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Very Positive 91% (93 reviews)
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not my taste by
Steve A.

No bubble gum smell or taste.. ok.. yield was small... these were not good producers... there is better stuff out there. Good high, not super strong but OK

recommended by
W Mark T.

Growing now for the 2nd time, 5 weeks into flower, 1 Bubblelicious with 2 Girl Scout Cookies in a 3x3 tent, Fox farms ocean forest, and Canna nutrients, previous grow yielded 4 to 5oz per plant, Bubblelicious is 1 of our favorites and plan on growing more in the future a Nirvana classic, Great product and Great shipping, Happy Loyal customer

recommended by
Hugh C.

I had very good experience with this strain. It was easy to grow, good weed and plenty of it. The little plants come out nice and frosty. So Now I'm growing Sour Diesel and Bubblelicious as regulars and dabbling with some others. The info. on the grow is estimated as the yields have increased and I turned a 10 ft. x 10 ft. bedroom into a grow room. I was growing in a 2 ft. x 4 ft. closet before. My last grow was 18 plants and will double to 36 on next grow.

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recommended by
Hugh C.

I had very good experience with this strain. It was easy to grow, good weed and plenty of it. The little plants come out nice and frosty. So Now I'm growing Sour Diesel and Bubblelicious as regulars and dabbling with some others. The info. on the grow is estimated as the yields have increased and I turned a 10 ft. x 10 ft. bedroom into a grow room. I was growing in a 2 ft. x 4 ft. closet before. My last grow was 18 plants and will double to 36 on next grow.

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recommended by
James G.

planted 3 seeds, all three sprouted. 8 weeks later I was harvesting. some of the best weed I have ever smoked.

recommended by
Jules W.

This was a good strain. 100% of them sprouted and grew vigorously. I got a few of these to grow 5 feet tall and very bushy. They withstood constant attacks from grass-hoppers as well. I loved the taste and terpines in the bubbliscous. That's my opinion.

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recommended by
Jerry G.

This ia a great plant. I induced flowering early because I was low, but this beauty came through anyway. Over 7oz dry under a 400 watt light (I weighed 7oz after I’d been “sneaking” buds for a while as it dried), and it didn’t even fill my tent because I switched it early. It could have been much more. The plant I harvested was a beautiful “Christmas tree” shape and actually supported its own weight, though barely. This was a great plant to grow, and was very easy. The smoke from this pheno does not taste like bubblegum, but I do get a bit of the skunk influence, which I enjoy. I like the taste, and the effect is something I come back for. Stretch in flower on this pheno was about nil, and she fattened up like a big bud should. Great plant, and great flowers. And yes, she was very “frosty.” This is a plant I intend to grow again. Oh yeah, I flowered for 10 weeks from switch to 12/12. Phenos and personal taste will vary, but that’s my experience. I like this plant. No issues at all, and I plan to grow more Bubblelicious.

recommended by
Prince H.

FASTEST DISCREET DELIVERY I EVER EXPERIENCED. I'm in Texas, 17 days from shipped confirmation email. I bought 5 beans, every one popped.

recommended by
Dianne P.

I am in love with Bubblelicious! Of 5 plants, one is harvested, one is drying, and 3 others, (that had been topped so are 2 weeks behind the other 2) are still flowering. The flowers are fat and tight, crystals everywhere! Both my husband and I love it! Short flowering period and a shorter all around plant, she is bushy and productive! We'll definitely be buying these seeds again! Thanks Nirvana!

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Medical Symptons:
Lack of Appetite
Muscle Spasms
recommended by
Donald W.

Ordered 5 pack came 2weeks exactly nutes arrived 9 days was hard to find seeds which is good thing just started grow will review strain when finished shipping and price alone will keep me as a customer

recommended by
John c p.

I am on my 10th grow off this strain, it is a ph sensitive plant that grows well under most conditions, I would recommend this plant for newbie to veteran but you may have to do 3 or 4 grows to get your nutrient levels right in dirt or hydro. Once you have the nutrient program right its a great plant. They always seem to have a deficiency in late flower that I have never been able to quite figure out but its always at 8 to 10 weeks so its never affected the outcome of quality taste or yield. Their has been no variance of strain in the years I have grown this plant, the strain is stable grow after grow. My success rate has been 100% from seed to flower. My germination rate has been 97 out of 100 seeds germinated. I have had 0 hermies. I have had 0 males. I have had 0 PHENOS either, I would have thought out of 200 plants their would be one or two pink ones, LOL. Their are basically 2 different plant types with this strain, one is kind of lanky and tall, more sativa and the other is short and bushy, more indica, both produce nice stinky hard buds. I average 2 1/2 ounces cured per plant grown to 36 to 48 inches and I trim the lower 6 or 8 branches off of each plant 2 weeks prior to flower. I grow organic in soil, 12 plants(2 rows of 6) under 4 inline aircooled 400 watt lights, my area is 8 feet long x 3 1/2 feet deep x 8 feet high.

recommended by
Mike L.

