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not my taste by
Gary R.

purchased 5 seeds, they looked old and not one germinated, out of my last 15 seeds only 1 popped and I am an experienced grower. Previously these guys were excellent so either their quality control is out of wack, or something is happening to these seeds in transit.

recommended by
Richard B.

we loved it. only one seed didn't work.

recommended by
William B.

This has turned into one of the top 5 plants grown from Nirvana. I was turned on to this strain from my Buddy. So I ordered up a 5 pack of the autos and Regular Fem. All I can say is WOW. I've grown all 5 of the autos and have seen two different distinct plants. One rather short, 2' dark, with hints of purple on it when done, very loaded with Trics. The other is 3.5' tall lighter color and ends up with a Pink colored hue when done. Fox farm organic nutes. Please leave this long enough to see the amber Trics before harvest. I know it can be very tempting, especially when this girl is shining the Trics at you. But the extra couple of weeks are more than worth the wait. And as always, I ordered more Bub and Blueberry, to take advantage of t he great sales going on. From Nirvana to the East Coast all beans delivered to my PO Box in.........10 Days, Absolutely Awesome service. 3 years and counting, not a problem with Nirvana yet. I WILL NOT LOOK ELSE WHERE FOR MY SEEDS!!!! Guaranteed!

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recommended by
Matt C.

Very tasty smoke! Easy to grow and very quick shipping to the Midwest USA

recommended by
R.d. P.

Cat liked it real good but left me a little,and it was great and want more

recommended by
Barry L.

Super easy to grow indoors hydroponic. Compact plant only about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. All 5 seeds sprouted and all but 1 grew into perfect plants. The other one grew into a very scrawny 6 inch tall plant, but the few buds it produced are awesome. And, Nirvana is a great company with it's easy crypto currency payments and great customer service.

recommended by
Johan j.

This is my favourite strain and all seeds did germinate thank you nirvana =)

recommended by
Brian u.

Love this strain...will be a fav and will be growing it again and again...easy to grow...tastes awesome!

recommended by
Brian u.

it was my first grow and it was so good I ordered every seed since from Nirvana and I am hooked!...

recommended by
Richie M.

My first time growing and wow what a great job by Nirvana Seeds on this plant! I got about 1-2 ounces per plant...4/5 germinated. Would buy again!

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Lack of Appetite
recommended by
Chris A.

Grows fast fast fast. If you are looking for a quick finisher with no stress involved this is the strain for you. She was flowering in week 3 and ready to harvest at week 9! Great tasting buds, but not as strong as the photoperiod version

recommended by
Alexander E.

Got my package after 7(seven!) weeks!!! (to Russia) Honestly i was sure its lost since i couldn't track... And according to the letter stamps the package was delayed somewhere in Europe..Well, now my seeds went to storage as i already ordered/recieved/planted another seeds.The stealth packaging was so stealth that me myself wasnt sure this is 'what i think' )))

recommended by
Miles M.

Shipped in 10 days. 2 seeds sown, germinated in 3 days. 2nd set of leaves in one week! 24/0 T8 lighting. In one month I will sow 3 more seeds. Can't wait!

recommended by
Jānis Z.

Last year i had amazing sucess with this strain, out of 10 only 2 where genetical dwarfs, but it could also be my fault. Decent buds, with high yield grown outdoors latitude 56 north. Fast shipping, and exelent packaging, as always thanks NIRVANA :)

recommended by
King S.

I thought Auto Flowers weren't potent or high yielding. This Bad Girl blows those statements away. Overflowing with crystals, sticky bud, AND really easy to grow. Can hardly wait to harvest!! (ill update my review after curing) SO EXCITED!!Thanks Nirvana for the hookup =D

recommended by
Charles a.

beans came in about 2wks sending cash at check out received beans planted and plant grew short did not harvest high yield very low I'm taking this into the fact that this was my first auto and I may have shock the plant growth 4grams dry as far as the bud density was there but small very frosty smell got better when cured as for the taste very good high last long and other ppl luv the this bubblelicious asking did I have more next one looking to grow more yield and no trans planting put them in 3 or 5 gal pot from germination I would buy this again

recommended by
James G.

Great strain but u can't do anythng to make better yields if u plant in a larger container with good soil. If u don't invest in good lighting or soil; you end up spending 3 months for a half of bud.

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recommended by
mehmet o.

acemi bir üretici için harika bir seçim harika tat teşekkürler nirvana

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recommended by
Gary C.

Of course the shipping was quick...first one I germinated died I blame myself for lights being to close. Germinated two more and planted each in 5 gal fabric pots under 2 150watt hops in 2x4 tent. So far two different phenotypes one very short and bushy the other taller and thinner. At the moment 3 1/2 weeks old and sings of sex have already shown. Ill comment on growth and harvest when that time comes

recommended by
Jake C.

