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recommended by
Calaen K.

Zero germination on these seeds. With the grow kits / starter kits and plenty of others seeds at 80% germination. Asking for replacement seeds so it will be telling if they respond positively. Lemon OG Haze Autoflower just didn’t germinate.

recommended by
Richard c.

This is the strain to bring out with the good china for special guests. Very smooth smoking and the taste is indescribable with a complex variety of notes. Not a high yield strain but boy oh boy is it worth growing. Top shelf bud and the buzz is a power house, this stays in my personal stash.

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recommended by
Lise S.

While I really like the end results of growing this as the high is great, very clear headed stone. .. the size is the issue. All I have grown and many I know that have grown the auto report a plant usually no taller than 18 inches and many smaller. The buds are heavy and loaded with trichomes. I will still grow it again, but just know you should not depend on it for heavy yields .

Strain Flavor:
recommended by
Brian u.

this was a great flavor...friends thought I kept lemon peel in the jar...wish I would have gotten two packs!

recommended by
scott A R.

I got my seeds back in Oct 2017, popped 3 of 5 in Nov. and put in 5 gal pots, fed with r/o water cal/mag Floranova Grow/bloom in coco. I did have some problems near end of Dec, we got hit with a very bad cold spell and I was forced to run my lights 24/0 for rest of the grow to keep heat in tent cause I do not trust and heaters. This being only my 2nd grow we ended up getting 324grams from the 3 plants. Till next grow

recommended by
Dart T.

I grew this strain with my LED 360Watt grow light by Zenmizu. I topped and LST her and she responded well. It surprised with fast easy grow with fast finish 2 months and 25 days from the seed to harvest. I used worm casting for both veg and flow and they paid me back for high yield and potent sticky buds. After i harvested her I hung it for 6 days and then put them in the mason jar. I tried it after the hung up side down process it end and did not get me high enough, so i left them in the jar for a month and it gave me all the product descriptions. Overall I'm truly happy with this strain. Fast shipping and discreet, and they all sprouted. For beginners I recommend this one as she is really easy grow and high yield. Thanks again Nirvana!!!

recommended by
Matthew N.

Very skunky smell, great flavor and taste. About 9 weeks start to finish. Very dense golfball sized flowers.

recommended by
Minei K.

Love it!! Easy, quick, high yield. The smoke was relaxing yet uppy. Smooth taste, citrus smell. 90 days from seed to harvest. Myself and friends love it. It is a very good strain to make butter and oils with. Seeds popped in the plate paper towel method in 18 hrs after a 12 hr soak in water. As with Autos, you must top, fim or train quickly to get a higher yield. Love Lemon OG.

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Lack of Appetite
Muscle Spasms
recommended by
Edmund M.

Very nice strain. All 10 beans popped.I have been able to grow this strain t0 100cm tall. It requires the 18-20 hour light cycle through out to get great returns! This and bluebery kush are my fav 2 autos!!! Full 90 day flowering, but worth it! Nirvana u RocK!!!!

recommended by
Lisa P.

Wow this girl knows how to strut her stuff. She loves to stretch out her branches and leaves to hog the space and light. She knows how to bring on the frosties too. More indica with this one. Love her.

recommended by
Daniel W.

Wow! I was greatly surprised by this autoflower variety. I grew one seed along with 3 seeds of other feminized varieties, but not autoflowering. It was a very vigorous grower, keeping up with the most robust non autoflower plants (Auroa Indica and Blackberry). I was the biggest producer in the grow. Smoke is potent and mellow but I didn't detect "lemon". The second time I grew this, I started with the remaining 4 seeds. One didn't finish germination and one germinated but then failed to flourish and was removed. The two plant that remained collectively produced the most bud out of this closet with the combo of LED and fluorescent lights--241 g (8.5 oz). It starts flowering about 2-2.5 weeks after germinating, grows fast, and is definitely one I will grow often. I can't wait to grow it outdoors (where I live that is legal)..

recommended by
Wayne F.

Quality strain even worth the long flower time for an auto.

recommended by
Minei K.