This plant has a distinct odor , i relate it to bubble gum .. Nice big healthy plants with very nice buds.. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different . I grow inside under a HPS for bloom , medical ... Thanks guys at Nirvana for this strain ...

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recommended by
James g.

I have grown this strain for yrs it is a favorate to all patients an anyone who has tried it. If you dont order this one i feel so sorry for you people in florida loved it know in michigan i built a 70 thousand dollor grow room with 12 strains all top notch and the bub is still best seller big yields of large frosted rock hard buds top to bottom. Feed well an dont veg to long t5s 6500k keeps nodes nice an tight a must at 15 inches switch to hps for a week 24 h lights than go to 12/12 the streach is perfect 60 days an your good flush dry cure at least 2 wks enjoy best srrain nirvana has in my opinon good job. J G

recommended by
James H.

My first Nirvana! Order received promptly. Soaked 2 overnight, both popped the next day in peat pots. Into their final pots 2 days later. One seemed kind of iffy after a week so I soaked a third, just in case, again successful germination within 48 hours. Of course within a week the iffy plant was looking much stronger :) Vegged 6 weeks (except the last insurance plant which got 5) lush, compact growth through veg. Very broad fan leafs. Aroma skunky then sweet and fairly strong in veg and stronger in bloom. The plants jumped into flower showing lots of bushy bud sites within days of switching 12/12. One plant got FIMed, developed four main colas and stretched only a little, the next may have been a bit more sativa leaning and stretched a bit but less that double its veg size. Ended up chopping the late-comer after 5 and a half weeks of flower. The buds were already pretty plump and frosty. After drying and a short cure these early nuggets were dense and very sticky. The smoke was sweet, thick and hashy. The expansion really surprised me, hadn't coughed like that for a long time. I expected (hoped) I might catch some kind of effect from this barely of age flower but its power shocked me ;) The original two I finished after 9 weeks, still on the racks and getting set for cure; expecting great things! Thanks to NIrvana for the great seeds and to just add one more thing... my hat's off to Nirvana web team, this site has great design and usability. Inviting, clean, flat and simple not the cluttered, confusing IMO somewhat nerve-racking, interfaces of some seed sites. Well done!

recommended by
Ali T.

Very dense and it really tasted like old school bubbleliciouse gum ‼ And easy to grow

recommended by
Wayne t.

Very nice.... Won't be disappointed... Easy grow as advertised smells like real bubble gum... Nice phenotypes..2 outside... two inside couldn't tell the difference... Both very frosty... Good job Nirvana...

not my taste by
Glenn L.

Beautiful easy plant to grow. Fat and full of sugar. Turns pink at end of flower and looks very nice. Sadly this tends to make my wife extremely paranoid and that is after 4 separate grows harvested at different amber tric levels.

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not my taste by
Stephen M. M.

Only 1/10 seeds made it through/out of germination. And the one remaining, Died during Flower? I've never had that happen before..? It just lost the will to live, and wilted away. It's like it was Cursed... Not impressed with this seed/strain. Although I've successfully grown a crop of Legendary Bubbleicious in 2014, something was off with these seeds- this time. So they get 1 star (because they're is no lower score available). Later.

recommended by
Silvia T.

Strong and healthy. One more month and my first DWC will be complete. She's a beast!

recommended by
Peter C.

I am an indoor hydro grower. I ordered a pack of these seeds two years ago hoping to grow some indoors. However I could not find a place to do it so I grew one seed on my porch. It was poor growing conditions with many days over 100 degrees. I harvested a week ago and it turned out far better than expected considering the harsh growing environment.

recommended by
Denzil V.

hey guys I grow outdoors and this is a very nice strain gives big and lovely buds.

recommended by
Charles C.

Just harvested this yesterday. Seeds shipped quick and discrete. Plants grew extremely well; short and bushy. Yield was out of this world. Gorgeous buds as big as my hand covering the whole plant. 85 days of flowering.

recommended by
Jay P.

