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recommended by
Susan r.

I am so happy that you can order with a card again!! Other than I can't use any card associated with my bank! Thank you Nirvana! Cannot wait to get them! The first order placed every seed sprouted except 0ne & 5 of the freebies sprouted so happy with that. My female ratio hasn't been super so far(3/10,4/10) Nothing else is sexed yet. Very nice looking plants & we are anxious to harvest the misty kush(which I also bred with a pineapple express, & a genuine Maine mother of berry so making my own strains already!

recommended by
Steve H.

Took me awhile to run the strand. Germination was horrible. 2 out of 10 germinated. But from the 2 plants, they are easy to clone, grow vigorously. I had the best luck putting them into flower about 2 feet tall. Plants are very bushy but very strong, stout plants. For the size of the plants, the bud are really nice and tight. Very tasty. Real nice high. Highly recommend. Just wish it had a better germination rate.

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recommended by
Rolando g.

3rd shipment arrived in just 7 days to Pacific northwest.Nirvana, you're the BEST!!! Anxious to start these babies. Northern Lights produced some great smoke w/heavy-resined buds. Wonder Women just starting to veg outdoors. Can't wait but must be patient! Thanks again! A+++

recommended by
Tommy p.

All popped and one was a male, thee others was female and the plants was awesome The taste was like heaven, the buss, calm and heavy, perfect if you want to chill out...

recommended by
Von r.

I just got these...nice job... this my first trully looking forward to growing t these seeds..... Also Nirvana keep up the good shipping...8 days.. This how you know a great compay..... they don't play.... Will be ordering very soon... Thanks again...

recommended by
Andrew O.

Ordered 20 of these guys back when they where on sale, Took just under 3 weeks to arrive to Ontario, Canada, within 36 hours 14/20 have popped! =)

recommended by
Samuel E.

Got these babies + the freebies less than 16 days!!! Also, A++ for the intelligently discrete packaging!!!

recommended by
Carol T.

Got my order in less than 14 days! Thank you! It took me a half-hour to get the package open without damaging the seeds, however LOL! The one BBL seed I planted, popped within 3 days! Saving the others for later, esp the mystery seeds! Hoping that one of the mystery seeds is Sativa.

recommended by
Josh H.

I only ordered these because of the great reviews. My first grow and I am looking forward to growing. I can't believe how fast the shipping was. Great job so far Nirvana!! I will update soon how it goes!

recommended by
R B.

Don't do credit cards so opted for cash purchase. Placed order for 10 regular Bubblelicious. After I completed my order it was placed in "pending payment" status. Mailed the cash the next day and 8 days later I saw my staus change to "paid" and then "order sent". 8 days later I got my order along with 10 freebies. Popped them all into some fresh Fox Farm potting mix and 4 days later all 10 bubs broke the surface. They are growing like crazy! The freebies.....not so impressed. Took 10 days for six to break through and they are less than 1/2 the size of my bubs. Updates to follow:)

recommended by
Raymond D.

This plant grows extremely fast one of the fastest I've seen truly an amazing strain if your thinking about ordering stop thinking and order this strain you will not be disappointed I've ordered the automatic recently because I was so happy with the outcome of these gems ...thanks Nirvana , PEACE

recommended by
Wayne B.

I was reluctant to get this stain. I gat the reg. seeds and 7 popped out. I killed 2 of em(drag). I grew three of them in the ground and one of them didn't stop growing.. 7'2ft tall and 5 ft wide. I trust Nirvana and will continue to be a loyal customer...

recommended by
Melvin j.

I must say that these bubblelicious I got is a masterpiece !!! I planted 4 out of 10 and came out with 2 males and 2 females . The male and female plants that I bred are looking most excellent . both of my females look awesome but theres one in particular that looks smokin hot !! its loaded with crystalized buds and it smells like pink bubble gum . the other female doesnt have the bubble gum smell so far but it looks very potent and really sticky . I pollinated one stalk on the plant that smells like bubble gum and I got some fat little seeds in their pods and the pods are loaded with crystals . when its done I plan on curing them for 3 weeks . I will give the final report when they done and I smoke some . but I know that it will be a great report cuz they so beautiful and super sticky . I dont mess with anyone other than nirvana . I love nirvana seeds :-)

recommended by
steve c.

Easy to grow. Cloning fast. Also managed to re-veg for two grows per plant and the second time which produced some of the best stash I've had for awhile

recommended by
Thomas S.

I received order in 8 days PA. germinated 5 for 5. Great looking seeds. First try with Bubblicious. I have had great success with Blue Mystic, Aurora Indica outdoors. PPP was good but had a mold problem outside

recommended by
Mandi T.

Made a wishlist of strains (almost two years ago) that I found just AFTER placing my order of Bubblelicious, Snow White and was EXACTLY the strains I'd been wanting back then!! I sure hope the Bubblelicious tastes as good as the sample a friend gave me. I need a strong body stone/pain reliever so I'm anxious to get these. I'll update with results when I have them...

recommended by
Lee B.

