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recommended by
Robert G.

This is oner of my favorites. Great high, easy to grow. This is another one you can flower early, to keep the plant smaller, if you have limited growing room. Very easy to grow. People were amazed by this one. "One hit!" and "That shit is the bomb!" This one is right up at the top of my list. I grow small, and determine when it's ready by sampling a small bud. Nice aroma, but not hard to grow stealth. One hit, and you're high. Two hits, and you're in dreamland. Three hits is a spiritual experience. I harvest before it's fully ripened, and the high is awesome. Even the leaves got frosty.

recommended by
Robert R.

Two seeds tried and both germinated in about 3 days in my t-5 set up.

recommended by
Jay M.

A true Favorite. The plants are healthy, grow easily and love Soil and Advanced Nutrients. The taste is very smooth and wow on the second hit it starts to come on strong. Very nice clear headed high that is good for daytime and nighttime. If I only had one choice it would be ICE for sure. I need it medically also and it takes care of Nerve Pain with 30 seconds to 2 minutes gone for the whole day. Arthritis inflammation is also mitigated. This is a very medical qualified strain that is also recreationally fun. 2 0Z per plant.

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recommended by
Jonathan r.

i just sent a review on jock horror loved the ice . just wanted to add in the vegetative stage i do use a metal halide light

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recommended by
Jason f.

another banga!! heavy heavy stuff good for gettin nothing done but sometimes thats what the doctor ordered. good yeilds

recommended by
Thomas C.

Absolutely love this strain. Produces very potent beautiful tight buds. Easy to clone, grow and trim. Needs lots of food and good ventilation to prevent mold. I highly recommend this strain. I've been dealing with Nirvana for many years and they've always come through for me. They even sent me a free second order when one of my orders didn't arrive. Praises to Nirvana!

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recommended by
jeremy s.

Long dense buds so covered in crystals that it looks white when cured. I pulled 12 oz off one indoors under 600watt hps. Smells like kerosene awesome smoke.

recommended by
Matthew V.

Really really liked this tasty bud with fairly strong yet mellow high. Will get this again in the future but want to try others first.. Grow in northern climate and plants did not get big, but what was harvested was well worth it.

recommended by
Alan R.

If you get this variety past 2 weeks of age, it's all gravy. She threw an angle hair thin stem 5 inches high in the blink of an eye. A real pain to get trained after birth, best have plenty of bamboo skewers at the start. Patience paid! Three of five made it to the end of an eight week youth. Clones took easily, pleasant experience compared to the germination. 10 gallon fab bags and super soil big 3, 1 gallon fab bags and super soil for clones.

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recommended by
Stephen M. M.

Great plant. Excellent smoke. Flowers in 8 weeks.

recommended by
Mark H.

Had mutiple strains in the room and another went Hermie, so I pulled her at 7 weeks flower. Germ in distilled water 24h then into peat pot then 10 gallon pot with FF-OCEAN Forest full strength. Used Nirvana Soil and Flower Tabs along with FF-Soil Trio. EVEN pulling her early, she is better than anything in the local shops. FUel/sweet smell. Great seeds

recommended by
Dana b.

IVE had great luck with all Nirvanas strains and ive grown alot of them, but ICE is hand down one of they best ive grown , indoors i grow 2 and these are clone of a clone, in 12 gallon pots with coco and perlite with psycho nuts, i have 1 1000 hps and co2 and climate control of 78" and my yield after dry cures is 14 oz of prime A bud,Outdoor, here were it gets interesting, i live were it gets to 110 in june and July,start outdoors in the begening ofjune in 30 gal half wine barrells with coco perlite and psycho nut with 2 totally diff plant 1 phenotrype was about 5 tall and 8 foot wide and when fiinished had buds the size of my fist and weighed 35 grans dried and yeilded 3 and1/2 pounds 1750 grams and the other phenotrype was 10ft tail and 9 wide and was more of a airy bud but very pungent and stoneyand she yeilded 2 1/2 pound and am harvest 4 more that i planted in late August and just now harvesting those girls and im guessing at least 3 pounds wow what a year.

recommended by
Ryan J.

