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recommended by
Dick C.

Full Moon is my favorite. Too bad its no longer available. I hope it comes back. Strong, trippy and full of hilarity Full Moon is the closet bud to Thais Stick since the 1970's. And I was there buying Thai Stick whenever I could for about $15 a stick. This plant grows well indoors and stealth but you better have a good carbon filter unless you're OK with copious odor. I love it but I can't let that sweet smell escape the growroom without consequences.If Nirvana gets this back in stock I'll be on it again, and agian, and again.

recommended by
Adam w.

i dont know why you dont have this one here i think this was the best of all you had i ordered this all the time and now you dont have it.

not my taste by
Mark H.

2nd FM grow(1st plant grown went hermie at 9weeks flower). Soaked in distilled water for 24hours then into 2"peat pot (peat and 10 gallon pots using FF-Ocean Forest full strength). Then into 10 gallon pot. 2- 600 watt MH/HPS lights, 24hours for Veg 5 weeks, then 12/12 flower x13 weeks. All water was ph'd,and gave FF-Soil Trio at half strength once per week and molasses once a month. HAD to do sulphur burn for leaf spots (happened in both grows). Requires at least twice daily inspection and trim/prune for leaf issues. SMELL is SWEET /earthy, VERY sticky, refreshing REALLY UPLIFTING HIGH. GOT 3 1/2oz, great flower. VERY time consuming, yield is moderate,and she is the MOST NEEDY GIRL I have ever seen . SO....if you have time, patience and commitment it is rewarded. Quality is awesome but effort is very high

recommended by
John m.


recommended by
Gary s.

veged 2 plants 2 months to trim plants into manifold. fed only organics. flowered 13 weeks.yeild 4.5oz per plant.

not my taste by
Christian R.

very nice_flower finished around week 10. Sweet spicy flavour_very and trippy high.

recommended by
Scott A.

These are the best sativas I have grown indoors during the mild 2015 winter in Nor Cali USA. Very easy to get going and my mature plants are about 3.5 ft. tall after 3.5 week seed/sprout/veg cycle. Was expecting them to be taller so perhaps another week or so on veg. next time around. But I like their compact height. Very strong plants with thick center stalk/ side shoots and no staking needed so far. I'm about 8 weeks into flowering and plant #1 is showing signs of maturity as pistils are browning and sun leaves changing color. Huge central cola that is at least 3 inches in diameter that exploded in the past few weeks. Good frosting as well and medium fruity odor. Plant #2 is a little different - slightly smaller, no signs of maturity other than a few brown pistils, and much more frosting - even on the cola sun leaves. I think plant #2 is THE one that will get close to full 12 weeks flowering and the legendary stone perhaps. If the high is as good as described then I will definitely grow again. I was worried about yield with the compact height but expect well over 2 oz. on plant 1 and about 2 oz. on plant 2 so far. I am very satisfied with growing Full Moon and Nirvana service. Will order again!

recommended by
tarek k.

it survived in situations, other plants would die.

recommended by
Wayne B.

I wanted a strong Sativa. So I had to check out What kinda Sativas Nirvana had.. Full Moon was the choice and it is bad as it says it is.. My uncle tried to gank some good buds off of my Full Moon, he tried it and he end up giving it back.. Blow his mind.... I recommend this Sativas....

recommended by
Rick N.

Grew two plants in a closet under CFL's and both did very well. One was done in 9 weeks, the other in 13. Very easy to grow and really did not have any issues. Just used Dyne Grow nutes for both veg and flower in soil pots with Miracle Grow potting soil (yeah I know it is supposed to be bad but has worked for me on all my grows) Only thing I can say that is bad is the smell is very strong near the end of flowering. I mean really strong! The high was great! One of my wife's friends had some and now is begging me to grow more. Very up, visual, trippy high. I was worried about it at first since I am new to smoking, but it was great!

recommended by
Richard B.

This is my second grow of four plants. The first batch of indicia was somewhat of a disappointment. This grow went much better with the full moon feminized. The seeds all sprouted well and maintained their great health and hardiness throughout the grow. I'm using T5 hid fluorescents to & sides to make for very full plants. Buds are thick and sticky and the effects are what I most desire in a smoke. a Just purchased more of the same seeds from Nirvana. Nirvana delivers what's promised in a timely manner

recommended by
Mark M.

Well I ordered some of the full moon and started them inside on 03/19/2013 out of the 10 seeds I germinated six came up and all of them were females. I'm very pleased with the results. As of today 05/25/2013 my plants are in 15 gallon pots and out side. I've been bending them down which has resulted in 4' high bushes, bending them has taken at least two to three feet of height keeping them under control as they do get BIG !!! No signs of buds but more and more growth each day. Their beautiful plants and are extremely healthy. Looks like a November harvest. Looking forward to seeing the results. Very pleased so far with this strain and the other strains I've gotten from Nirvana.

recommended by
James H.

Amazing... Theses girls are huge! The buds are so big they are starting to bend the branches to the point that I'm about ready to support them.

recommended by
Fran Z.

some of the best weed i've grown! i've had friends say that it was too strong. i enjoyed hearing that. thanks again, Nirvana.

recommended by
Dick C.