Had soil issue, will review next time. Dampning off horrible. Nothing to do with nirvana.

recommended by
Ash A.

Bubblelicious arrived today... Let's see how she does in the east coast of Africa. Thank you Nirvana.

recommended by
Daryl B.

Great seeds grew 4 plants under 2450 watts LED lights hydroponics. they did great. Harvested just under a pound

recommended by
James B.

Bought these last year. Gave 2 seeds to a friend and planted my last 3 at the end of December and all popped. Moved outside end of march and covered for a 12/12 light cycle. Harvested 1 plant last week of May with very milky thricones no amber. 7 days later harvested last 2 with about 10 % amber, were I like it. Each plant was a little over 3oz dried. 1st plant deffinately leaning more heady settling into body. Last 2.....well let's just say I really don't feel any pain in my lower back right now. A+++ on the med side. Thanks Nirvana.

not my taste by
Jonny T.

I've grown bubblicious in the past with good results but only 2 stars this time as only 2 of the 5 females germinated

recommended by
Timothy A.

Absolutely crazy fast shipping! Seeds look very good, packaging was stealth for sure! This was my first order and I am already impressed!

recommended by
Dennis B.

This is my second order from Nirvana (Master Kush and Bubblelicious) germinated 2 of each. Within 24 hours of placing the seeds on a wet napkin top and bottom and a plate over the top (clam shell) on top of a heating pad set at low with a heavy towel between the plate and the heating pad. All four seeds cracked and were ready for the peat plugs, yes, in 24 hours.My previous order (White Rhino) all seeds popped and the buds are lookin good. So far I'm a very happy grower, keep up the great work Nirvana!

recommended by
Daniel P.

This is my first grow and also my first order online. I picked Nirvana couse of good reviews and i rdidn't regret it. Stealth package and fastest delivery ever. I got my seeds in 5 days. Germinated all 5 of them and they are in soil now.Cant wait to lead them all the way to harvest stage. Thank you Nirvana you are best. I will keep buying from you for sure. Peace.

recommended by
elad r.

she is amazing strain!! yield lots of colas and buds all over! the smell, the taste! the kick in the brain so good and intens! love it! preafer for night time 'cous u gonna go to sleep after the hi is gone.! love it! love it! grate strain nirvana!!

recommended by
Robert C.

first grow of bubblicious. All seeds germinated. pics under coloradobob.

recommended by
John c p.

I have placed many orders with nirvana, all delivered in a timely manner without incident, shipped in some very clever ways, too cool. Plants tend to average 2 1/2 ounces per plant vegged for 3 to 4 weeks and flowered for an average of 9 to 10 weeks. Plants finish at like 36 to 40 inches in most cases. Buds are solid and dense, buzz is headstrong. A very forgiving plant, i would recommend for the new growers.

recommended by
Tommy p.

All the beans popped up fast and the smell and look was as expected.. good times all around.

recommended by
stephen c.

I've done 25 grow cycles, so i'm kinda experienced. these seeds all popped quickly and i am 15 days from harvest. very ,very impressive odor and look. I've just ordered more. i'm hoping for an example of pink color in one or two of the plants. i would not doubt a pink phenotype development at all .

recommended by
Todd O.

Vegged two under lights for a month+ and then flowered outside. Great plants. Not really getting the bubblegum thing going yet but really interesting flavor and smell. Each plant unique. One smells like strawberry jelly. Both super hairy and kind looking. Yummy

recommended by
Andrew G.

my favorite Everyone ask's if it's them or does it smell like Bazoka joe....

recommended by
Wayne C.

An amazing strain, flavor and smell were magnificent. My only reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wasn't fortunate enough to obtain a pink phenotype. The fruity bubblegum smell will always be present with other smells in your grow room. I had a diesel growing next to it and it smelled like sweet bubblegum fuel.

recommended by
Adam H.

I know I haven't made it quite to growing threes little beauties yet, but, the beans I received were plump and very mature. I can't wait until the rest of my supplies are here to see how well they do. I give give these five stars for not only being top quality, but also for the insanely fast delivery. Well done Nirvana!!!

recommended by
Ray L.

Very good flavor. Nice yield,Nirvana is one of the best places for seeds....hands down..

not my taste by
Alexander H.