This strain is very compact, and strong! Very strong stems and branching, grows pretty low and it was very easy to keep it short and bushy with lst. It also seems to be very forgiving, and is now COVERED in resin, just like the description said it would be. Very great strain for indoors and beginners! I'm about to harvest but I can already tell I've got very good bud coming. My close ups look better than the top shelf available in many dispensaries!Very good genetics!! Will not be disappointed!! :) Thanks to everyone at Nirvana!P.S. Stored these seeds in a dry cool space for 18 months and ALL seeds germinated! :)

recommended by
David H.

Ice is one of my favorites has a great taste grows big buds and grows under 4 feet tall indoors. Perfect in my grow room. Thanks again Nirvana

recommended by
Dominic W.

Awesome, I received my order and my freebies. Can't wait to get them going using the yield kit items.

recommended by
Jonny T.

Ordered 20 female seeds of different stains ,out of the 20 seeds only 8 germinated and it was all 5 Ice that germinated can't wait to see the results of her

recommended by
Gal b.

great seeds. great strain! thanx nirvana shop!

recommended by
Clarence a.

my first order liked them but wonder woman and aruora indica has done me the best

recommended by
Allen G.

People at Nirvana are Awesome! I got 10 only started 3 all popped with in 33 hrs. Felt longer because I could not take my eye off the Magic. I live in PA and my package came in 10. Nirvana kept in touch with me the whole time. Big ups there. I want to try all there plants. Google says there they are the best. All good reviews. Really just Google them. Anyway. I'm getting more soon.Peace

recommended by
Chad f.

First time ordering got a little worried if I was going to get my seeds got them took 16 days to get to North East u.s will order again

recommended by
Anonymous M.

Ice was my first hydro grow in a stealth grow box in an eb& flow system. Its extremely hardy and clones very well, almost in spite of you. I grew it under cfl as I was a novice, first timer and thought that since they did so well vegging under cfl the same would go for flowering. Ten years later now I still remember the dense dark red nugs that fell into the category of 2 hitter quitter. I will be running the fem version soon in dwc and I'm excited about it. Amazingly potent and easy to trim with good yields suitable for commercial purposes. It has a powerful stench though, use a carbon filter.

not my taste by
Paul k.

Well i popped ice strain and 12/12 from start dwc under 220 led and this plant is now two weeks into budding also near SIX feet tall! I had to get a 8 foot tent! It started out very indaca with wide huge leaves and bushy... Also had internodes at every inch when four feet tall! Then she started budding... Now the leaves have changed to sativa style and the stretch is nearly two feet! Lower side branches almost as tall as main stem. If this thing fills out properly it will be a monster! O had no idea this plant that claims medium height would out grow me at six 2! Buds that are forming are like rocks and i hope they fill out!

recommended by
Scott a.

Started June.9of10 reg.germed.6of9fem.Now 7-8 ft tall early flower. second harvest in harvest July w/bubbleisious & Jock horror auto/fem. 9often germed. Excellent potent harvest.

recommended by
Alan R.

I topped my triplets last night at 3 weeks, 7 nodes each. Going low, spreadout and anchored under my 6 lamp T-5 HO.

not my taste by
Jeannette N.

Out of 5 seeds, only 4 plants. Each one harvested out approx 128 gms. Started seeds in Feb, harvested Oct. Grown in soil in a hoop house. So far, the smoke is decent - very sticky, smooth flavor & taste. Nice stone - not a mind-blotter. Looking forward to making medicinals for topical & ingested use. A slight fuel-aroma. If medicinal quality is high - I'll upgrade the review to 4 stars. *NOTE: the freebie seeds were a total bust -- all male. If we hadn't been on top of it, we'd have lost our entire crop to seed. Just sayin'.

not my taste by
seth d.

Very heavy smoke. Everyone else loved it. Easy to grow.

not my taste by
Joe B.

Seeds cracked open Aug 20 plants r 3ft tall full of big buds smelling great started 12/12 Oct 4th under 6hmhl should b dun Nov 29

recommended by
Sammy S.