Absolutely a beautiful and easy strain to work with! All five seeds popped female without any issues. Germinated using peat pellet starters, Transplanted into a mix of MG organic soil Cut with perlite and vermiculite (no extra added nutrients from start to finish just what was in the soil) I have ordered twice now from Nirvana and have been nothing but pleased! Nirvana is now my only go to place for genetics and i am ordering more as we speak. Back to the sweet Bubblelicious - I have extreme anxiety coupled with PTSD and i have been searching for a strain that could help with that and so far Bubblelicious has been the best contender i have found. Thank you Nirvana seeds, You guys truly are doing great things.

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recommended by
Andrew G.

Ok not like Regular

recommended by
Abraham B.

Best yet by far I love this strain it's sweet smell and resinous buds hmm. Mars 400 2led 3x3x5 tent bubbleplonics two least two ounces per plant ranging from 16 to 24" in height throughout my last few grows friends loved it family too easy to grow and it is a stinker carbon filter mandatory if stealth is a factor . Best buds I've smoked in a while upper and downer bodystone euphoria tho only three out of five made it but I made it back in yeilds

Strain Flavor:
recommended by
Gustavo C.

Amazing seeds, very easy to grow and I recommend this strain very much. In 63 days from seed I harvested a small amount (had problem with insects), but buds were amazing, very sweet with a nice body buzz and a little head buzz. Definitely doing it again.

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recommended by
Robert B.

Received my seeds quickly to Northeast USA. Germinated one seed nicely! Looking forward to giving a report back at harvest! Once again Nirvana took great care of me!

recommended by
George B.

Nirvana will treat yinz right, Quick top-Tier everything ! Next time I'll stick with fem only, auto's not my cup of T

recommended by
jon q.

I received my seeds in 10 days the stealth packaging was nice. Just sprouted my first seed and honestly can't wait to see her grow. Haven't been this excited to grow since this is my first auto. Will keep posting on updates on how she is doing. It is an outdoor grow so I am excited to see how she compares to the indoor guys.

not my taste by
Daniel W.

My experience with Nirvana seeds ranks their varieties above those of other seed producers, and I have only positive experiences in purchases from Nirvana. This was the first time I had grown feminized and auto-flowering varieties, having relied on cloning of mother plants developed over a long period. Recently, though, I lost space to keep mother plants and growing out seeds and weeding out males is two slow and cumbersome when growing in a 3 x 3 foot closet. I had high expectations for this variety but unfortunately only one of five seeds made it to a mature plant. That plant was very short and didn't produce much. That partly may be due to the overgrowth of the other plants in the grow, but I had selected other short, autoflowering varieties for the grow. Taste? Certainly nothing like described. Pretty bland with no fruity or bubblegum-like flavor. I will not try this one again and can't recommend it. However, note that in my experience none of the hybrids or stabilized varieties that I've grown, including crosses I've made, there is wide variation in every variety. You may have a totally different result than I did.

not my taste by
Shala P.

This strain proved a little tricky. Only 3/5 germinated and of those 3 only 2 went on to produce anything significant; just under 2 ounces from 2 plants. The high was nothing spectacular, just a light brain buzz. Only perk of the auto flower is the quick finish- only 10 weeks from germination to harvest.

recommended by
Larry F.

Got my package right away here in Michigan, soaked them overnight and then put them in root riot cubes which are planted in 1 gallon pots. All 5 seeds sprouted in two days. Impressive Team nirvana!Many Thanks to my friends across the ocean.I definitely recommend Nirvana. Great product and Great people.

recommended by
Larry D.

Very good smoke plants were small but I would buy again but not autoflower.

recommended by
Jedidiah A.

So far so good. But I did have a couple of questions. So I think it's been about 4 weeks or almost four weeks, she is very robust. Very bushy. I'm using a led, the led has worked great for vegging and only vegging. I'm worried that these plants are not going to flower even though y'all said that usually starts around the third week, I see tons of signs that she a lady, massive growth everywhere. Do I have a light problem with the led or wait in time. The seeds made it in two weeks, great job, thank you. Wish I new what the freebies were, pop one and it's a Indica, just don't know at this point what is. Will keep informed. Thank you very much..

recommended by
Samson s.

you wont be sorry, this is very easy and good all around grow from the best source possible

recommended by
Stephanie N.

First let me say excellent stealth and delivery time, order on july 29 and received my order in Midwest US on Aug.5 I bought this along with Blueberry auto and AK48. This along with the Blueberry germinated within 2 days. Will rate again when harvested.

recommended by
Robert D.