I just finished my bubblelicious girls and let me tell you, Amazing amazing plant. Very strong and very forgiving to any stress you may accidentally have. Interestingly enough, if you rub the stems and smell your fingers, it smells like straight bubble gum, But now that there done, iof you smell the buds, they smell ALOT like strawberries. I dropped the temps to about 50 deggrees F for the last to weeks of flowering and all the nugs truned very very purple. All around beautiful plant. They finished a little over 3 feet tall. I vegged for 60 days and flowered for 9 weeks. All of the trichromes were completely cloudy except for the occasional amber. Just like i like it. My biggest one yielded just under 116 grams indoor under a 400W MH for VEG and a 400W HPS for flower. my smallest one yeilded about 56 grams dry. Not a bad yield. The smaller one was vegged for about 30 days less time thats why the yield was so much defferent. I personnaly reccomend Vegging for atleast 60 days, closer to 75, anbd you will ahve a monster on your hands with a VERY VERY high yield. I would definitely recommend this strain. Not sure about how they smoke, Taste, or the high yet because they have been curing for 2 weeks now and i want to let them cure for atleast a total of 6 weeks before i give them a try. But they look amazing. Completely COVERED in shiny beautiful trichromes. They are very pretty nugs. Give Nirvana's Bubblelicious a try and i promise you, you wont be dissapointed. Thanks Nirvana, You are a great great company and i definitely will do buisiness with you guys again. Signing Off.Ghost

not my taste by
Ian R.

this plant took all I could throw at it and finished strong!! Nice big buds!

recommended by
Brian M.

Seeds arrived within a week. Impressively stealth delivery. All 5 seeds popped and female. This was my first few times growing and only had one successful harvest. I had to kill 3 because the wife got scared but they all flowered. I was able to harvest one plant on my second grow but due to impatience and lack of experience it was too early and the quality was poor but I did get an interesting buzz that instantly turned my eyes into bloodshot biscuits and gave me severe munchies and made me tired. My final grow I just harvested and hung up to dry 3days ago and put into jars for cure today. I sampled some and its great but needs more time to cure. I do feel happy and stoned though. All in all the plants were very forgiving to a first timer and potent enough to get me to write a review.

recommended by
Ben d.

This is my first time growing. I got 5 of these babies and 5 blue mystic. They arrived 14 days after I ordered them. A little longer than I expected. But well worth the wait. I put them all in water as soon as I got them and they all popped over night. I put them in a wet paper towel for one more night and by morning I had them in their starter pots. And that's as far as I got... Can't wait to taste these plants. I will definitely be doing business with nirvana again. Their seeds are in great shape and the stealth packaging is phenomenal. Thanks Nirvana!

not my taste by
Joe O.

I have grown Bubblelicious for the past 8 years. After my first seed grow , I propagated clones for the next 6 years. I wanted some fresh genetics, so last year I replanted from seeds exclusively. This strain is probably my all-time favorite of the 6 or 7 various Nirvana strains I have utilized in the past. The plants are gorgeous, they are not nute sensitive, but they do show some variation in phenotype; some are typically dark green and a few have shown some pink and purple colorations. Very neat. I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting out. The smoke is very tasty and surprisingly strong. I'm big on long time curing and when the BUB is cured for 4-5 months, the taste and smell is over the top. I recently grew 4 different Nirvana strains at one time and of the four (White Rhino, Wonder Woman and PPP were the other three), everyone who sampled the Bubblelicious commented that it was their favorite. I have to agree. Buy this one. You won't be disappointed.

recommended by
J. D.

Have grown this strain 3 times now and each was a new and exciting undertaking! Easy to germ, easy to grow, excellent ability to recover from non attentive hands and a great harvest each time! The 3rd grow I changed up from 600watt HPS/Metal Halide to equivalent LED, was amazed at the amount of growth these new LED's promote! Massively filled with thick trichomes which turned 50% amber in 8 1/2 weeks, only topped it once at the 4th node and it loved it! My entire tent was full with 1 plant, ended up filling 8 large mason jars (probably around 5 oz) and after a month of curing it was phenomenal smoke! Very mellow "Slow motion" buzz with a hint of "I gotta eat something" to round it out! All in all each of the 3 grows were a lot of fun and I learned how to take care of this plant and entice it in to giving it's all! I used FFOF soil, FF Trio as Base and AN supplements! Nirvana is a top of the line seed provider, received seeds stealthily in 2 weeks from order date and was pleasantly surprised at how Nirvana handles the shipping! Great service, quality seeds!

recommended by
Daniel A.

