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recommended by
James Y.

Got order very fast and discreet w.w s.s and m.k all started popped pretty quick.all about 2 weeks old looking very healthy.could not ask for more.send my thanks to the nirvana TEAM!!

recommended by
Chris A.

Great mix of seeds! I got my package very fast, i believe within 2 weeks. The AK48 is amazing very fast growing even when topped. Flowered really quick like 7 weeks total. The master kush and super skunk were some of my favorites. Wonder woman tho!!! Wow she is a producer. She gave me the most and was the biggest of all my plants. 2 thumbs up!!

recommended by
Brandon G.

I recieved all my seeds fast..within 2 weeks..all arrived in good shape..when they say stealth they mean it..nirvana has my business for life..much respect nirvana..

recommended by
Joseph W.

Ordered on April 2nd and received April 21st in Pa, Usa. Envelope was plain with no reference to what was inside. The stealth packaging was very ingenious!! I plan on keeping the ****** the seeds were hidden in! Keeping my fingers crossed during the growing process.

recommended by
Valerie C.

LMAO! Talk about stealth shipping! Threw my order in the kitchen drawer as I had no idea why I received this package. Next day, broke it down and found my order. You guys are amazing. Thanks for the years of wonderful product and service. Will update from the grow room soon.

recommended by
Alan R.

The packaging for this offering is amazing to say the least. I'm sure the gang at Nirvana had a great chuckle over the 2 emails sent in regard to the beans location. I eat crow well done when required. Perfect round, took the cornucopia to 9 weeks of prom after a 5 week youth. 100% success!

recommended by
Stephen M.

waiting on these babies to get here everyone does the gemr kit and germing them before plant but i always put them right into the potting soil and that usually does the trick ...

recommended by
Behnam p.

You are the BEST...

recommended by
phillip s.

Got freebies in about 12 days hybrid gem mix came in following day. All 4 beans popped seemed like over night! SS shot up like a weed by day 2 but had cold issues at night and we're very moist had them in Rw cubes in a jiffy dome up in my attic hot and humid by day cold and damp at night.. AK and WW didn't make it waited like 6 days after germ and dug em up tap root was same size and popped like zits.. got a heat pad and revived MK popped up outta cube week after germ. As I conclude SS and MK survived my neglectfullness also let SS cube get bone dry while at work and thought it was done for.. put some low strength 200ppm sensi grow and voodoo juice in em and instant root growth very hardy plants! Thank you Nirvana Shop will be buying again just put in an order for Aurora will keep yall posted. Peace

recommended by
Hany E.

very fast and stealthy delivery, smart packing. Took only 12 days to arrive in East Asia Still preparing my setup - will update the review once i start to grow

recommended by
Neale T.

Ok for you just starting to grow this is what I've found out. This is a great starter kit. Wonder woman and ak 48 are impressively easy to grow. Super skunk not so much very fussy. All 4 seeds germination was quick and easy. 48 and wo wo are huge with all the mistakes I've made. Will be getting over 1.5 lb each maybe more. Thanks Nirvana you rock.

recommended by
Wayne B.

nice 4pk... need more variety of 4pks.. the Super Skunk, Wonder Woman & AK-48 sprouted quick.(gave M.Kush away). For me, nirvana seeds are awesome... The SS grows like a sativa. AK-48 had same vigor, Wonder Woman had an indica stature.. had to harvest early but fair bud texture.. Keep up the good work Nirvana team..... so many strains, so little time......

recommended by
Brian S.

Nirvana sure stepped up their game with the shipping this time. Slick!! I stil have a few girls in flower before i can start this next batch, but if the seeds are as good as other orders Ive made Im sure I wont be disappointed.

recommended by
Leah F.

Just ordered this pack on the 18 of jan got it the 1st of feb, happy cant wait will update discreet packaging that was awesome.

recommended by
James H.

This is my first time ordering seeds online. From the reviews I read, and the people over at, who recommends Nirvana very highly. I decided to order this Hybrid Fem. mix. The seeds were shipped on the 5th of January, and were delivered to my home in Washington state 14 days later. I have not tried to sprout any yet because my tent is already occupied. I will update my review once I sprout some seeds. Great job Nirvana!!! Well played indeed!!

not my taste by
M O.

Started with AK48 and am surprised at how fast and furious it's growing, even under 3 cfl's in a small closet!

recommended by
Alan R.

I have been anxious for the assortment to arrive. My highway box finally relocated. The first piece of mail delivered was this variety of fabulous hybrids. Wrangling my way into the treasure with considerable efforts only to find.... Your gonna have to order this Primo pack for your own self to see how facinating Nirvana truly is....APEX!

recommended by
Ben G.

They have what I wanted for a fair price. Shipped FAST, thanks Nirvana!

not my taste by
bruno a.


not my taste by
Jay c.

the seeds have arrived,all the way to nz,you are the man.

recommended by
Jack R.

This has got to be the best opportunity to get started growing. I was wishing I could do this w/o spending $120. Here it is. Hope they keep this going for a long time.

Hybrid feminized mix

This Indica / Sativa mix pack contains the following 4 seeds:

  1. AK48: strongest early-finishing
  2. Master Kush: Hindu Kush crossed with Skunk hybrid
  3. Super Skunk: Skunk #1 crossed with Skunk Special.
  4. Wonder Woman: enormous yielder

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