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Positive 87% (8 reviews)
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recommended by
Eli C.

Great 5/5 germination. One even had a brutal start as a waterlogged runt due to my first-time incompetence, but it still rebounded heartily all the way to harvest. This has been a super easy grow even as a total novice. Its a hell of a long wait but it truly is rewarding to have so much time to get familiar with the plant while it develops its massive buds. I'm in my 8th week of flower and its already much much buddier than I imagined.

recommended by
Rex F.

very good strong seeds popped very fast.

not my taste by
Donald B.

After 11 weeks now she is putting out BIG TIME BABY . Only one made it out of 5 . This thing is growing like wildfire now after 3 1/2 weeks into Fruition . SHE WILL KICK ASS IN A MONTH AT LEAST MORE AS FAR AS YIELD GOES MY FRIENDS . HAD TO GET MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

recommended by
fabrizio d.

I had 5 haze and 5 eldorado under 300w led (..and 400w hps only for flw) and the yeld was amazing, 300gr just cause I had to stop at 12weeks when they really want 14-16 so imagine what they can do with the right flw time. Enjoy

recommended by
anthony c.

Hello I just wanted to say that I appreciate the fantastic service. Ordered Haze 1 on 02/08/2015. Arrived in my mailbox here on the west coast USA on 02/17/2015. Incredible! I will be doing an indoor hydroponic grow starting in April. Will post updates. Thank you.

recommended by
tarek k.

Great yield, Short & fat. nice smell while growing.

recommended by
Darrell S.

thats right 10. w.r. reg and 10. m.c. reg all pop!

Haze 1 Feminized

  • Stable mix of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican cannabis.
  • Fluffy buds with a long flowering period.
  • Intense rushing high.
  • Exceptionally suitable for medicinal applications.

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