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Very Positive 97% (34 reviews)
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recommended by
Jerome S.

Based upon a few weeks into flower. A vigorous good grower showing a lot of promise, lots of bud on these bushy feminized plants. They grew a lot taller than expected, and have a strong odor necessitating the use of an exhaust fan.

recommended by
Robyn F.

They are beautiful, healthy and helping bring a goal to fruition. Long time smoker, first indoor grow. Odor is intoxicating, can’t keep my kitty out of the tent! She enjoys a leaf daily and we are in week three of flower...three of the five seeds germinated. Not sure what happened...oh my, just ordered some autofem amnesi haze...exciting times! Northern lights setting up for greenhouse...thanjs

recommended by
ann g.

My first time growing,this strain did very well I was really pleased,it is a very forgiving plant,i would recommend this strain,

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recommended by
Jay M.

This is one of my top 3 strains from Nirvana. This smoke comes on hard and hangs in there for 3 to 4 hours. It makes great Hash and a great all around smoke for anytime of the day. It works great in FF and Ocean Fresh. watch the nutes and flush every 2 weeks. Feed once and water twice for sure. You can count on 2 oz of dried grade A+ smoke per plant.

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recommended by
John C.

Very easy to grow responds very well to topping flower was amazing taste smell massive buds all around great strain an amazing job by Nirvana

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recommended by
John A.

This plant surprised me on how good it came out. Good taste great bud

recommended by
Wayne B.

Always 5 stars..... Gave as a gift for a friend... Nirvana has awesome seeds.. Right now, just harvested 3Blue Mystics & Venus Flytrap, in curing... A big Aurora Indica bush in ground still,sticky(taking advantage of La Nina season in near the 4-corners NM,USA.warm temps.). Yep, Nirvana is the best in my book, never had a problem wit seeds.. ps-please bring back White Peace

recommended by
Ronald T.

2 reviews of same seed. -1 5gal (ffof and ff nutes) almost 2 months veg to take clones. flowered 7 weeks (for daytime use medically) awsome! The oldschool floraly woodsy piney smell. Nice yeild.- 5x 1.5 gal (roots org - greenfields + ff nutes) little clones from #1 to test different soils and for night time use medically. Flowered 8 weeks, stronger, more piney than the first...resin factory on tilt. AMAZING!!! saving this for last. Will be switching soils too. TY NIRVANA!!!

recommended by
Stephen M. M.

Excellent bud! This plant was Traumatized and Overfed (It was my first grow...) but it recovered from my abuse and ended up to be the best Energetic Mid range High, we've ever smoked. No couch lock at all. Germinated within 2 days, and Harvested earlier than all my other Damaged plants! I flowered in a 6x6 foot tent with 3200 Watt Led, and Harvested about 10 Oz from 5 "Damaged plants". I just ordered More...

recommended by
albert P.

I planted 2 seeds an took clones from them an filled my flower room 12 girls so I thought since I ordered feminized seeds. I vegged for 2 weeks an then started to flower at week 7 they were 58 inches tall an trichromes fully white. buds as big around as a 2 litter coke bottle these girls are unbelievable an smell as sweet as a fresh baked pie. not sure on a weight yet only been hanging about 5 days drying but I will add later. my only problem was with 4 plants an it was single male flowers on every leaf node on the first 6 limbs on all 4 plants I pinched them off an they didn't come back I hope. I kept looking an looking every day cause I didn't want a bunch of seedy bud but from what I can tell i'm seed free knock on wood!!! this is the first time I've had this happen with nirvana seeds. this is the 3rd time I've grown this breed an ill do it again its got some awesome pain relieving qualities.

recommended by
L.E. M.

I ordered seeds 2/14/15 . Grew outside. Harvested mid September. Plants are bushy with a lot of bud covered in sparkly crystals and the buzz is so sweet. Made me feel very happy and my wife said made her feel Bouncy. Everyone that has tried it..Loved it! Only prob I had was the insects in my area loved it to and I lost some off the bottom due to a stink bug invasion. Other than that it was great. Just odered my first auto(Lemon O.G. Haze ). Thank Nirvana.

recommended by
Nathaniel .

One the best plants I have ever grown, great taste, worthy of your time.

recommended by
L.m. K.

I got 5 Chrystal seeds from a friend as a present some 8 years ago as he knew I used to grow. I put them away for another few years, actually thought I lost them 2012 I got them out, popped them all 5, all five germed but one got killed by a mishap. The other 4 grew well, very well.They were vegged for almost 2 month under 2 x 600 MH and partially outdoors. During week 7 I took clones from 3 of the 4 remaining Chrystals. The clones rooted fine and when the young ones had their roots developed they also went into 20L soil pots and all went to flower. The clones, despite younger, had no lesser buds, a 3rd 600W hps got added for a total of 15 chrystal ( 4 seeds, 11 clones ). Harvest was due between week 8.5 and 9.5.The buds were the biggest I have ever grown, outclassing many well known and respected strains that I have had before and since. Harvest was a 125gr+ per plant as they were vegged long and given adequate light, flushed often and CO2 added.If you look for a Turbo sytle growing plant with a super heavy yield, look no further, this is IT !Currently growing another batch of 10 Chrystal seeds from 2015, that's 10 years inbetween the seeds, lets see what they will do.... I can tell you right now, they outgrow anything else again.. stems like a broom with 12cm high and 45cm wide and 7 internodes.. a true keeper and all time Champ.Fim

not my taste by
Hugh C.