My first grow. Plant grew like crazy. Got like 2 ounces. It seemed to easy. I must have been lucky. Great high.

recommended by
vaibhav b.

Fantastic yield and lovely flavour. All my friends liked this strain for social.

recommended by
Rex T.

Very sturdy plant. This was my first grow and I made mistakes in environment preparation but the plant took it all and produced exquisite buds in the end. I simply adore this strain. The aroma is very very pleasant, more like a perfume and the smoke quality is brilliant and I cannot appreciate it enough - soft, smooth, scented, sweet aftertaste, uplifting, and relaxing. Full marks to Bubblelicious. And full marks to Nirvana for the quick and stealthy shipping. Thank you

recommended by
Jonathan M.

This was my first grow using autos. Started seeds 18 April. Soaked 1ea Bubblelicious auto and 1ea OG Kush auto until seeds sank to bottom of glass (approx. 6-12 hrs). Planted seeds in Fox farm Ocean Forest soil in Jiffy cups. Both seeds sprouted in 5 days. Put Jiffy cups in 3-gal pots by week 2 and moved them into 3x3 tent with 600w LED set on 18/6 cycle. Plants were fed once a week using Fox farm nutes. Plants grew extremely fast and began flowering on 18 May. Due to the plants' size and availability of warm weather, I moved them outside. Bubblelicious is currently 26 inches tall, much wider, smells skunky and citrus-like, and has beautiful buds on all branches. Resin glands are mostly milky and clear, but a few on lower branches are changing color. OG is a few inches shorter (23 in), not as bushy, smells like cat urine and pine, but has thick, fat buds with clear resin glands. Both will be monitored daily to determine max "goodness" at harvest. Should be a week; maybe more, maybe less. Already have another Bubblelicious auto as well as a White Widow auto in Jiffy cup ready for 3 gal planter. Looking forward to harvest. Will add another review after harvest and curing. Nirvana Shop is well worth anyone's time and money. Highly recommend this shop.

recommended by
Oscar W.

April 2015 purchased auto jock northern lights Bubblelicious germed 6 two of each yield lil over 28g each maybe more I sampled toward the end before curing all. Im sold on Nirvana. I used 4 300watt cfls daylight and warm version plants soaked it up flourished well. Lemon og haze on the way sour d is next on the roster thanks Nirvana loyal customer now for sure.

not my taste by
D A J.

Shipping great as always, strain varied dramatically on my 5 plants. 1 plant 10 in tall with poor yield, another plant 30 in tall, great yield. ???

recommended by
ShakeZilla M.

got here in less than two weeks, super adorable stealth package haha Planted one auto and two freebies, all of them sprouted within a few days! will definitely order again!

recommended by
Dart T.

very impressive delivery with absolute stealth ^^

recommended by
Danny R.

Just finished harvest number 2 waiting on a third and all I can say is wow! Yield was amazing off just one and dense buds with tricomes all over awesome high nirvana is the best! Can't wait to start my next grow with aurora

recommended by
Phil J.

First time customer. I was skeptical, but Nirvana did everything they said they would. I love the creative packaging. I germinated 2 Bubble babies, both were up in three days !!! They're about 5 weeks old now and look really good, about to go into flower. Sprouted 3 of the freebies, they all popped up. One is showing male, the other two look like girls to me. 66% female on the freebies ! Shipping was fast, 10 days to SW USA. Great job Nirvana, customer for life ! Thanks.

recommended by
Levi P.

Shipped fast to great lakes region in the US. 4 out of 5 germinated. Grown with 400w MH/HPS in 3x3 tent hand watered hydroponics with fox farm hydo and cal magic nutes. 2 girls were exactly the same. 1 was 2x taller than all the rest and 1 was a different bud texture than the rest. They were very bushy except for the tall one lol. The rest were maybe 18 in at the end of flowering. I harvested at 87 days from the day I put seeds in medium. You will need a carbon filter for these. They're very smelly the last 2 weeks of flowering. I don't smell any bubble gum smell at all but the effects are great and if cured right tastes great produced just under 11oz dried from 4 plants. I recommend them for sure just very smelly . Also this is my 2nd grow and 1st time using autos. They are quicker to harvest but in my opinion produce less than photoperiods do. Next to try is the blue mistic. Nirvana is the best BTW Imo .

recommended by
Jack L.

Great product! Arrived in an awesome package and everything was perfect. Also I really like the 10 free seeds!

recommended by
Luis m.

excelent!! my beans came in 14 days! thanks nirvana shop.

recommended by
Gdd D.

Nice smoke ,great taste ,ideal for stress discharge . mind blowing. 100% greminated and all of them finished to harvest . Turbo fast shipping .

recommended by
Carolyn d.

