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recommended by
Alan B.

This plant creates some of the most juicy resin coated buds any other sativa could indeed be jealous of. It really smells like you just got done cleaning with lemon scented cleaner when you get a whiff of these delectable flowers. The first inhale of this smoke is truly satisfying fulfilling my crave for tasty flower. The high will leave you in a real head haze enough to enjoy what your doing and still focus on the task at hand.

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recommended by
Melvin J.

First grow and seed buying experience, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with stealth shipping relatively fast shipping and great genetics all seeds popped and 30 days in and the plants are looking super awesome can't wait to see results. Plants are bushy and stretching out as well.

recommended by
J B.

Ordered seed & Nirvana shipped them to me located in the Midwest U.S. in about four weeks. two seeds germinated this summer. I did DWC hydro set up. plants grew very well in veg stage but ran into issues with heat stress growing in the extreme heat of the summer indoors when it came to flowering. the two plants didn't do to well after that. two other seeds did not germinate. so I have one more seed to left. so i'll see how it goes.

recommended by
Michael S.

this plant more than lived up to my expectations! I grew one of these seeds in a 1 square meter grow tent sharing the space with an OG Kush plant and I got 8 oz. of super sticky glistening lemon dank-a-licious buds! This plant produces an alert yet powerful immediate head rush smacking you in the face with your first hit but with none of the unpleasant side effects I get from some sativas. No couch lock but it does leave you pleasantly relaxed as it wears off.

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recommended by
John A.

Arrived on 3/1/17, took 3 1/2 weeks. 3 days to germinate in a papertowel, water and dish. 4 of the 5 seeds did germinate. Then placed in 1" Rockwool cube. Today is 3/20/17 2 are short and stout and 2 are tall and thin. My girls are looking good.

not my taste by
Benjamin W.

Shipping was ok, arrived at the end of expected window. Great packaging. I was so excited to grow a plant form a major seed bank. 5 seeds started, two popped. I have grown plenty before and never had issues with germination until I got these seeds. With two sprouted seeds I proceeded to plant in starter soil and only one survived. 5 total seedlings in this current grow 4 from a local source and one survivor from my nirvana order. 4 locals doing great and last nirvana sprout is questionable. Maybe the other strains are better but pass on this one.

recommended by
Rick N.

This product was great. Grew 4 plants. 3 did really well and produced a decent amount. The 4th was a monster! Got tall and had huge buds on it and buds everywhere. I got right about an oz with no triaining on the plant. The smoke is smooth and gives me an uppy high. Used some to make edibles and they were awesome!

recommended by
timothy t.

i agree with arlan mine were all very heavy pleasant taste still harvesting

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recommended by
Arlan H.

This stuff is unreal. I grew 2 plants, and trippin on the harvest right now. First, this plant is not short (1.80, and the other over 2meters - thought it'd never stop). It was budding everywhere, never seen anything like it, one branch (after toppin) became so heavy it broke off - so I locked that shit down. 11wks flower. almost 130gr. 400GIB. This is a clean, sweet, crispy high, strictly a head game and a booster. Don't try to relax when it rolls up,just go with it - do something; go walking, dance, shag, write, clean, movement is what truly triggers this grass to dizzying heights. A mind-opener. Encore.

Lemon OG Haze Feminized

  • Genetics: Las Vegas Lemon Skunk x OG Kush (AKA Lemon OG) x Haze 1
  • Flowering: 10-12 weeks
  • Height: 100-140 cm
  • Yield: 550-650 gr/m2
  • Indica/Sativa: 30/70

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