I've ordered around 6 strains from Nirvana & have never had an issue with delivery. This was my greatest concern before doing business with them. So far so good, Nirvana has been great with their discreet packaging.Ice is one of the most amazing strains I've come across. Very nice mix of body & head effects. I highly recommend it.

not my taste by
Rick M.

My Ice was ready at 7 1/2 weeks with trichomes at 50/50 amber/ milky

recommended by
scott g.

I have never ordered seeds before in my life and it took a lot to finally do it. I couldnt be more pleased, Nirvana kept me updated on every single step and I ended up receiving the seeds a full week before the minimum time expected. Only thing i wish was that the freebies were labeled by strain. 5 Stars!

recommended by
yippee d.

I had 5 plants outdoors which gave me more than 300 grams. I am very happy :-)

recommended by
lesley l.

Just got my seeds in bama almost 2 weeks super happy ready aet grow

recommended by
Carlos H.

This is my first grow and order, so far, and wow, super fast shipping, and very discrete. Literally 6 days.

recommended by
Fred D.

the most successfull for cloning.

recommended by
Eric B.

I just harvested and dried my 5 plants. They have been growing outside in my garden. In total I had little over 300 grams, that is 60 grams per plant. great smoke! very satisfied with my ICE!!

recommended by
David H.

medicinally- helps relieve my migraines

recommended by
Daniel N.

I was gonna wait until after I harvest but way too excited.Had a rough start,I first started one plant and it grew to about 6" and died.I never saw anything like it.Then I tried two more,these two girls are beautiful at the beginning of week seven flower the colas are weighing down the have to be gentle with these at the beginning then they just take off.Using fox farm trio in soil.

recommended by
james l.

4 out of 5 had its tap root attacked by some critter,but I took care of it and kept fimming and topping it ,now it is a bush of a mother plant for clones.two of the plants buds are purple and one is whitish yellow with orange buds.must be different phenotype.nevertheless...awsome

recommended by
Albert W.

I'll be honest here. It was very easy as far as I'm concerned. Before I started this grow I study up on how to do it for about a month. You need the right light as far as I'm concerned. I used a 600 watt dual ballistic light along with a popular bubbleponics system using crappy nutrients to boot. Total time from beginning to end 93 days. I germinated 3 seeds and all were Females. I got 812 grams of crystal covered buds after drying and curing. There were fluffy buds that really had no special taste. I pluck them when the crystals were 50/50. Real cool head high that came out of no where. When I ran into a problem all that studying I did came in real handy. Still can't believe I grew primo smoke in my friggin closet. Just put feminized Northern light seeds in germination plate. I have a feeling with the first grow under my belt and all I learned I'm in for a better grow than the first. I'll never really have to pay for it ever again. Thanks To the whole Nirvana Team as well I couldn't have done this without your great $eeds

recommended by
Randall H.

Three of the five seeds germinated quickly. One later died. I will add comments if they mature.Service and shipping by Nirvana were superior.

recommended by
Vernon p.

Great flower! Complicated but great! Used Moon Dust as a fert base and Nirvana Bloom for a booster (starting in week 2 of flower) in a DWC setup with 400 watts of HPS love. I grew 2 and one matured faster than the other. Backed-off of the booster at about week 8 and then the nutes a week or two later. Gave them both a full 14 day flush because they were heavy feeders. Watch your buds! Time tables mean nothing with this strain! Experienced growers recommended! You need to be able to eyeball when its beginning to get ready to harvest so that you can back-off the nutes and start your flush. One flowered for 10 weeks before a two week flush and one flowered for almost 11 weeks before she seemed ready to flush for harvest. Using a microscope is very useful so that samples can be taken from the flowering tops in late flowering to judge the progress of the trichs so that the flush and harvest can be more accurately predicted. I've been curing for 3 weeks and Ice was well wroth the wait! Great job Nirvana!

recommended by
Joseph S.