Simply the very best,very smooth and great smell!

recommended by
Mike R.

I love the service will definitely be ordering g again can't wait to see the beauties in action

recommended by
Jay P.

Very impressed all around. stealthish (wish they would send in clothing). Came in ten days. Bubb Auto 4 out 5 germ. all auto flowered 5 weeks on 18/6 as they should and were some of the healthest plants I have ever seen. first time using rep breed though. no fruity smell yet but definetly a great smell so far! Seems like a great company. Would recomend anyone to try them.

recommended by
Mark M.

Nice but not liking auto flowers.

recommended by
Delmar S.

All I can say is WOW! So many Trichones and smells great. very sticky. Thank you Nirvana. So glad there's honest businesses like yours.

recommended by
Jesus z.

A great sweet flavor all seeds grew. Each plant had around 3 oz. when grown outdoors.

recommended by
Dominic W.

Great company. Seeds came less than 2 weeks. Planted 2 seeds and both sprouted. Seed to harvest in 11 weeks. Great smell and a lot of tricombs.

recommended by
Sergio S.

9 Days old and blue mystic is growing healty, and faster than auto fem bubblelicious and freebie under the same conditions, strain seems easy to grow/mantain cant wait for the final results!!

recommended by
Kim J.

healthy strain ,seem to flower well .

recommended by
Christopher S.

My beans came in today 14 days came in a next little package it was hard to open but that was a good thing once i got the package open i looked at the beans and Nirvana gave me a extra Bubblelicious and a extra freebie so thats awsome and i now love Nirvana!!!

recommended by
Colton E.

Took two weeks to get them to the north east US. All of the seeds germinated. Very short plant if it doesn't stretch. Smells a lot more then the Blue Mystic at the end of flowering. The high is more of an indica high. I don't think I will grow it again I like a more mild and social high. But don't get me wrong it does have higher yields then blue mystic.

not my taste by
Tashanna M.

I got 5 af/f seeds. 4/5 germed. 2/4 that are remaining are going great. the 3rd&4th is experiencing very slow growth. using 600w hps flwr / used t5 for veg. soil. using good food, flushing, not sure why . not harvested yet. 2 or so wks left

recommended by
Robert G.

this is my first grow, depsite a few mistakes im happy with how they've turned out. They really do smell fruity like bubblegum, some stems are pink but that could be from too much/too little nutrients. im at exactly 3 months from seed and they look almost done but no amber trichomes yet.

not my taste by
Andrew G.

a++ for auto

recommended by
Kathleen C.

This is my first grow, starting today and looking forward to the adventure. Ordering was easy and straightforward, delivery was on time and stealth. Thank you Nirvana!

recommended by
Susan D.

I ordered 5 seeds, got them in 11 days to the southern USA, not bad. This is my second auto grow with Nirvana seeds (first was Lowryders.....AWESOME results last winter) so I only germinated 3 of my 5 seeds due to tent space issues I learned about by doing all 5 my last grow. So far I have 2 small 1 inch plants...the third is either very slow or a dud, we shall see. I'll be doing updates with pics as things progress.

recommended by
Imeth C.


recommended by
Anonymous M.

I've grown these twice now, always got 5 good females that autoflower at about 14-18 days on 18/6 and then exploded into nice 2 1/2ft tall plants in soil. Three different pheno's with this strain, one of which makes lots of good tops with dense almost leafless buds. The yield I got i n soil was about 21g/ plant not counting the fluff under a 400w hps. In DWC hydro however, I managed over 2.25 dry average and the difference the hydro made to the size, density, strength, and frostiness was astounding. Just as strong as any photo strain I've ever done. If you have some extra space in your veg room throw a few of these in there, you won't be disappointed. I would not recommend it for "commercial" purposes though, this is a more quality over quantity strain, top shelf.

recommended by
Truitt b.

Nirvana great customer service. Started 2 bubba autos 7/31 and are now 26 days old, unbelievable. At 1 foot tall already starting to bud outdoors. Can't wait to see the finished product in a couple months. Thanks nirvana you rock. Won't buy seeds anywhere else.

not my taste by
Brian u.

new to this and hope to be hooked...reading all these reviews and new to indoor growing, I am excited to get these "magic beans" and get started...will check back and give updates..thanks for keeping me excited with all your reviews and thank you Nirvana for being so damn cool and providing such kick ass costumer service...

recommended by
Boris b.

Shipment arrived fast and stealthy as usuall. Was hopin´ for few seeds more since i overpaid this product via mail ,but i didnt get anything extra. Im not sad though. Freebies arrived and im confident that genetics are outstanding as always. Keep up the good work

not my taste by
Mark R.