2nd grow, had a couple seeds not pop but that was my fault. Paper towel method was 3 for 3, even the freebies popped using that method. Plants are at final stages of flower now, great aroma, kinda sweet. Super sticky with tons of trichomes. Dog fimmed one that ended up staying short but super bushy and healthy. That ended about 4' other one with nothing done is at 6' and a not as bushy, both are packed with thick heavy buds. Indoor in 5 gallon air pots Mh for veg hps for flower 1k w each. Right at 6 months now.

recommended by
Aj N.

I've grown these babies more than a few times and I'm never disappointed. Very easy to grow. I'll be back for more real soon :)

recommended by
Andrew M.

Just want to start off by saying Nirvana you rock! Ordered seeds and received them super fast and discreet. If you are a skeptic like I was nirvana sure does bring out the believer in you, had 100% germination success with my Bubblelicious, Aurora Indica, and my freebies(thanks) and are just super freaks in just there 1st week of Veg. Sitting in some 'Fox Farms Ocean forest w/ 10% added perlite for drainage and 5-100 watt CFLS. Anticipation of the final product is killing me can't wait!! Want the best Nirvana is where it's @.... Five Stars!

recommended by
Russell S.

I ordered a total of 20 fem seeds. Received in 2 Weeks in US. I germinated 3 of these and 3 Northern Light. All 6 germinated with in 24 hrs. Put in to hydro and so far they all look very happy. Will post again later. I am very impressed with Nirvana! This is my first try using hydro.

recommended by
Toms K.

number one short strain yet, buds smells and looks so good, bright green, sticky cristals with bright orange hairs. Germinates much harder than aurora indica and flower longer, but the prise pays back. Love this strain. Flowered for aubout 11-12weeks @ 800w

recommended by
Michael S.

First, I'd like to thank Nirvana for their excellent customer support. The first shipment arrived damaged. I believe the shipment got caught in a conveyor belt and the seeds were smashed in the package. After supplying photographic proof of the damages, Nirvana re-sent the shipment.While the yield is a bit low, the taste and high are outstanding. I always grow a Maui Wowie plant in every grow and I'm growing a Bubblelicious plant in each grow for the foreseeable future.

recommended by
pablo a.

good strain higher yielder smells like diesel

recommended by
Steve B.

I vegged Bubbly for a little bit longer than usual because I had a slacking ass Northern Lights growing with it trying to play catch up with the Bubbles. so I prolly strected the veggie stage to about 12 weeks tops. I topped Bubbles only once. her veggie growth was amazing. this bitch took off growing to the roof. she grew up to stand over 4ft tall. her flowering was damn right beautiful. she matured in between 6/7 weeks. I couldn't believe it. she took to the CO2 very well. real fat dense colas & nugs. Bubbles swelled up nicely with lots of glitter & sparkle to her crystals. no complaints bout Bubbles. she took to everything like a pro. it was easy for me. I used 400w MH bulbs at 275w for veg & same wattage for HPS. I did ebb flow hydro & kept her pH balanced between 5.8 (veg)-6.3 (flower). haven't tasted her yet. she's still curing. I'll most likely demo her for my ménage a trois V-Day weekend. I highly recommended for begginers. please don't doubt Nirvana. they back their shit up. bubbles got shipped to me discretly in 3 weeks after order. I definitely will be ordering & keeping Bubblelicious in my repertoire. Thanks for making me a happy & satisfied customer Nirvana. will be doing business with you FOREVER!!!! take care & Live Love Laugh good people.

recommended by
mark p.

As I'm writing this , I'm looking at the last inch of dried bud on the bottom of my stash jar from the last batch of bubbles I grew. I'm also very upset that I didn't take any clones , because this particular grow was awesome. If you are reading this , and thinking of picking up some of these seeds , do it. I've grown this strain several times and have never had a bad turnout in any way. Certain phenotypes grow medium height , while the others stay low and conical. The high from all types I've seen , was very body orientated with a nice buzz helmet. Great for hanging with buddies and having long conversations about nothing , then promptly forgetting it all. As always , the shipping remains super fast and top-notch. Thanks Nirvana

recommended by
scott r.

After a mix up in my original order after contacting the support desk an made sure my order was reshipped. Within 10 days my order arrived super stealth and the beans looked great. Nice and dark in color. Dropped one into a glass of water and within a few hours she dropped and cracked within 24 hours. I suppose my original order was just lost but the excellent business practice and customer service of nirvana really saved the day. Big hps guys and girls...can't wait to see this thing grow!

recommended by
Kevin H.

