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recommended by
Chris R.

This strain was a definite surprise. Once it took off it went wild crazy. Huge thick flowers. The stretch was enormous and the lower nugs were abundant. The flavor was like none other I have tried before. Three out of five popped and what did was very good. Nice yield also for not letting it go a full ten weeks. Nice mellow buzz for a sativa dom. Downside was couch lock and you might eat the refrigerator.

recommended by
Dean t.

I did not get the purple colored buds shown but I will say WOW. Big thick fat buds, smell is fruity, almost bubble gummy to me, and the taste is light and sweet as well. I only grew 3 plants this grow and got a whopping 448 grams a little over 16 oz. Grow time was 4 months 4 days from start to harvest. using LED lighting.

recommended by
james b.

Grew in a 4 x 4 tent with 700 LED from Mars. Excellent yield with 1 yielding over 4ozs. 2 1/2 to 3 was the average. More of a couch like high. Cloning takes some time. Can't go wrong with this especially if you have trouble sleeping:)

Strain Effects:
recommended by
Andrew G.

Very good

recommended by
Jay P.

Had soil issue, will review next time. Dampning off horrible. Nothing to do with nirvana.

recommended by
Mike L.

I ordered back on 12/29/2015 and got my seeds in 8 days. Considering that we were coming out of the Xmas season, but still in the holidays, I was really impressed with the quick delivery to the Midwest. The package was cleverly stealth, which made me feel great about the security of ordering in the future. Additionally, Nirvana is really stealthy about how the purchase shows up if using a CC. As to the seeds, I'm a green novice having never done anything more than water a few plants for my mom when I was a kid so I'm writing these details to help and encourage others like me. I did a lot of research and there is a ton of information and misinformation because each grower does things differently and some places just want to sell people stuff. Ultimately, and the opinions from growers in the support section of Nirvana proved MOST helpful, but I still made a few mistakes. I am using iPower 600 watt MH and HPS bulbs in my grow room. I started with two Jock Horror and 4 of the mystery seeds. I planted two seeds in solo cups in Happy Frog soil (One Jock and one mystery), three in Jiffy pellets (all mystery seeds), and I tried the paper towel method for the second of my 5 Jock Horror. The paper towel method failed because the water dehydrated overnight even though it was pretty well saturated so I will never try that method again. Jock and the mystery in the solo cups sprouted in 5 to 7 days. The same happened with 1 in the Jiffy pellets, but the second seed was having a hard time growing, and the third never popped even when I later soaked it in water for 12 hours. I transplanted the three seedlings from the Jiffy pellets to solo cups after a week. When the four of them were large enough I planted Jock and one mystery seedling into two five gallon pots. I've kept the other two seedlings in 3 gallon pots. I did this as an experiment for plant growing based on pot size despite having a ceiling height of 8 feet in my grow room. The mystery seed that was having grow problems was aided by a little dowel to help him stand on his own. The four grew well enough, which is saying a lot considering that I made mistakes, by giving Dyna Grow nutrients too much with each watering, over watered a few times, kept the plants too far from the light so they got a little tall early on, and I gave them wind burn by pointing my large fan (On lowest setting) at them before realizing the error and circulating the fan. Additionally, the entire grow has taken place during winter with the average temperature outside during the vegetative being 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1.6 Celsius) so I kept the MH light on 24 hours. I've used a humidifier to keep humidity in the mid 40's and a small heater pointed away from the plants to keep the temp at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. After 7 weeks in the vegetative stage I flipped to flowering at 12/12. Unfortunately, two of my mystery seeds turned out to be male. The other mystery seed is a lanky one, but this likely due to my keeping him too far from light early on. Jock is bushy and doing well. I read a Jock Horror journal where it is written it'll begin to flower after two weeks in the flowering stage so I'm being vigilant as it'll be two weeks in six days. The one thing I didn't experiment with is low stress training, but I ultimately chose not to do so because I've already stressed my plants a bit as a novice. Besides, this is for personal use, but I will LST in the future. I gotta say that Nirvana did a great job from what my new guy eyes can tell just in that Jock is healthier and more resilient than the others, but even then one can see why the term "Weed" is applied to Marijuana because the mystery seeds are tough too. I intend to keep Jock in the flowering stage for 9 to 11 weeks as suggested, but I may harvest my remaining mystery plant a little early as I'm dry enough that I actually smoked the male mystery plants (I may as well smoke my hard work) of my crop, and got a mild buzz that turned paranoid because they're way too premature and male (I should have made butter). I have three Jock Horror left and I know that with spring and summer coming on combined with this learning experience I'll do much better in the future. Actually, I'm so confident that I ordered Bubblelicious Autoflower fem and got them after just 13 days. Next I wanna get Full Moon or Eldorado. Thank you very much Nirvana team for the great service and helpful info on your site including the contributors offering advice. You can order from a lot of other sites, but Nirvana is the best in my book.