Thats a first. Been a loyal customer for some time now and except for having to sex out, have been very happy with freebies. Some of my fav strains have come out of freebies. Rave On Nirvana!

recommended by
Alvin C.

Just got them in the South Eastern USA. 13 days total from order to mailbox. Grow kit was there also. Can't wait to start them growing.... Very impressed with the whimsical stealth packaging :) way to go Nirvana

recommended by
Elijah C.

Fast delivery to Northern California. Germinated 3 in paper towels for 48 hours, planted in 50/50 coco/perlite with nutes. I hand watered to control usage and give them a good wet/dry cycle. They grew to about 2.5 feet very quick and then flowed nicely. I did enough research before hand that I had no issues. grew under 400W hps/mh and kept at 18/6 as I had 2 others fems growing next to it. Ended up with about an ounce per plant. It's not quite the old bubble I remember but no complaints here.

not my taste by
Ronnie J.

Once again Nirvana came through! I got my package of 5 Bubble Auto's today! It took 24 days after shipping but they are here all the way in Atlanta, Ga. Nirvana! lol

recommended by
Nedanel P.

It is my first time using autoflower seeds and i must say it's really nice :) The plants started flowering only when i switched to HPS for some reason so the first plant took like 3 month because i didn't get why it's not flowering lolI'm using 250 HPS on a very very small grow room about 0.5x0.5 meters grow area. And i got about 10-15g dried each plant.The buds keep developing very airy so i can't really testify about the quality

not my taste by
Paul S.

cannot get over how fast these things grow 2 weeks old pushin 10 inches will definitely do autos again

not my taste by
Cynthia B.

I got my order today shipped on the 4th and I am in Texas. Now off to start to germ them very happy customer...Thank you so much!

recommended by
Marcus J.

With each a 5 gallon DWC and fluorescent lighting, I got 4 out of 5 to pop, but each got 112g dried flower in 3 months from seed to harvest. :) Very dense if you got a trellis system and maintain it daily. But the buds get pretty dense. :)

recommended by
Dawn H.

Nirvana shops genetics are on point this was my first purchase of seeds and nirvana shop was outstanding shipping and quality of seeds. All 5 were females.I won free seeds from facebook page nirvanashop and chose ak48 hope to get a good grow in next year

recommended by
Joseph M.

Order delivery was perfect. About 2 weeks from payment, shipment was received perfectly to the midwest. Stealth was a little less than expected, but it worked and that is all that matters. Order was exactly as expected. No sadness, no surprises. Nirvana is great. Highly recommended.

recommended by
Alf L.

Ordered 5 feminized seeds. Arrived without problems within a week. Stealth packaging was less than expected, had I worked as a customs officer I would not have been fooled for a second.Indoor grow. Full spectrum fluorescents + LED grow lights. 18l pots with home mixed compost soil, watered with compost tea. No other supplemental nutes. No re-potting.Very easy grow with in my eyes good yield. Seeds soaked in glass of water 24h before planting. All five seeds germinated within 36h. Plants grew to ~1.2m much larger than the expected 70-80cm (Nirvana specs: Plant height short). Yielded on average 120g (dry)/plant after 9 weeks of flowering. Very pleasant citrusy sweet with hint of vanilla. No actual bubblegum taste or smell from these five so will need to get a new batch. Nirvana, expect a repeat order shortly :)Highly recommended.

recommended by
Adam R.

Really good and smooth smoke

recommended by
eric g.

Ok so seeds arrived 11 days after shipping. The free seeds were junk. Tryed 2 free and 1 auto. Only auto popped so far its a week old with 3 nodes. Using 4 300 watt cfls and 1 100watt led. Growing vigourously. The veins and stems look pink. I hope the bud tastes like bubbelicious. Always buy from nirvana. No otherscompare to quality from nirvana. These seeds are huge!

recommended by
Tappe s.

Easy grow, my first time under 600w HPS neutral soil 10l bucket 2months later 60g per plant. doesnt smell small plant good fitment.

recommended by
Hector V.

I ordered 5 bubble auto and 5 northern auto on 8/19 and sent the cash the same day. nirvana received the payment on 8/26 and mailed out on 8/29. I got them all today. I give 10 on stealth shipping. I am in South U.S. Got them with no problems. I was a bit skeptical at first, bit now I will recommend Nirvana 100%. Thank you for the great stealth and the fast shipping. nirvana has gained a Custer for life!!!

recommended by
Scott K.

Was not to sure when I ordered but it all arrived very safe and quickly. It germinated in 2 days and so far growing nicely under 3x 26W/2x13W and 1x32W CFL.

recommended by
Bob I.