This was my first attempt at Auto Flower grow. Lemon OG Haze is awesome. Germinated and harvested in 70 days. Outdoor in 90°heat with high humidity. No problem what so ever. Yielded almost 4 ounces from 3 plants. Great head, body and appetite stone. Sweet, dense buds. If you want to increase yield, top early. It was so easy and fast I had a hard time wondering why I waited so long to do autos. I am now a strictly auto grower. ☺ Hope I have the same results in a Hawaii winter grow.

recommended by
Pat S.

Nirvana is great at getting high quality seeds to me (no more then 3 weeks to westcoast every time so far, they get 5 stars on delivery.) These seeds poped 4 out of 5, I take the blame. I killed one more then planted in open greenhouse outdoors. three dif. feno types. Two were indica dominant and small 30 gram or so on one with disel undertons and on with kerase pine (white cyrstaly) very small 20 gm after about 9 weeks. the last one sativa dominant very wonderful fuity smell tase with that familair haze undertons nice!! looking to be about 60 gm 10 weeks min on this one, but all harvested in right 90days from seed!l

recommended by
Dale H.

I live in mid-atlantic, USA. Seeds arrived in ten days. Germinated 4 of 4, but one turned out not to be auto-flowering. Grew the 3 for a little longer and ended up with 7 Oz's of superb herb! Monitored Ph when watering, used FF soil, used 18/6 LED lighting, flushed with distilled Ph'ed water for two weeks before harvest, dried for three days temp @ 23*C, humidity 40%, and cured in quart jars for another 4 weeks. Real good stuff. Hats off to Nirvana - you guys ROCK!

recommended by
Ryan R.

Expedient shipping. 4 out of 4 popped within a few days. I'm growing under 400w hps in coco/perlite. LST has worked great so far as we are now showing many colas on each plant in week 6 of flower. Low odor, heat tolerant. I will let all my fellow growers know about my yield after harvest! Happy growing! Raspberry Cough and Super Skunk are next! I love Nirvana! Jim rocks, too!

recommended by
Lawrence h.

Great new strain grew in soil under 600 watt hps im on my second round of these im glad they changed the flower time cuz these need 12 week min from seed and 14 or 15 if u want some amber the ones i spred out on a net got close to 3zips not a tru scrog more of lst scrog but they love it dry i only used tiger bloom and bud candy 1/4 dose i was hopeing for 4 or 5 per plant this round but not gunna happen they look same as last round and please if ur gunna take the time to leave a review dont write i got my beans they were great we need to share details about how they grew smelled what works best cuz i haven't gotten a real lemon scent from mine more of a haze pine cone smell only seen two phenos both tall but one with lot of side branches

recommended by
Mike R.

7 days to my door love it will be buying more asap

recommended by
Jon D.

First ever grow, these plants are super durable. Very heat tolerant. Good potency, great flavor, food muscle relaxing properties.

not my taste by
Florian S.

10-12 23W CFL Bulbs, about 1q² for three plants, turned to Bloom after 3 weeks, nice grow, had some minor nutrient defficiencies but that didn't stress the plant to much, Shipping was perfect, germinating success rate too. What me bothered was the taste... less fruity or lemony but... maybe cheesy, earthy and overall artificial. Sounds strange but I wasn't perfectly satisfied, not as when I smoked a good Lemon Haze last time...

recommended by
L.E. M.

My first auto and my first indoor from start to finish. Have to say that I was impressed. First my set-up was crappy with very low wattage. I still harvested some real good smoke and around 1.5 oz. I have one outdoors now that went thru a hail storm and got wrecked but has come back fast and now has 3 main colas full of bud sites. I believe I will have a bigger yield better quality outdoors. Will order again.

recommended by
Michael B.

Grew Lemon OG Haze for the first time and this is one fine smoke. very pleasant social buzz. very giggly high with a gentle crash. you just kind of fade away after a couple hours. highly recommend this strain and highly recommend NIRVAVA you will not be disapointed

recommended by
David H.

Nice social high and indeed Lemon aroma, i tried going organic this time and didnt get the results i wanted but this one has potential! Got bigger then the other autoflowers, and very appreciated high amongst friends =)

recommended by
Robert I.

