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Master Kush regular - reviews

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Very Positive 100% (14 reviews)
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recommended by
Adam H.

My friends this is a very good strain, it yields very nice, smells good and stones the hell out of me.

recommended by
Joseph M.

First time nirvana customer and I couldn’t be happier! Seeds came 7 days after package was shipped and I’ve only had them germinating for not even 24 hours and most of them already popped. I am very satisfied and will be a loyal customer to only nirvana. Stealth was on point as well. Nirvana you guys rock and I will only be using you from now on.

recommended by
Kristian V.

I CANNNOT SAY ANYTHING BUT GOOD. Fast and very good stuff.

Strain Effects:
recommended by
David R.

Thanks Team I finally got my seeds and look forward to how they turn out....will let you know how it turns out...

recommended by
Robert H.

Ordered 10 regs here in Oregon and got them in 10 days, 8-10 germinated, got a couple females 5 weeks into flower right now and 5 more that I just planted this week, other than 2 feedings of cal-mag its an all organic soil grow and these plants couldnt be healthier, cant wait for the final product, the smell is much different then the sweet pungent smell that im used to, a VERY STRONG, very overpowering pine smell.

recommended by
Nick Z.

Ordered 5 feminized seeds. All 5 popped within 3 days and are beautiful plants with an amazing earthy smell. Will update with smoke report in a few months. Thanks Nirvana!

recommended by
David W.

9 out of 10 germinated and look great!

recommended by
dave s.

If your anywhere in the great U.S.A. go nirvana, go master kush

recommended by
dillan s.

i am a first time buyer. and i got my seeds today, under 2 weeks. will be cracking those seed tonight. and will be doing a lot more business with Nirvana.. love the stealth shipping

recommended by
William R.

I got two 10 pacs of these and planted 10. Nine germinated; six male, three female. The three females just went in the flower tent a few days ago and they are really popping.I hope my next 10 pac does better on the female/male ratio... But all the plants grew really well and were very easy to care for. I took two clones from each of the females a while back. They should be ready for the flower tent when their mothers come out. : )LOVE YOU NIRVANA!

recommended by
Johnny J.

I ordered Aurora Indica, Full Moon and Master Kush. The Aurora were very good, Full Moon was half good and the other half not good and Master Kush were terrible. I opened a ticket and Alice sent a link to me in case it was my error in germinating (which I highly doubt) and re-sent the Master Kush beans. Thank-you Nirvana for your excellent service. Many future orders with Nirvana will be made until I have every strain offered.

recommended by
Scott g.

Grew short and dense. The only thing better than the yield was the smoke! I definitely recommend this strain for everyone to try.

recommended by
Brian S.

3 weeks into flowering and my Master Kush's are looking nice. Nice strain.

Master Kush regular

  • Classic Skunk hybrid.
  • Medium height and density, big yielder.
  • Pleasant earthy aroma.

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