Nirvana has a very professional service the best I've ever dealt with. The stealthy and fast shipping is incredible being as though I live in the USA! Well for starters I soaked 2 seeds in glass of water and within 8 he's they cracked shells and showed a great amount of tap root. I then placed between wet paper towel inside container and the roots exceeded 1/4 of an inch within the next 6 hrs. This showed me very strong grow and in such a short period of time. They have currently been planted and I'm quite certain they will pop the surface in a flash so thumbs up Nirvana you guys rock!

recommended by
Jerry c.

Great price for the female seeds! Like those 50% off the price on the weekends. Thanks!

recommended by
Mauro G.

Grew nice sized buds, and the smoke was quite smooth, very decent yield, but to be honest i was blown away at the smell, it was sweet and fantastic, the only thing i didn't get was the pink overtones, in my first 5 seeds, keeping my fingers crossed that i get some in the next 10 ;-) Peace everyone!

recommended by
Charles W.

I just had to let everyone know that this strain is great to work with. This is my first ever grow. I received my seeds and propagator pro with germination kit. I placed 5 bubbleliscious seeds in the propagator pro (1 seed per sponge pot, moist). All the seeds popped in one day. I kept the seeds moist and transplanted all the seedlings in 7 days. These seedlings were 4 1/2 to 5 inches tall by then. I made a mistake and planted the seedlings with the sponge pots attached (plastic part). After finding out about not planting with the plastic part on them, I dug them up and re-planted after 6 hours. 12 hours later these seedlings had 4 leaves and looked great, pointed towards the T5 54 watt lights. If I can do this, anyone can by just following the directions of the experts and with the propagator pro. I did this without the bacto powder, which was left out of my order accidentally. I can imagine how much better (if any) the plants would have done with the use of the bacto. Thanks Nirvana for living up to your word, You guys rock. Ride it til ya rot!

recommended by
Fernando H.

Im starting another bubblelicious now. Thats a very nice plant. good buds! i used a little of flowertabs and i think it was nice result. Thanks nirvana

recommended by
Cliff B.

This is ridiculous. Less than $3us a seed for fem seeds of the strain winner. And on the finest day of the year. Thanks, Nirvana. Fems are the only way to go. The price at Nirvana is reasonably more for them, but in the long run they are the only way to go. There are so many positives (many in the comments of others) I don't know why anyone would waste time and money growing males. As a spinal/neural patient I am looking forward to the medical benefit I expect this plant to provide.

recommended by
Jerry W.

This is very easy to grow for any grower. I always just drop seeds in a 24oz. cup, wit strained soil with perlite & vermiculite. This sets the main tap root on a great voyage, un-interupted. No paper towel germ. Using 6 gal. buckets, hard to find but out there, 1000watt Hps well vented well heat, humidity control. I know if you buy these seeds once you will buy them again, You will be happy with you yield. The 3 plants averaged 43 inches tall, no bending. Did have to tie up branches but this is a good thing, don`t you think!!!

recommended by
Rob B.

I received my second order of bubblelicious very quickly. My first order and first grow was a learning experience, so was my second grow. Now my third grow will grow better and more productive, I hope. The small amount stuff I did get from my grows was really good, tasty and great uppy feeling. The quality and quantity problems are my own fault and a learning experience. All the seeds were viable with 70% females. Plants are easy to clone in my home-brew bubbler. Great job ya'll!

not my taste by
James M.

This catalog entry calls this breed a short grower and that is what I needed for my situation. And it was short growing for the first two crops, with a 400 wtt hps , with plants topping out at about 4.5 feet. But my last purchase of this breed resulted in rather tall plants. The difference was so much it is as if the seeds got mixed up and I got a tall breed by mistake. Three weeks into 12/12s the plants have stopped upward growth at about 6.0 feet! The light is almost as high as it could go without fire hazard. The only growing difference with this last crop is that I began weak solutions of high nitrogen ratio fertilizer, about four weeks after seedlings. I usually wait till 50-60 months have passed to begin fertilization. Maybe that caused this shoot-upward too tall growth. So maybe a purchaser should not count on the short growth characteristic claim from Nirvana on this breed. Stone quality: they say it's Inidica but if feels like Sativa to me. This weed is not a memory buster and that is important to me as a writer. If not cured properly this weed will cause you to hack allot, burning throat hack. Cured right it's a smooth inhale with hacking only if you are a greedy toker, that smells fruity/bubblegum like. Not very strong stoney effect. 4-5 bong hits or 1.8 joints verses 1 bong hit with a decent chronic breed.

recommended by
Dan b.