recommended by
Mark H.

I got 5 beans via stealth delivery. All 5 popped and grew to flower. Used FF Ocean Forest and Nirvana's soil tabs and flower tabs. Had the room under 2 - 450 HPS/MH (will double that next time) . Grew absolutely AMAZING pot. Went 8 weeks Veg and 8.5 weeks flower and got 520 grams from the 5 J.H. ladies. It's smell and taste are unique and sweet. The high is VERY strong and lasts. Will reorder for sure

recommended by
r B.

I am a newbie and grew 5 JH plants in an indoor tent using a homemade hydropinc setup under cfl lights. I was growing for my sister who had an aggressive cancer. Unfortunately, I started too late and she passed before before I was ready to harvest. I gave the bulk of the harvest to a friend who was caring for his cousin also fighting the fight. She had good relief from pain and anxiety. It made her ordeal a bit easier to tolerate so she could enjoy her family and friends. The folks at Nirvana are the best and were helpful and kind.

recommended by
Michael A.

I'll be planting these babies in about a month when current crop get closer to harvest time. Wish I could tell you how this strain is. I'll be back. Got my seed's within the three week time line...Thanx!

recommended by
M M.

Need some extra energy? This strain has got you covered. If you consume too much you'll loose focus, so be careful. The extra "boost" of energy is much better than a double shot of espresso. Grew outdoors from mid April to beginning of October. Average height was about 7'. I didn't weigh it, but i got my monies worth. I did use the germination kit that Nirvana sells, and had great success with all 5 beans popping!Keep up the good work Nirvana!

recommended by
Brian O.

grew 3 plants one produced 1.17oz of dried bud, one produced 2.05 oz the third is not finished yet. very strong uppity buzz great smoke if you want to get started early with your friends with out getting couch lock definitely a social high, for those who suffer from head aches or mild aces and pains seem to melt away. Make sure you use good soil and pay attention to the ph and seems to require lots of water during flowering

recommended by
Eugene H.

Soaked 5 seeds they all sprouted, going into the fox farm ocean soil. Txs!!!! Keep ya posted

recommended by
Chris B.

I recommend this to anybody who is considering a try. I will be reordering when I need seeds again.

recommended by
Andrew G.

the best yet worth every pennie great ratio of seeds that take keeping this in my box

recommended by
Alfred W.

These are replacement seeds, I screwed up now 1 at a time while learning. One plant fills the tent anyway . Im using LED and Hydro, just went into flower. Niverna gave me a new guy a break and kept me going. Thats a GREAT company I'll be buying more , this is a great hobby and my first plant will be worth the money the equipment cost

recommended by
pablo a.

good strain decent yeild i grew sog style fox farm soil 1 gallon bags and fox farm nutes 1 week veg from rooted clone 600 watt light for flower and 40 watt flrourcent for veg very with my purchase. but doesnt take to well to medium stress will hermie so try and keep her happy and stress free and she will keep you happy

recommended by
Alex W.

Awesome smell and smoke these best I've come across yet with nirvana. Will be buying again! Used super blue last week of flower and trichs were insane.

recommended by
Jody S.

this out does my past snow white grows!!Very happy with this thick solid flowers

recommended by
Eric B.

I grew 2 plants outdoors. They gave me 60 grams in total. Beautifull high! I can recommend this strain to everyone who likes to grow outdoors.

recommended by
Johnny J.

planted three and three sprouted nicely. Fast stealthy service. A pleasure to do business with.

recommended by
R. W.

16 weeks total, Bloom was 9 weeks. 3 gallon fabric pot with soil, Nutrients were Vita-Grow 3part dry mix.Vegged under LEDs, bloomed under LEDs & HPS. See the pics here:

recommended by
Jeannine C.

