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Richard c.

Top shelf, 100% germination. I have epilepsy so high cbd is very important to me and cannatonic delivers! Very nice buzz that's not spacy, high last 20-30 minutes then fades gently to a cbd body buzz that last four hours,great strain for active people who don't want to slow down.very large buds! About a ounce and a half per plant

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recommended by
Corey L.

What a fantastic plant for those that like to medicate. Grew her indoors at 8'000 ft in CO. Fairly easy with no issues. The tall pheno produced long thick buds on the airy side and the shorter pheno had hard dense buds. The smoke was the same on both. Very mellow and clear. Great old school smell. Probably one of the best medicinal strains I've had. Would absolutely recommend this.

recommended by
Bob H.

Very nice strain! Nirvanas description is spot on and I’ll come back to that in a moment. First, Nirvana shipping has always been superb, quick and stealthy. Second, the grow. Got off to a rocky start, however, my eventual success was in a potting soil I put together consisting of coir, peat moss, vermiculite, worm castings and compost. I also used Dr. Earth veg. and some langbeinite and bone meal. rockwool cubes did not work for me. I recently started another plant in potting soil and it is thriving (3 day germ). My lighting has been 600w veg and 1000w flower. For young plants I now turn the ballast down to 400w. I was frying the young plants under 600w. For flowering I transferred to a three-gallon pot and instead of Dr. Earth veg I used their flowering mix. Shortly after switching to flower the plant took off, tripling its height in a short period of time. Drainage is excellent, so I watered every other day with a gallon of water. After thirteen weeks flower and no cloudy trichomes I harvested. I will let it go longer this next time around to see what difference there may be. Drying took about eight days, and after placing in quart jars I would open daily to breath for almost three weeks. Dried and cured weighed in at approx. 90+ grams. The plant I started recently will at flowering, be in a ten-gallon fabric container with my potting soil mix. Keeping things very simple this time around. Before I begin my review, I would like to mention I am early into my 7th decade of living, and as such I have slowed down and find it difficult to remain on task and get things done. I quote the Nirvana review “Cannatonic is made for those that use marijuana to function....” and I wholeheartedly agree as this has been my experience. The first ten days I used it I walked five miles a day. My body finally told me enough and I have since been adjusting my activity and use appropriately. I have made a list of things to get done over the past six weeks and followed the list and stayed on task! Again, I quote Nirvana “She’s here to help us function and move throughout the day.” Now, Nirvana also warns that “She does have strong numbing abilities so make sure to watch for that.” I was out earlier today strenuously working under the hot sun, midday, and at the end of the project realized that I had overdone it. For myself there definitely has been a learning curve when using Cannatonic and the “numbing effect.” This effect has been quite subtle and sometimes deceptive. I do not use in the morning. I save the first use for after the noon hour to help me get going and finish what I started. This works out nicely as Nirvana states that “her CBD effects last upwards of 3-4 hours.” I find this to be a bit conservative, and as the day goes on I settle into the evening very relaxed. If I want to be more relaxed for the evening I will use Nebula. I have also learned that this is for me not a strain to plan on using and just sitting around. I tried that once and it was very uncomfortable. I must move. This strain has far exceeded any expectations I had. Six years ago, after back surgery, I tried a half dozen of Nirvanas more potent THC strains to include Aurora, Bubblicious, BlackJack, Master Kush, Papaya, and Snow White. Great strains, however I was not prepared for the high THC levels and the emotions I dealt with. When I saw the CBD strains I had to give it a try and I am not disappointed. I will also post a review on Nebula CBD, and I have since purchased Twenty-Four. Anxiety has been a constant in my life from a very early age. I did not recognize it until my late forties. That is the primary reason for my trials with the high CBD strains. I have not been disappointed. Thanks Nirvana and good job!

recommended by
Danielle L.

Nirvana seeds made this a very easy transaction. Growth on this lady was tremendous. This was my 3rd grow, and I did just this plant in my 4x6 tent and she spidered out and took over the space. Should have done the sea of green method. I ended up with a very large harvest, I didn't weigh it. I have 2-32oz, and 2-8oz jars, all loosely stuffed. This is the strain I was looking to grow, as I don't do well with high THC.This gives you a little psychedelic high at first, then you mellow out and just feel relaxed and worry free. I use this for my anxiety and body pain. I plan on cooking almost all of this down into MCT and Coconut oil to make oral solutions for daily use, and pain balms. Would definitely order from Nirvana again, shipping was discrete and quicker than I've experienced with other companies.

recommended by
Fabian Q.

Great weed! I was waiting to try this product. CBD straing with a slight high. If someone is looking a medicinal weed this is the best without psychoactive effects.

recommended by
Jay M.

She grew 30" tall in 5 gal bucket. Soil, amended with blood meal, bone meal, worm casings, bat guano, fish kelp, 25% perlite, in Home Depot Organic soils 45 % peat moss. LED Penetrator Cob lights. I used Advanced Nutrients and wow, she grew well however she is very nute sensitive and I could only use 1/2 or less strength. At 10 weeks her branches got so heavy with flowers on the ends she bent over like she was tied. i was surprised she needed an extra 3 weeks to finish. Each plant yielded 2.5 oz. A great Daytime smoke with Indica pain relief and Sativa creativity.

recommended by
Stuart W.

Great product, grew very well outdoors in Colorado. Grew all organic in roots soil and fabric pot. Beautiful Lime green with sweet citrus smell. Very clear headed effect with fairly Low THC. Very energetic, great for outdoor activities like back country skiing, trail running, mountain biking etc..

Cannatonic CBD Feminized

  • CBD:THC ratio of 1:1
  • stems from MK Ultra and G-13 Haze.
  • Medical marijuana at best !

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