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Fabian Q.


Great weed! I was waiting to try this product. CBD straing with a slight high. If someone is looking a medicinal weed this is the best without psychoactive effects.

Jay M.


She grew 30" tall in 5 gal bucket. Soil, amended with blood meal, bone meal, worm casings, bat guano, fish kelp, 25% perlite, in Home Depot Organic soils 45 % peat moss. LED Penetrator Cob lights. I used Advanced Nutrients and wow, she grew well however she is very nute sensitive and I could only use 1/2 or less strength. At 10 weeks her branches got so heavy with flowers on the ends she bent over like she was tied. i was surprised she needed an extra 3 weeks to finish. Each plant yielded 2.5 oz. A great Daytime smoke with Indica pain relief and Sativa creativity.

Stuart W.


Great product, grew very well outdoors in Colorado. Grew all organic in roots soil and fabric pot. Beautiful Lime green with sweet citrus smell. Very clear headed effect with fairly Low THC. Very energetic, great for outdoor activities like back country skiing, trail running, mountain biking etc..

Cannatonic CBD Feminized

  • CBD:THC ratio of 1:1
  • stems from MK Ultra and G-13 Haze.
  • Medical marijuana at best !

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