I had no idea what I was missing out on until I tried Bubblelicious! What a great strain!!! This was my first time growing and growing Bubblelicious was a breeze. Trics galore. Sticky sticky goodness and an amazing body buzz. There is nothing negative to say about this one and everyday it gets smoother and more intense. Right now it's my number one pick! The question becomes, do I stick with a strain I know I love or do I keep trying new ones to see if I can top perfection...

recommended by
Bobby h.

Ordered 5 of these fem. seeds received them 10 days later & Arrived very stealthy. Germ'd 2 of them (paper towel method) they germ'd in a day & a half. Seeds seem to be strong healthy genetics & moving fast so far. Have high hopes & can't wait

recommended by
Mark B.

Talk about stealth shipping, LMFAO. GENIUS !!! All 5 popped within 24hrs. I never used Nirvana before, but will never use anyone else. I orderd another set of these, super happy customer right here!!

recommended by
hurk b.

ths is my favorite strain so far cant get enough of this chronic.grows great trich production excellent finish product tasty and strong ..2 thumbs up guys n gals!

recommended by
James M.

Man, I love this strain! It has the most pungent, candy like, sweet aroma of any of the strains that I have grown from the Nirvana line up. Clients of mine just love it for its cerebral effects as well as the medicinal benefits. As a grower, I am love the fact that it is way easy to manicure... all bud, very little leaf.

recommended by
Gregory C.

aroma and taste are just as the name implies. vigorous grower, nice budding.

recommended by
Robert S.

I grow this as a personal favorite. Its stone is mellow but VERY potent. I have been getting seeds from Nirvana for years now and have NEVER been disappointed. His free seeds make up for any probs encountered.

recommended by
Paul I.

i bought these seeds and recieved them within a week of payment with a nice little nirvana ******* all seeds popped nicely then didnt have any problems with them at all and after three months from start to finish i had a nice harvest of some sweet smelling and tasting top notch weed. now that i have used nirvana i wouldnt use anyone else, the seeds are great and so is the service. 5 stars all round

recommended by
Mike N.

I read the reviews and thought I would try what I call bubba. This strain is aaaawwwsssoooommee. I have a 250wt light and grew two plants. Dew to a small growing area thats all I can do for now. I germinated two seeds in a small jar with a cup of fresh water, put it in dark place such as a cabinet drawer. Then let it sit for 3 to 6 days and they both popped. At the 12X12 stage for 10 weeks for flowering they came out great. You all gotta try this blend you won't be disapointed. And just putting seeds in water I found is the best way to germinate.

recommended by
Patrick C.

Well i ordered 10 of them and for some reason i didn't have any luck with the germination & of course i was pissed so i let the very good people @ Nirvana know what went on & they did everything they could to help me out and needless to say the good folks at Nirvana made everything right with me & I just now made my 3rd order in 2 years. Keep up the fantastic work Nirvana. You have a customer for the rest of my life & i believe my sons life too. Thanks Again, Ole'Stoner

recommended by
Alan l C.

Vegged for 7 weeks, Fim and topped both plants for multiple top buds. Flowered for 65 and 70 days, again cut top 2/3 of plant for drying and left bottom buds on for another 2 weeks to mature. Helps lower buds develope and get ripe. Dryed and cured for 3 plus months. Great sweet sent and stone with great bag appeal. Will grow again and the femmed seeds did great in organic soil with fox farm nutes. Used 2 400 watt lamps, one HPS and one MH during flower. Used MH during veg. Very happy wiht results. Again use stealth shipping, my first order never arrived. Nirvana made it right with stealth shipping on the second go around. Peace and Respect, may we all become Rastas when Prop 19 passes.

recommended by
Review r.

1 week or less for reception in europe, perfect.Gonna make a race between this one and the auto bubble

recommended by
Ralph G.

On my 2nd grow and this strain is aggressive when into 3rd week of bud. Thick and resinous finish. Smooth on taste with a very strong buzz. Great medicinal. Cheers.

recommended by
Brian S.

Great customer service, thanks Alice! Will update as I grow these. The Master Kush I'm flowering now is lookin' good, thanks Nirvana!

recommended by
Mark p.