A good no-fuss grow. Plants took off and are very hardy. Prune them and water them. A couple of doses of plant food over the summer and the plants are amazingly vibrant. The buds definitely have a strong aroma, so make sure the neighbors are 420 friendly. Washington still allows 15 plants for medical mj patients, so I will plant more next year. Would definitely buy from Nirvana again.

recommended by
Damian J.

As a new grower I didn't know what to expect from an autoflower but after only 4 days and only ph'd water the two I planted have broken dirt and are doing very well. The climate I live in is high heat and low humidity but even tho it took a few days to correct it in my tent, this strain is thriving with no problem. Seeds arrived on the east cost in only 5 business day. Amazing to say the least. Nirvana has a lifetime costumer. Hope to have a great first harvest. Thank you so much nirvana for your commitment to making the world a more peaceful place.

recommended by
Milton M.

Easy grow, tight large buds, super cropped this group. Next will try Northern Lights. Bulk of Bubblicious curing

recommended by
Gatis S.

It's amazing, how resinous is bud. Frosty, fresh smelling and tasting. Also easy to grow. From came up 4. In spite of fact I messed up nut things, plants fast recovered and final was very impressive and beautiful with considerable yield. Smoke is sweet, relaxing, keep you smiling and positive. Recommend after stressful working week to relax. Smooth, sweet and bublicious is delicious ;)

recommended by
Matthew O.

My first grow ever and I started 4 2 Jock Horror and 2 Bubblelicious. The 1 finished a lot earlier than the other 3. The other 3 are still budding! I will be ordering here for life as long as I get the results

recommended by
Janis Z.

thanks nice buds!!!

recommended by
Eugene D.

Bubbelicious Feminized from Nirvana was my first grow of this species. It germinated 10 out of 10 very quickly and produced it's third set of leaves at only 3 - 4 inches tall.g It vegged in to a thick plant averaging approximately 14 to 20 inches tall and produced a main thick stem with an average of 6 - 8 side branches also thick and bushy. The main stem and side branches consisted mainly of one large cola on each. For a short plant it produced extremely well. However, due to a very wet autumn, and mistakes on my part, I lost a very large portion of my harvest to mold and delayed harvesting. If one wants to maximize their harvest while maintaining a very short plant avoiding unwanted attention, this ones for you.

recommended by
jeramiah h.

4 plants in 3 gal pots useing 400whps light 19 hours from start to finish 11 weeks used black label veg after 2 weeks all the way up intell week 6 then i use flower nut. pure essentials black label made my plants blow up 4 feet tall each plant gave me 3 onces of really good smoke class A stuff i love nirvana strains the bubble gum fheno is really taste and the smell. grow it all the peaple out there that thinke u cant get good yeilds its not the plant ur growing its you learn how to grow hps lights pot size nutrients everything is how well it turns out u can grow autos in 3 or 5 gal pots and they will be litlle monters u can get 3 to 4 onces off one plant if you know what your doing dont top them dont stress them at all and you should get really good smoke if you dont go read how to do it. nirvana has the best support and strains for the price cant wait to try all the strains nirvana rocks.

recommended by
Petros K.

5/5 germinated PERFECTLY. WILD BEANS. BIG BEANS. they WANT to COME to LIFE! I've been growing Ak48 for 2 years now, thinking I had found the strain that makes me happy, keep balance, and as I had the good recipe , I didn't want to change. I thought that Bubblelicious was marketing stuff. NO. it's REAL. TRy it. BE THERE. DO IT.How do they call them? Vigorous? I used DWC bucket with 4 air stones and after the 3rd week they exploded. At first i used 600 MH and then switched to HPS. I had to play a bit hard with LST to keep em down because they were growing crazy. I got rewarded greatly though. It tolerates high nutes, but if you play nicely on her she will give u a great smell, taste and a couchlock effect that will match great time in bed:D When my first joint is @ 19:00 and my 2nd @ 21:30, I am off to bed by 21:45. Do yourself a favour. Grow this plant. Gj Nirvana!!! Once more a true herb. 1st joint enough to keep you home EXCLUSIVELY for video games, 2nd off to bed directly.

recommended by
Eric W.

I ordered 5 feminized auto flowering seeds. Got them in 3weeks. I grew indoors using fox farm ocean forest soil. GH trio for nutes. 600 watt HPS lights. Left the lights on 24 hours until I saw the beginning of the bud cycle. Switched the lights to 12 on 12 off. Let them grow until they were done. Awesome smoke. Great for relieving pain. I have harvested 3 plants out of the 5. The 3 that have been harvested gave me 26.1 ounces before drying. Very happy with the results. Still need to harvest the other two plants but they aren't done yet. And they are even bigger.

recommended by
Keith B.