Hay you guys rock!I love how fast i got my beans!i just got done with some og kush auto's thay turned out awsom! S i just picked up some auto's of lemon og haze auto's i was going to drop only 3 but i love growing, so i poped all 5 ,3 days, and this is what came uop 3 buties!, growing supar nice! I got 2 that arent looking right, i wanted to chack with you guys there at sweet nervana!s, and see if you guys would hook me up with 2 more lemon og haze auto's to replaces with the 2 that are growing deformed! im not sure why there doing that? same water same nutes, Any i'm totally satisfide to date! thanks guys at nirvana! you guys are the B E S T !!!thank you! keep up the great work that you guys do! i'll update as soon as thay grow! cant waite

recommended by
Wes B.

Seeds arrived in a few weeks (Nirvana is awesome), they looked great and everything I have ordered is super but these seeds were stolen so I never got to grow the time I was ordering all of their new auto flowering plants....great company. I always grow in 3 gallon Hempy buckets with coco/perlite 50/50 using the Lucas 6/9 with a splash of CA Mg if needed. Always outside in summer, they always produce good quality and prices are great.

recommended by
Brian u.

Just ordered....can't wait!!!...the anticipations killing me!!!

recommended by
Charles W.

I received my 5 seeds in less than two weeks, germinated in the Nirvana Proagator Pro and all 5 seeds popped. I transplanted into my coco/perlite mix in four days from germinating. These girls grew fast and flowered in week four. I used the GH Flora Series nutrients, cal mag, hydroguard and budswell during flowering. The buds were rock hard and glistening with trichomes. I harvested these girls on week 12 from seed. I did lose one plant the first week of seedling phase, but still yielded 6.5 ounces of dry buds with the other 4 plants. I will grow this strain again. The smoke is nice and gives you a "want to do something" type of buzz. I highly recommend this strain for a fast grow and smoke that will allow you to do something. Nirvana has created another auto strain that should please many growers. This plant is easy to grow and does not require large doses of nutrients to produce good results. Peace

not my taste by
Mark G.

Day 30 seeing lots of deficiencies in DWC.This plant seems to love cal-mag so give it from day one, even with tap water.Lots of time left. Will update after harvest. Hoping for 28/g each.

recommended by
Manos T.

excellent customer service.. very fast thx nirvana

recommended by
Teal H.

Awsome customor serviceThey continued to email me even though I had ordered to the wrong place. They gave me a discount on my next order from all the mess. I received my first mail from Nirvana around 3 weeks from my order date. Day 3 with the germinating and I have 2 in the medium already and 1 sprouted after the first light cycle change. Score nirvana. Thanks for the lemon OG. Thanks for the honesty

recommended by
Nick D.

Plant has been through hell and looking amazing, loved the snow white I had a few years back. Just got full moon and PPP in the mail today really quick with 2 holidays can't wait to try them out. Nirvana has always come thru

recommended by
Florin t.

My lemon og is 43 days old started flowering around day 25 smells just like lemons very satisfied thanks nirvana

not my taste by
Joe b.

Can't go wrong,all 3 are growing like crazy,an budding,day 80,nice fat,sticky buds can't wait to try them out!!

not my taste by
Gary s.

5 poped , california lightworks sunstorm 440/w uvb, fox farm ocean forrest soil, in 3 gallon smart pots, w/ general organics go box, 5x5 gorilla grow tent, 1200 ppm co2, 18-6 this is the shit!!!!!!

recommended by
Tad D.

Seeds look great, just started germinating. Only took 7 days to get here to the northeast, will definitely be a future customer

not my taste by
patrick n.

Omg, thank you so much. You have no idea how bad we needed this strain; a real game changer.

recommended by
Alvin C.

Wow .. Impressed with the stealth shipping and time.. 11 days to the deep south USA. Can't wait to plant n see them grow .. will def use Nirvana again... !

not my taste by
Kieren M.

OMG, this is a fantasic strain, took a little longer to flower but well worth it, amazing smoke and love the lemon hint, and a great yeild

recommended by
Jose M.

I just ordered this beautiful lemon OG haze I hope I get them soon I just received my order had got lost n all im going to say is nirvana customer service is the best u cant go wrong with nirvana 100% the best

Lemon OG Haze Autoflower

  • Female seeds
  • Strong Sativa Genes
  • 5th generation autoflowering
  • Lemon with a hint of Pine
  • Sweet High with bodystone owing

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