy colors(blue/orange) were in the house in full effect after 5wks flowering while the Canna babies needed 6wks. One week left, then the chop and dry begins(63day flower). 400GIB grow and 400GIB Deluxe flower lights. I am not disappointed. Thanks again to AJ at Nirvana who sent me fresh seeds after the 2nd batch went bust, and all the mates at Nirvana Experts for the great tips and advice throughout(Kizmo/GrowDaddy/Aeroplane). I will be back. p.s. I grew them in my bathroom under one light.

recommended by
Dan b.

I'm not entirely sure I got Blue Mystic seeds. Besides the fruity aroma, it didn't have any of the other customary Blue Mystic characteristics. It was tall, skunky when growing, and has a very social high. Still a great plant but not what I was looking for.I was a first time grower so it may have been my lack of expertise but my Bubblicious turned out exactly as described....

recommended by
Fernando H.

all 5 poped... that was my first try and its was awsome! thanks nirvana! very powerful buds!

recommended by
Jeannine C.

Grew pretty tall even though it say's short, Under 4 400 watt hps lights, Had the Snow White in with it. Very nice relaxing buzz. Thank you Nirvana!

recommended by
Gregory C.

Been buying seeds for you guys for three years. This is one of my favorite strains. Beautiful blue color, very resinous, great taste, exceptional high!!!

recommended by
Thomas M.

Had 100% germination with 5 seeds. Very lush cabbage like vegetation with some of the fattest fan leaves ever. Started flowering at about 12 - 14 inches tall and I am now almost 3 weeks into flowering. Plants have doubled in height and width and are beautiful. Buds are popping up everywhere. They also have very little smell as stated in the description. Great strain for a small indoor stealth grow.

recommended by
john russell t.

5 of 5 germed (as always, LOVE Nirvana)Ran 4 under a screen (400 hps) with the new hydro system (recirculating bubble buckets) and yield will be between10-10.75 ounces which is great for me considering it's not claiming to be a big yielder and considering I had a big hiccup with the new system and let my girls get a deficiency. Max I get from a screen is a lb and that has to be a big yielder like the PPP or AK-48Aside from the deficiency, we still made it to a full peak (40-50% amber) in 67 days but the big smile for me came when I sampled a bud that had only seen 4 days in the jar and was already delicious. I was under the impression this was a bit of a harsh smoke but my findings are the complete opposite. These got a solid 2 week flush (I'll sacrifice a week of feeding to make sure the crap is out, I'm HUGE on taste, moreso than potency) and the smoke is already smooth and very skunky. Leaves that nice smack in your mouth that you taste 20 minutes later and grin. Makes you want to smell your fingertips to see if the roach stank is still there,lolOverall, This one really surprised me and she's just begun curing. Very satisfied.Oh,...I didn't get any blue hues with this batch but temps never got below 77 degrees in there. Buds are smaller but extremely solid and a small nug carries a lot of physical weight on the scale.For pics, please visit "LBH" on the WeedPortal which can be accessed from the Nirvana homepage.

recommended by
David l.

received seeds in two weeks...started and was pleased with it...germinated quick and ended with nice color and taste..will buy again

recommended by
H H.

I can not say enough about Nirvana. I have ordered many times, and have tried almost all of their best sellers. Currently I have Blue Mystic flowering with some Ice and Super Skunk. The Blue Mystic was put into flower nearly two weeks later than the others, and has twice as many trichomes. It is a beautiful plant for sure, it has stayed short, and very little smell, but I am not seeing any change in color, it is actually a very light green. and I can hardly wait to try it. For the record, Ice and Super Skunk are very tasty plants and definitely worth trying.

recommended by
Brian S.

good germination rate, rapid bud formation when switched to 12/12. Bountiful yields of sticky buds in 8 weeks.

recommended by
Craig p.

A year latter and I am still growing Blue Mystic feminized from a mother plant that I grew from seed ,This plant clones very easy after the plant is three months old. Can say that the clones flower with allmost no smell untill the last week or so..When trimming the buds wear latex gloves as they are very stickey and smell and does not wash off easy. Great for SOG nice big buds. Thanks Nivana keep up the good work !!

Blue Mystic Feminized

  • Soft blue hues.
  • Neutral smell while growing.
  • Berryish aftertaste.

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