All Females (As promised) 2 of the 5 may be odd balls, one is extremely short an the other odd ball is very tall and has many branches as opposed to the 3 that are looking magnificent. Should be a good yield... Easy to take care of...2 1/2 more weeks and the girls will be cut down. Received the seeds quick, no troubles. Thank you Nirvana and to all the new growers out there, this is an easy strain to grow... just takes a little more patience than some others...

recommended by
hurk b.

me and a budy of mine gram 5 beans of the jock and 5 of another strain i wont name. needless to say she waas my gurlfriend and the other strain was my misteress.finished with over a half lbs of this sticky icky taste and buzz iz sumthing amazing ..thinkn we may have to date again

recommended by
Denzil V.

sweat thaks i got my seeds in 2 and a half weeks going to plant them now i also harvest my ak48 but only got 5 out o12 but its smels lovely

recommended by
Ossi K.

I have.. a idea that this review comes at two parts. This is part one. The vegetative pace was really easy. It was not requiring much, regular feeding was enough. Now it`s been 12/12h. about week and something are happening. I know that this flowering perioid is going to bee long. But it`s really worth of that waiting. This chapter (chapter one) is going to get some details and ..something. More content.. maybe some photos. I have to go home and do this part ready. (This is my "homies" pc.)

recommended by
Nicholas K.

What a great weekend whopper this was! Ordered them and received the package 4 days from the shipping date!! Soaked them for 25 hours after a good filing, and then tossed them in starting soil. Haven't seen any tap roots yet, but its still early. I have complete confidence in Nirvana.

recommended by
Thomas M.

4 weeks in to flowering and these babies are beautiful!! One of them is the biggest bush I have ever grown with tops everywhere. Light on odor but a very pleasant smell when you give it a touch. Massive amounts of trychomes even out on to the fan leaves. So far so good. :)

recommended by
Bradley M.

Of course I recieved my JH beans safe and fast ! Again ! I stuck 2 in wet paper towel dark and warm place last evening and OMG the 2 has popped/cracked! I know it was only maybe 14 hours but I've got 14 different beans looking to make me very happy ! Just like Nirvana plants does as I watch and love to grow...Then the Great High you enjoy when you finish your product. The work you put in to it is all worth it and MORE!! I'm looking for that special plant! So I've got a few in grow!Thanks Nirvana !

recommended by
Steve S.

My wife and i both loved this strain. Nice smooth smoke, good up high that makes you want to go do something. Good producer too. I grow in a small cabinet, and with CFL lighting I managed to pull almost 1oz off a single plant. This is a must have strain for my next grow!

recommended by
Franck b.

Germinated in 3 days, plants very strong, bud very résinous and lightning effect

recommended by
Sanddra c.

I ordered Jock Horror Auto Flower received in 7 day's. Started right away all three came up in 2 days. In the end they were 4+ft tall, strong beautiful plants !! FULL of crystals and awesome smoke. In the end, dried ended up with over 2oz's. ALL under T 4 fluorescent bulbs. And my first grow.!! Unbeliveable i know but true. Nirvana is the ONLY place to buy from. Thank you for your awesome seeds.

recommended by
Kris P.

Nirvana Rocks! Always a pleasure! Germ'd with a paper towel and all popped within 24 hours. Used soil medium. Fast growers!!! Veg'd with 18/6 light schedule for 7 weeks to get them nice and tall using FF Nutes--BB and GB and Liquid Seaweed. Flowered for 9 week with 400 HSP using again FF Nutes--Tiger and Beastie Bloomz and Liquid Seaweed. At week 6 they really started to smell sweet and fruity. Very, very strong smell in the last 3 weeks!!!! Resin kicked in around week 5/6 and is now covering the tops like frosting. Plants doubled in size during flowering peaking at 5 feet tall at harvest!!!! WONDERFUL SMOKE!!!!! Sweet tasting with a nice sativa zip to it. Will be growing these ladies again very soon. Thanks again Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!!

recommended by
Robert c.

5 for 5 grows great tight buds good high A++++++!!

Jock Horror Feminized

  • Hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze.
  • Incredibly resinous.
  • Unique fresh flavor.
  • Strong, uppy high.

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