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John S.

Not that difficult to grow, other than having moderate difficulty getting cuttings to become viable. Survival rate of cuttings has only averaged about 50%, and maybe not quite that high. But it is definitely worth the effort. I have chronic insomnia - most likely from my job - and hadn't slept through a night for about 10 years until I started using this. Over the counter sleep aides have no effect. Prescription sleep aids do the job, but leave me in a fog until about midday the following day. Critical CBD has none of the side effects, and is so much more enjoyable.I give some to my sister in law, who uses it for pain management for her fibromyalgia, and to my niece in law, who also has chronic insomnia and frequent back pain. They both LOVE this strain.

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recommended by
Hans S.

Shipping is fast and discrete! This is my second grow ever, first indoors. Using my soil mix "hot", with worm castings. 2 seeds planted, both came up. Smell is fabulous, very sweet, lemon and pine, very soothing. Very low nutes, pot, nitro mainly for veg. Took may clones and have a mother to do so again. Topped first then LST, both plants are roughly 2 x 2 x 2 feet, they take up my entire tent (2 x 4). Flowering now, 7 weeks, absolutely beautiful! 26 clones taken,2 monsters taken all doing well. The other 24 clones go to go outside. Very easy grow, recommend to any newbies.

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Critical CBD Feminized

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