I bought the autoflower for my 1st grow. The ladies did well. The girls were very sexy. This time I got the regular seeds. Planted 5 and got 3 plants 2 ladies and one dude. The dude is bagged and tagged. The ladies are in great shape. 3 big colas on one and two on the other. I have another week of flushing. As a Medical plant, it works. It helped with painful body cramps. It helped with foot pain and back pain. I tried swess cheeze for my 2nd grow, but I like the bubblelicous better. I use cfl's and it worked. I add a few more lights this time and looks like a better grow. I used Fox farms nutes. I got some pics, but I don't know how to post them here. Free The Weed. Keep growing.

recommended by
dennis d.

Good end of the day smoke.

recommended by
Tony S.

all 10 seeds popped grew real fast ,but did not get any bud what luck grew 10 fine males so much for 50/50 male to female!but they still have good seeds all other ones i got are top shelf will try it again.

recommended by
leonard D.

Recieved 10 pack of these germinated 5 and have 4 beautiful girls going, plants all look excellent will post picks before harvest. Thanks You guys will get all my bussiness.

recommended by
Mark p.

Super fast service!!! Was really surprised by the method in which the seeds were shipped. Germinated five seeds and all broke and grew perfectly , still in early flowering stage, but plants look damn good, was able to get only two females outta the five seeds. I will certainly use these guys again.

recommended by
Ted G.

Ordered seeds and they arrived in a week nice seeds and friendly people to deal with I will be doing my business here. Thanks again Nirvana.

recommended by
R. W.

The Good: Great service! Ordered on the 18th, shipped the 20th, arrived internationally the 28th. Woo Hoo!The Bad: 5 healthy seeds went into a damp paper towel eight days ago. By day five, only 2 began to germinate and were put into starter cups. Only 1 has sprouted. Time will tell.The Ugly: Out of 10 seeds, they were all small, but 5 of them were healthy and mature looking; dark, nice mottling pattern. Then there are 2 that are much paler and had a green tint and very little mottling. Lastly there are 3 obviously non-viable, immature seeds. Very small, misshapen, pale/white and hollow.With so many peers recommending Nirvana, and strong, positive reviews of the product(s), I can only assume that the bad seeds in my order are a fluke.

recommended by
Brian M.

Super fast stealth shipping. THANKS! 10/10 popped within 24 hrs @ 89 degrees bed temp and 75 degrees room temp. Out of the 10 that popped they all grew fine. Out of the 10 I had 9 females. I use the "Get more females" technique. You can find it here. Copy and paste the URL Grew them with Technaflora B.C. ferts. 400 Watt HPS for flowering, soil media, Co2 enriched enviro Short plant, lots of buds. Longer veg time is way better for this plant. Smoke is smooth and fruity. Just make sure you flush a couple of weeks before finish and use your molasses, Sweet, Sugar Daddy or what ever you have. Let it cure for a few weeks in your jars after drying and the smoke will be super smooth! Recomended for beginers. Beginers Tips: DO NOT Use Miricle grow or their soils!! Read the Greenmans page in the above URL to get better results with your male to female ratio. Enjoy!

recommended by
Brian S.

Great shipping, always arrives safely. Dense plants with short internodes. Very indica structure. Some plants are super skunky, others are sweeter. cant wait til harvest!

recommended by
Review r.

i m going to make a race between this one and her sister bubbleg Auto! i know which one is going to win, but that s just for fun! one is the speedest, but one is the biggest ... what do you prefer, fast or big harvest??!! BOTH =)

recommended by
Kalvis J.

I don't like stoned from this strain, but taste are wonderful. My favorite smoke taste.

recommended by
Marlin G.

Just harvested excellent taste, excellent high. 3 out of 4 plants were female. seed were from 2 years ago. out of 5 seed one didnt make it as a baby.

recommended by
Joe O.

This is going back a ways, but if my memory serves me correctly, Bub was the first seed strain that I ever purchased from Nirvana (before the new, spiffy website had been developed). Probably three years ago, I was searching for some new strains as many of my mom/clones had lost a bit of vigor, and I needed some fresh genes to play with. From my notes. I started all ten, lost 3 to males, and grew out 7 moms. Of the 7 mothers, I chose 2 with interesting phenos and chopped the remaining 5. Those two moms provided over 300 clones. And everyone lucky enough to sample Miss Bub, thought it was some of the prettiest bud with one of the nicest highs around. I have gone to other strains since then, but am about to revive that line by placing another order with Nirvana. This is a truly great strain and deserved the time and effort to write this review.

recommended by
Johnny J.

Small problem quickly fixed, thx Alice

recommended by
James H.

Thank You NIRVANA!!! Seeds got here as promised! and FAST! 4 days later and 10 out of 10 have sprouted!

Bubblelicious Regular

  • Highly resinous.
  • Sweet taste, reminiscent of bubble gum.
  • Vigorous plants.

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