Allright folks, first off I'm not a patient with any kind of terrible affliction. There, got that out of the way, just makes me mad that everyone hides behind the "medicine" issue. People , its allright if your healthy and want to get high,ok? With all that said , this strain was very easy to grow and care for , with a delicious bubbly gum scent. One warning , EXTREME ODOR during end of flowering !! I'd give this strain a 4 out of 5 for potency , and 5 of 5 for taste and odor. Put some music on and enjoy friends.......Peace!!!!NIRVANA COMMENT: Goodonya mate, just keep in mind that we do actually have quite a few legit medical users among our customers. ;-)

recommended by
Charles B.

Nirvana is a rare find these days. Here's a company that delivers a quality product (Great stealth shipping-No extra Charge), at a great price, AND QUICKLY RESOLVES any customer issues. No need to look any further on the net-if you've found Nirvana you've found a company that will exceed your expectations!!!! You folks are great.

recommended by
Jon H.

I ordered some Bubbleicious 10 fem, MK 5 fem and Wonder woman 5 fem and as usual, the shipping was quick. The WW and MK ALL sprouted, the Bubbleicious however I thought at first I may have buried to deep as 4 never made it up and 2 popped up slightly then died. I am in to 1st week of veg and the MK and WW are taking off and already have their 3 peddle leaf. The Bubbleicious is VERY slow in growth and the it only has the little round leaf and the first true leaf that is puny at this stage. I may have gotten a bad batch of the Bubs. I did notify the help desk when the sprouting issue came up and they sent 5 fem replacements. Nirvana Rocks!! I don't know of ANY other seed bank that will Guarantee germination with replacement seeds. Although I had some problems this time, Nirvana seeds are most often strong and vigorous plants. I will continue buying Nirvana seeds because I'm in good hands!

recommended by
Fred S.

Tried a couple of plants. They were easy to grow. They got to 2.5' high. They had a very heavy citrus smell while growing, but after trimming and curing for a month, it tastes sweet. Not a bubblegum flavor but sweet and very easy on the lungs. Big buds. I am a vaporizer smoker. This stuff gives me a heavy head buzz, but doesn't make me sleepy. Will grow again.

recommended by
Leo M.

Just received my Bubblelicious yesterday along with my Indoor Mix, they even threw in 10 *freebie* seeds! Payment went through on the 19th so you can see how speedy they are since I live in Canada... Just waiting for my current grow to finish so I can start these babies up. All in all very happy with Nirvana!

recommended by
Kevin L.

Nirvanas Shipping is second to NONE! This strain grew and cloned very easy! I grew them under 600w MH for veg and flowered under 1000w HPS. They finished quickly and packed on some nice tight huge buds with a wonderful flavor and good high.I veged the plants untill they were 12-16 inches tall in 7 gallon buckets. Then I switched them to flower, they didn't stretch like my Northern Lights that I bought from here. They only stretched about 6-8 inches when switched to flower so next time I will veg longer for better yeild!!!! The yield off of my ladies was anywhere from 1.5 oz - 2 oz completely dried out from each plant. I only topped once and used Fox farms Ocean Forest soil and the Fox farms Nutes, with distilled water.I highly recomend this strain for beginer and experianced growers. The flavor/high/bag appeal of this weed is 9 out of 10! I am a MMJ grower and I supply other MMJ people and I can't grow this fast enough! I have gotten 100% positive feedback on this strain and people can't wait untill I harvest it again! If you are thinking about getting this strain DO IT!

recommended by
Hollie o.

The free gift, so far is different everytime and i have to say THANKYOU! Makes me want to send back a souviner myself! And im willing to bet with this extreme level of customer service & excellent product, you probably do receive souviner's from happy customers from all over the globe and you probably need a grow room for them all :D Thankyou Nirvana!!! Lottsa Love from the east coast!!NIRVANA COMMENT: We wish! :-)

recommended by
Linda h.

I can't say enough good of this strain. very sticky, tasty and the high is the best. All my friends liked it better than 5 other strains that I had. SWEET!!!!!

recommended by
Thomas M.

I have not had great luck with this strain. It just does not seem to produce alot of bud for Me. I have hit the Bubble Gum flavor but the yield was just ok. Nice buzz definately worth a try. And as always Nirvana rules!!!

recommended by
Jason H.

a few days ago I was reviews, 6 days later Im you Nirvana!!!

Bubblelicious Feminized

  • Highly resinous.
  • Sweet taste, reminiscent of bubble gum.
  • Vigorous plants.

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