Smell - Sweet with a grapefruit peel note. It is supposed to have a fuel smell but I don’t smell fuel. Taste – My wife says it taste "good". Like all smoke to me... it taste like smoke.Type of Buzz - (medium) I took only one hit. It seemed to hit almost right away in the head. I felt a slow numbing feeling in my face. It settled around my temples. After few minutes later I could feel some tingling in my legs. I had a slight lack of time/space feeling while moving. I caught myself kind of zoning for a few seconds. I would say it had less of a body buzz compared to the Snow White I grew. Length of Buzz - A good 2 hours of the medium buzz. I was starting to water my plants and at like 2 hours 15 minutes the buzz was pretty much gone.Overall - I rarely smoke so a seasoned smoker may not get the results I do. My wife likes the ICE. She says it feels a little stronger to her than the Snow White. She may be referring to the head high. I would say it was a pretty balanced head/body with a slight edge to the head high.Easy grow, Clones well. Nice dense nuggets with some fox-tailing!

not my taste by
Ron E.

this plant was going with Master Kush,that one was no problem growing.This Ice was turning yellow and in needs a good flush now and then,or it starts to freeze up(nute block out) The other strain has no issues,this one I will not by again.Never had his type problem happening over and over.

recommended by
Matt H.

Would not recommend for beginners. Can be a tough one to handle, expecially late in flowering...

recommended by
Brain B.

Ice's seeds get a good resistance to "bad" (there are always a limit) condition of germination where other strain are all down. Better for beginners (compared to AK48 - White Castle - Snow White - Kush ...).

recommended by
Bob H.

Nirvana, you guys have hit this one outta the park. All around very happy. Better than average yield and great buzz. Lottsa stick buds

recommended by
Eugene D.

Right from the get go I was more than pleased with the cultivation of my feminized Ice seeds. All seeds germinated with using Nirvana.s gernimation system (it's certainly worth the little extra it costs.) And all my Ice plants turned out to be female upon sexing. Upon germination and transplantation into their initial growing cup, the young Ice plants grew beyond my greatest expectation. Previously I had only grown using bag seeds and never experienced any real decent plants let alone enough of a crop to share with my friends. These new Ice plants shocked me by growing two sets of side branches by the time they were only four inches tall. These plants where the hardiest looking and growing of any previously grown plants by me. They continue to grow and fill out in short time and I transplanted them outside at about six inches in height The Ice plants grew very well all season with no problems. Towards the end of the growing season here in norther New York I did encounter some problems with mold on some of the buds. But it was an extremely wet fall here and I also encountered the same problem with the Master Kush and Wonder Women plants as well. So I really don't attribute that problem with the genetics of the plants. I was amazed with the aboundant, large thick buds and the amount of total harvest. Anyone buying the feminized Ice seeds will certainly not be disappointed them. I would buy them again, but only after i've tried all of Nirvana's outside capable seeds.

recommended by
floyd f.

12/12 from seed. 16 plants in 2 gal hydro all seeds poped over night. used jungle juice 3' to 3.5' tall large buds smoke in 12 weeks ( long lasting high and stone) by the way 20 oz total. last me a long time.

recommended by
Robert S.

I never weighed it but I dont grow to weigh, The taste and buzz is just what I need. It is great for my neck and head pain(cut spinal cord) and also adds the trippy high. First time with this strain and I like it. Great Job Nirvana!

recommended by
James s.

its been 5 wks everything is lovely thanks nirvana your rep is rightfully world class. the but in my title is because i planted 1 ice seed and at 5 wks it showing pistils and i havent changed the light cycle yet. Didnt know it would autoflower i wanted to let it veg longer but i guess i have to put it in the flowering room. hope the other 4 dont do this. ill update after harvest.

recommended by
S G.

Man I love this strain. Cures well, strong tolerable plant, incredible airy buds that plump up fat and cover the whole branch.

recommended by
John R.

100% germ rate...24 hour soak then on moist paper towel in a warm enviroment. Soil grow makes every thing so easy.

recommended by
Michael D.

600 hps light. Hydro with Ionic nutes. 67 degrees air temp. 11 weeks flower. heavy, hard, frosted buds. nice yielder. strong high. Will use it again.

recommended by
John d.

Jay Deezs Herbs at google,yahoo,bing search for lansing michigan,U.S.A.

recommended by
Randall S.