Bought 5 seeds, all germinated and sprouted; grown in soil, all female. Got a fair yield but the quality of the high was less than I would expect. Will try another strain.

recommended by
Kai S.

Es sind 5 von 5 gekeimt sehen auch ganz gesund aus. 1 Samen hat zwei Pflanzen gebieldet beide nicht so schön weil kraft geteielt. Habe Sie auf 60x60x140 mit 250watt ndl stehen.

recommended by
Leonard G.

I grew 3 plants and none were quite the same. All are great in the end. 17 weeks seed to harvest. 9 weeks in flowering. 1 plant had nice buds. The second plant was the tallest in the closest. It was a lighter green in color with long thin buds. The third was a cross between the other two. Got 2.25 oz from 2 of them and 2.75 from the tall one. They were 36, 37 and 47.5 inches tall.

recommended by
Toms K.

Similar to white widow, but shorter, yeld maybe bit more than widow. Good strain, no problems with this one.

recommended by
Matthew N.

I have to say that in a decades worth of growing I have never seen a plant grow as strong and vigorously as this one. Seeds popped (5 of 5) almost overnight and within a few days had doubled anything else I had going. Super thick stalks, bushy and not too tall. Very nice Nirvana!!! Would like to also give Nirvana 5 stars for their excellent customer service and world class stealth shipping! 2nd to none!!! No reason to look elsewhere!!!!

recommended by
Diego Armando Q.


recommended by
Paul D.

Grew 2 Chrystal and 2 Snow White at the same time, hydro grow/cfl. Plants grew quick and beautiful, good choice for a first grow. Plants are hardy and forgiving on temp and humidity. had problems with high temps and humidity in veg and Crystal still grew perfect. had 3 weeks veg due to grow space. In flower one stayed small the other grew bigger, perferct for LST and FIM. Tons of bud sites, very little smell during flowering. Nice sized colas, finished in 9 weeks of flowering 30% amber, tons of trics. After 2 weeks of cure, great smoke and taste was sweet. I would grow again for sure. Good choice for any level of grower.

recommended by
Keith M.

As always my order came to the U.S. in less than 2 weeks, stealthy packaged and unharmed. I ordered Chrystal (my wife has severe arthritis pain and have heard good reviews about pain relieving properties of this strain) can't wait to start them. Thank you Nirvana, we love you guys!!!

recommended by
Lee H.

I just wanted to say two weeks and like always right on time NIRVANA you Rock.... You blessed me with a bunch a Freebeeze too! Just a wondering what kinda nuggets these puppies r gonna b cranking out. I grow outdoors so I'll let you know how their growing in the spring Peace!

recommended by
hurk b.

i recieved my crystal along with a few other fem strains i order all germed all well awaiting for that 12 12 cycle cant wait til these gurls are done..hoping itz as great as the specs make it sound.happy growing nirvana family

recommended by
Charles P.

SWIM has grown this strain for a few seasons now and it will forever be in the garden unless a sudden change occurs. Chrystal is a cross of White widow and Northern lights and lives up to its parents hype big time. It is a fast grower, very vigorous and nutrient hungry. Responds well to topping and clones easily, outdoors harvested early October with no mold issues. Yielded on avg a 4 ounces a plant dry, grew to about 6-7 feet tall. Very nice fruity/skunky smelling bud with a fuel undertone. High sets in fast and continues to build, good for pain, both cerebral and a good body high. Grows like a hybrid, looks like a hybrid, the high is perfect 50/50 IMO its the perfect hybrid.

recommended by
steve s.

Just wanted to say I got my Ice and Chrystal in the mail today only to a week to get them I live in the US. I would love to hear from anyone telling me how much I will enjoy those 2. I am harvesting my Aurora this weekend and they look so good!! Can't wait to try it! Thanks again Nirvana for everything. I double click when I was placing my order so it showed up as I orderd twice and Nirvana fixed the problem so fast. Why would you want to order from anyplace but Nirvana! I still have not figured out how to use my points though!

recommended by
Franck b.

Germinated in 3 days, plants very strong, bud very résinous and lightning effect

recommended by
Katarzyna K.

just got the package,all seeds seems to look gut.nice and fast delivery. i must say that ingeniousness of this stealh package is quite nice.

recommended by
Marek T.

At first sorry for my english, I'm from Poland and big exuses for any poor gramma... The Chrystal was my first choice. I've smoked northon lights couple of times of friend of mine and white widow.... hmmm let's see. Is there anybody on this planet that had a contact with cannabis and hadn't heard about white widow. I'm sure there's not. It's a classic one =] Peace for all of You

recommended by
Darren N.

Awsome mix!!! My patient's never get enough of this blend. Works very well for chonic pain!

recommended by
John R.

Five out of five germed and produced nice bud.

recommended by
Patrick c.

Stealth delivery,to the U.S. Mich.. Grew indoors lots of very high quality, sticky chrystal red hair buds.Each plant produced about 2-4 ounces, once Pruned and grew out like a small pine tree. Even though it took a little longer to grow than most types, I will always want this variety. Have grown many varieties since 1976. This is truly my favorite followed by Maui wowi, and columbian gold. Works great as a medicinal for my chronic back pain and pinched nerve.

Chrystal Feminized

  • White Widow / Northern Light back-cross.
  • Kerosene-like smell, quick high, outstanding yields.
  • First place winner of the Dutch Highlife Cup.

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