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Sylvia H.

The cream of my crop. Again it got over 13 feet high and gave me over 10 pounds. Great producer and so sweet tasting. It relaxes me. I only grow outdoors in New Mexico. I never mess with them. I water and feed and nature does the rest. Nothing beats God's sunshine. I find growing pot very easy. If you can grow tomatoes you can grow pot.

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recommended by
J B.

What can I say.. I’m ready 2 tango with this Mango! This wz my 1st run with Mango Skunk & it damn sure won’t be my last. Nirvana delivered on time as always. 2 out 5 seeds germinated 4 me successfully. Fresh out the gate she vegged wonderfully. Good strong stalks & big leaves. I topped her about 4 times. Nirvanas description is right. She did gain a great deal of height during flowering. She stretched out a lil bit further than what I had expected but it wznt an issue 4 me. She towered at about 5ft. I grew her in a 3 gallons DWC. She took to nutes very well without any issues. I flowered her in between weeks. She had so much sugary trichomes. She wz amazing. The smell wz musty & strong but not 2 over powering. Yes she had her fruity aroma that captivated me on top of the Skunky smell. I dried her out for a week & been curing her 4 over 2 months now. The smell & buds are fantastic. She still stinks strong. I can smell her thru my cabinets doors inside of mason jars. I have my 2nd seed in rotation now & just cloned that. They keep coming back for more. I haven’t really smoked it yet. The times that I did smoke it’s has been good 2 me.

recommended by
Yolanda B.

I just ordered from Nirvana for the first time and can't wait for my seeds. I ordered 3 different strains so I'll for sure write a review when I smoke all three.

recommended by
Moshe A.

Championship friends, just no words to describe how special taste of mangos, you did something special, Nirvana Thank you !!!

recommended by
Anthony R.

I got my seeds in a week (UK)all 5 popped and going good just 2weeks left and the buds are big and a nice colour with loads of crystals and smells lush bit like a cheese going to get quite abit off just 1 plant can't wait to smoke it easy to grow all I uesed was micro feeds and cal-mag &(ph) I defo recommend nirvana and mango also micro is good for 1St timers nirvana got to give you 5 stars can't wait to get me next seeds on the go (black jack) :)

recommended by
Jay P.

Had soil issue, will review next time. Dampning off horrible. Nothing to do with nirvana.

recommended by
Steve r.

6 weeks into germmination and veg, she shows excellent vigor. Thick stalked,bushy, easy to train and prune. Will update after full cycle.

Mango Skunk Feminized

  • Genetics: Mango x Venus Flytrap (Skunk Special x (Jack Horror x Skunk#1))
  • Flowering: 9-11 weeks
  • Height: 80-110 cm
  • Yield: 450-550 gr/m2
  • Indica/Sativa: 60/40

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