Forth grow. I start them in seed starter plugs, transplant to red solo cups then to one quart pots then to seven gallon root pouch's and never lost a plant. Inside grow ten out of ten, looking great.

recommended by
Paul K.

Grew these under CFL's in soil. Only 3 of 5 germed and made it to adulthood. Of the 3 that survived I can say this is by far the best grow I have ever had both in quantity per plant and quality, and I have grown many different strains. Low maintenance plants, would/will buy again and again!

recommended by
joshua M.

Nice, I will be buying again.

recommended by
adam u.

got the autoflowing seeds in 2 weeks to ny and all 5 seeds cracked in 24 hours so happy with this order will post my yield in 60 day when they are done

recommended by
William S.

Ordered 5 feminized seeds plus other strains from Nirvana all germinated and all where female. This was an outside grow in the ground (not pots). The Bubblelicious was by far the biggest plants of the strains I purchased. Many huge healthy buds. I had no mold at harvest time which was great. The high for me is a couch lock high (very potent) I definitely will be using this strain again.

recommended by
john d.

i found nirvana in a book i bought ED Rosenhal's growin unverstiy text book and i orderd bubb and im from the states,i wasnt sure i they were goin to get shipped etc. but they did and they came fast from were they were commin from anyway so if u have any doubts on orderin from here do it .this strain is growin amazin and it really smells like bubble gum everything thing about nirvana and its strains r the best!!!

recommended by
Joe P.

just received my seeds couldn't believe how fast it was. only thing I wish there was some label on the 10 free seeds so we new what we were growing but thank you thank you thank you!!! can't wait to start my grow!

recommended by
Don S.

Just received my package thanks guys for the fast shipping one week to the southeastern US ! A+ on the packaging also ! Gonna get my baby's in the ground will be using u guys from now on ! I also note I sent cash! Nirvana is fair and honest ! Thanks for the free seeds too!

recommended by
Blake p.

On sale can't beat the price.Value at any price .I have been growing for 50 years.This was my first auto flower. So simple; like they say little nutes. I just loved the experence.After growing

recommended by
Gal b.

great smoke. great service. tnx nirvana

recommended by
Jesse P.

Another favorite of mine from Nirvana. She grows big if you giver her the space. I used 12L airpots with FFOF all my plants love it.. I will be getting more of the bubblelicious...

recommended by
Joseph S.

I just wanted to let you know that I have gotten only 1 seed to germinate out of 5 and even that one looks like it won't live. All seeds so far have had a 80-90% germination rate these Bubblelicious fem/auto's are a complete Disappointment. I diddn't want to review as such before I let you know but I couldn't get a ticket through. I still love the great strains so far and will continue to rave to my friends but I never want to waste $50 again on rotten seeds like Bubblelicious. Thanks for the great highs so far, Joe.

recommended by
Alex L.

Taste and smell gets more intense with a long cure. A proper 2 month cure is well worth the patience!! With yields like these you can afford to stash a little extra away for a rainy day. I can smoke this little badass all day with no loss of my ability to function. This is one to remember.

recommended by
John R.

First time trying this strain. Easy and fun.

recommended by
Ritchy P.

i wanna know what odor it has during the flowering Thx Receive 5 blue mystic in 4 days. Testing 1 in germ, started today, novice Nirvana good

recommended by
Jon W.

300w led, fox farmed from birth. Ocean soil then beasty buds. Im finishing blue mystic now but I got 10 bubblies and a new 5w chip 700w for winter im excited. These plants are so hardy I turned a friend on, he got five and had 100% success even tho he mistreated them occasionally. Nirvana rocks!

recommended by
Josh L.

I was very hesitant at first, I've read many blogs stating that nirvanas autos weren't auto. But I had the lady's outdoors, and at exactly 23 days after sprout I started to see White hairs then after 30 days buds started to grow rapidly. Defiantly ordering more ASAP.

recommended by
jeremy s.

3 weeks in these babys are growing fast and strong already getting that sweet smell expecting that flowering to start any day now :)

recommended by
d k.


recommended by
Keith M.

Wow ! I thought AF Northern Lights grew fast but, these bubblelicious are beasts. Broke the soil 18 days ago 2 of them under 125w cfl and they are as big and bushy as my NL that were 4 weeks old outside in full sun last year. 2 seeds popped in 24hrs and at less than 3 weeks old I have some pretty fat bushes, just added another 125w cfl so there is 1 light per each plant and can't wait to see them mature fully. Thanks Nirvana you guys are incredible!!!

recommended by
Greg W.

This girl would not stop growing! She stretched to 36" of thin branches, and produced 16g of frosty light buds that bring a big smile after 2 tokes. Used DWC, general hydroponics, 100w gen3 led and 2 100w 6500k cfl's. Have 4 more in dirt that look to be more typical, and will update later.

recommended by
David C.