If you like a really good smoke combined with a pretty decent buzz, Ice is where it's at. I grow other strains from other breeder companies and they are great, but it seems like I always come back to Ice as the weed I like to smoke everyday.

recommended by
Carrie W.

Received my 5 fem seeds very fast, and in super awesome stealth packaging. Thanks Nirvana! I decided to only start two girls, as I am a noob grower. Germed them with a couple moist paper towels in a ziplock, 48 hours later both had cracked and are showing nice little root tips. They are going into a DWC as soon as I see good root system development. So far so good, will update as they grow.

recommended by
Jason C.

I received my replacement seeds in record time! All 5 popped, one took a few days longer and is lagging behind a bit but should certainly turn out just fine. 4 are a week into flowering now and they already smell unbelieveable! The stalks are MASSIVE compared to any other plants I have grown in the past. Can't wait to see & experience them once they finish. I'm also awaiting the arrival of some Maui seeds I bought last week on the Whopper deal! Keep up the great strains and customer service Nirvana! A+ so far!

recommended by
Joel P.

Just wanted to say thank you to Nirvana . I ordered the Raspberry Cough / Ice Weekend Whopper on 3/6/11 it was processed and shipped 0n 3/11/11 . Went to check my mail today 3/14/11 and there it was . I am located in central Florida . All i can say is that you all are incredible at what you do . Thank you again ........ I will be back !!!

recommended by
Wallace L.

I received my seeds one week after Nirvana shipped. Very discreet packaging. Nirvana has very good customer service. I shopped around before choosing Nirvana and I have to say that you get quality seeds for a good price and fast. I'm really looking forward to tasting this ICE strain. I have heard so many good reviews about it. I will update when the little beauties finish.

recommended by
Charlotte p.

thank you so much for having the best seeds on the planet i just started to germinate them today they will pop up by tomorrow i bet i will keep you up to date on them thanks again for being so fast ..

recommended by
Allen n.

I bought 5 feminized ice seeds along with some other stains... All 5 came up!!!...I started them out indoors till they was about a foot tall then put the outside in mid april.... its mid may now and there about 3 ft and looking great seems to be a good strain for outdoors.... will post more progress once they get into flowering!!!! Will recommend nirvana to anyone looking for killer stains at great prices!!! Keep up the great wok nirvava!!!!

recommended by
Nakoma T.

It is always a gift to share something positive. I purchased five of the ICE seeds and just started the germination process within the last. I also purchased the Ultimate Grow Kit as this is my first time out growing from seeds as I wanted to increase my odds of success. Within the first 24 hours one of the seedlings popped her little head up. Now, all five are up to greet me. In the next day or so they will be going into the ground. I have been waiting for Spring, which has already begun. This has been a wonderful surprise, 5 out of 5, my expectations have been surpassed.

recommended by
Thierry h.

Commandé l'année dernière...le résultat a été génial!!!!

recommended by
Nicolas V.

I bought 5 of this strain back in December 2009, stored them till October 2010 before to put them into germination. 4 on 5 sprouded out... today I am at less than 2 weeks before harvest, those strains have grown wonderfully with very few cares. This is my first comment, but I already tried White Window, AK48, PPP, Super Skunk and this Ice, all of those strains gave me no grow difficulty. Grats Nirvana!!!! Wonderful products! Top Quality that last in time!

recommended by
Dan b.

i bought this strain just over a year ago , shipping was great as usual. I picked out one nice very bushy mother she has produced very well for me , the smoke is a little more harsh then some of the other strains i`ve grown but everyone loves the long heavy stone it produces , only problem is i`ve gained 10 extra pounds from the munchies i get from it :) keep up good work nirvana !!! this strain is sensitive to feeding so do not try to overfeed this variety ...ty...

recommended by
Brian S.

Fat trichome laden buds! super sticky and crazy. All germinated overnight. Great seeds, shipping and customer service.

recommended by
Fran Z.

good yield and good high. i grow hydroponic and nirvana has always come through with the best strains and best seeds and the service is top notch.

Ice Feminized

  • Spectacular, trichome-loaded cannabis hybrid.
  • Grows on soil or hydro.
  • Heavy stone, fuel-like aroma.
  • Winner of the Cannabis Cup.

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