I bought a pack of Full Moon several months back but didn't get to germinate them until a couple of weeks ago. Well, I tucked all five into the propogator and holy smokes in 20 hours all five little sisters broke surface to meet the LED light of day. It's been two weeks since and the girls are robust and a good three or four inches tall. Their leaves are full and I anticipate some beautiful mothers. This was my first purchase from Nirvana and I am 100% happy with both their service, delivery time and quality product. I've just purchased the weekend whopper and can't wait to start those babies on their way. Five stars plus the rest of the cosmos to Nirvana. DA

not my taste by
Donald H.

I'm not a pro, so take with a bit of salt. I'm 1 for 3 in germinating the fem Full Moon, vs. 3-3 for the other three Nirvana varieties started at the same time. Started the first in moist seedling mix in a dome on a heat mat, air temp 75F. It sent out a root, then died in the shell. The second cracked and grew a few mm of root and also died. Did the third by paper towel method, then planting ~.7cm deep in moist potting soil. Score! The other varieties germed and grew fine straight out of the seedling mix, so perhaps one needs to be more caring with the Full Moon. Thriving now at 10 days, so now the long wait begins. Saving the other two seeds for later since my space is limited. [And by "not a pro" I mean I'm just starting my first grow since 1984. Grew a nice bunch of kids in the meantime tho. :) ]

recommended by
Marvin g.

sprouted 3 of the 5 seed saving the other 2 for later, it was so ease to clone i put the extra seeds in the refrigerator, smooth smoke, nice flavor, like the high my favorite.

recommended by
Johnny J.

I have been to a number of different seed banks online and Nirvana is by far the BEST place to go to. I've had a few minor problems in the past and when I brought these problems to Nirvana they went beyond what they needed to do to fix my problems. I will use ONLY NIRVANA for any future purchases I make. Thank-you so much for being such an excellent seed shop. You have my business for LIFE!!!

recommended by
tom a.

ordered week end special ( full moon feminized ) received the seeds in8 days in the midwest all of the seeds were fine. can't wait to pop them / hope the reviews were right; sounds awsome. thanks nirvana--- ill be ordering more-- ( indica i think ) i'll be back with the growas it progresses. thanks again tom

recommended by
James M.

I just finished harvesting a full moon grow. I had four big plants, started bud cycle at around two ft tall, ended up with four to five foot MONSTERS. Big, resinous buds, some the size of wine bottles. Indeed, they appeared to be ready at 10 weeks, but keeping an eye on the trichomes told me to wait. I'm really glad i did. The plant that was cut at 11.5 weeks was tasty, but the two at 12.5 weeks were better , and the last one at 14 long weeks... well that was the ONE! ( better than 8 ozs of spicy love). It is good now, after letting it cure for a few weeks, it should be fan-freakin-tastic!

recommended by
Dana s.


recommended by
Michael O.

With one FIM the plant became a beautiful bush just slightly over 23 inches. She is currently 30 days into flower and is absolutely loaded with buds. I am growing in Medi Doo 301 and tapwater. I thought we could put a picture up but I see no way of doing it.NIRVANA COMMENT: Please upload your pictures via Weedportal Share! Looking forward to seeing them.

recommended by
Kenneth F.

this stuff is fire. grows great outdoors. will buy again.

recommended by
anthony c.

Shipping was very discreet and i received delivery in very good time, all seeds have germinated and looking well, looking forward to sampling this strain, as sufferer of arthritis i am interested in its medical properties

recommended by
Kris P.

Ultra fast and stealthy shipping as always!!!! Seeds tend to be a bit fickle when germinating but all popped within 72 hours and grew fast and healthy. Veg'd for 6 weeks and flowered for 8 with the result being medium-dense buds with a wicked spicy smoke and a very strong aroma. EXCELLENT and uplifting high. Definitely a sativa! These are a must try!!!!!!!

recommended by
Nakoma T.

My husband and myself ordered the Full Moon. We had a great sense of concern as we are new to any and all medical marijuana related sites. It felt as we were rolling the dice if they would arrive or not. To our delight, approximately two or so weeks later they arrived. We are very much looking forward to the yield. Our best wishes to the Nirvana staff. We are most grateful for your product, support and help.

recommended by
Thomas M.

Ok, I grew this along with Black Jack, Ak-48 & Snow White as described in My other review. Harvested all plants at just over 8 weeks and Wow! I know this says flower for as long as 15 weeks but I can tell You that's totally not necessary. At only 8 weeks it is by far the best of the 4 strains and right up there with the best weed I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. Yield was 2-3 oz. per plant and the buds are tight and sweet. After its dried & cured it smells so dank its almost gross. Its a smell that's nearly impossible to describe. Totally exotic!! This is the kind of weed that will leave Your dirt weed smoking Friends crying for their Mothers. Totally trippy head buzz that melts into a relaxing body buzz after You come down a little. This weed is the shit but not for light weights or pussies so.... If You've got the Balls......... BUY IT!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

Full Moon Feminized

  • Tropical Sativa with a trippy visual high.
  • Sweet marijuana scent.
  • Unmistakably Thai spicy flavor.

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