Very fast shipping ordered 5 pack 2 seeds where cracked other three started growing rite away wich is ok was suprised to get it so fast

recommended by
Marvin S.

I used this comment section to determine my to buy so I want to include my experience. Shipped quickly and as advertised. Germ'd 2/2 popped and flowering at day30 +/- as advertised. Thanks Nirvana.

recommended by
steve c.

My first time with auto. I got my beans in 6 days from ordering.popped 1 on to germ,3 days well happy. PS I would like to add ordering direct gets quality. I will never buy from a pick mix bank again. It proves to me that my doubts with beans from Nirvana are resolved and only buy from source direct.

recommended by
Lee B.

Got my seeds . That was fast, about a week. Thanks. Not to sure if that is candy or not. Sent my Bubblelicious in a XXXXXXXXXXXX. Going to get my candy in the ground and watch them grow. All the Reviews are very good, so I'm looking forward to seeing great results. It went so well, I didn't need to talk to Alice, but thanks Alice. Look forward to seeing more Reviews as my girls grow.

recommended by
Hollie o.

Well it's 8/23..september comes fall,..IF i get my babies growing in the ground by9/6 then 9 wks will be nov i too late?NIRVANA COMMENT: Depends where you are, but it sounds like that's cutting it pretty close. There's an article on outdoor growing in our Knowledge Base that you may find helpful. Also, may also be a good place to ask this question.

recommended by
Linda h.

I received my seeds I believe within 5 days as did the last seeds I ordered and have always had 100% success with Nirvana's seeds. My bub fem auto seeds are doing great. I have always and will always buy from Nirvana

recommended by
Amanda G.

Shipping was fast, almost tricked me! 4out of 5 beans popped quickly and really took off! started some non-auto at the same time and man did those autos take off! Smells great! Im coming back today for some more!

recommended by
Oeyvind H.

Planted two of the bub,auto 5 weeks ago.Plants are really beautiful.Very fast growing and they,r just beginning to show pistils:)Growing in a closet about 1/2 m3 in 5 liter containers with "tomato" soil.Will give another update of the final product.Really looking forward to try out these buds.Thanks for exellent service and seeds Nirvana.I,ll be back for more soon.

recommended by
Mark p.

Well , my auto-bubbles are a little over 4 weeks old , and they are very beautifull and bushy. I'd say they are around two feet tall , and filling out quite nice. I take it from what others say about the short riders , that they are on the small size , these however are not. I can easilly see where I'd get at least two ounces apiece from these plants , so I'm happy with that for sure. My only concern is that , I do not see any preflowers yet. I'm wondering if this is common or not , I'll keep everyone posted on the process. Oh......go easy on the nutes , I had to flush due to a little nute burn , but you would'nt be able to tell it ever happened since. If these auto-flower correctly , These will have been the best growing plants I've ever had. Thanks...

recommended by
Bradley M.

Again super fast shipping to Arizona!! Order and ship...No more than a week!! AND 5 popped but only 4 growing...Shit I'm not complaining...You should see the 4...WOW ! I'm coming on 4th week and just overnight they vaulted another three inches...With hair everywhere. Can't tell the smell, have some stinky short riders nest to them. WOW have they bushed. Thanks nirvana...Your service and can't wait to witness our product. You know we are now pardners!! Ha ha ! I wished or dreamed but hey its my dream...So we are PARDNERS ! Proud of it ! and happy

recommended by
Review r.

Arrived really quick and germed really quick!!two seeds, two woke up in less than 36 hours!! without any kits...(kit could be usefull also, just bough one today to try the difference fpr germination)... I love bubblegum kind!!...iciousAdvice: light how long ? 12/12..18/6...20/4...24 full? im so impatient!! impatient!impatient! Auto are my kind i guess!! impatient...

recommended by
Bob G.

I ordered my 5 bubblelicious seeds on Sept 15 and received them on Sept 28th. Great fast service. This is my 2nd order from Nirvana and there will be more. The seeds are soaking now and will be in the grow medium by football time this weekend. Go Bucks & Thank you Nirvana.

recommended by
Charlotte p.

your seeds are the best i got them fast they sprouted the next day my harvest was fab the bud was very sticky and dense thanks

recommended by
Maddi G.

I am totally amazed at the growth on these plants. They are growing exceptionally fast and are really easy to take care of. Check out my posting on the newbies thread. I'm thrilled with these seeds. Thanks Nirvana!

Bubblelicious Autoflower

  • Female seeds
  • Highly resinous.
  • Sweet taste, reminiscent of bubble gum.
  • Vigorous plants.

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