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Recommended by
Dee K.

Really enjoying this one. It's a very calming buzz.Has a sweet taste and not at all harsh. I have decided to name it Banana Valium as that is a more accurate description of the effect. The plant itself was very short but decent sized buds and very dense.

Recommended by
Tex B.

Harvested 9 weeks from led 12/12 switch. Nice tight buds. Earthy/Skunk/slight Banana smell after cured. The smoke starts with, a not up front/overall, banana flavor setting on back half of tongue. On exhale, Nicole moves to the back half of head/brain where she sets and sends waves of relief/relaxation over the body. Each wave smaller until there a still of relaxation/relief in body/mind. Not a total couchlock nor muchie inducing. Your experience may vary.

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Recommended by
Dennis B.

Wow! Grew in Happy Frog soil. Vegged 2 months under flourescent lights. Flowered for 8 weeks under 900W LED. Nice firm bud. Approximately 2 ounces from one plant. Now working on cloning the next one. Now for results. WOW. Great smoke. Don’t get any banana flavor but that’s ok. Smooth smoker green. Can’t wait till some is fully cured. Will update with cloning. First cutting in the cloner now.

Recommended by
La k.

Oh Yeah! Wonderful strain. Takes a little while to flower but at the end the flower is so fat and sweet. I did not grow this for yield this time, but I will next time. Very easy to work with plant. Takes extreme heat extreme under and over watering. Fast growing, strong stem, no too tall 3-4’ l purposely kept my plants small with pot too small. Went from 1gal to only 3gal container and many different room conditions. I like to get to know my new girls and yes yes yes I am going to grow again with tricks and yield should be 2-3z easy per plant. She went in and out of light room to hot hot sun and rain and wind. She did well. I am past the bug and mold problems because I take care before. All organic. Many years of growing and smoking. 50years plus smoker.30 years grower. So believe me please when I say Oh Yeah this is some sweet potent shit. Happy Grow!

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Recommended by
Tim G.

Received package in 9 days to Texas. About to soak and germinate. Will post progress.

Nicole x Banana OG

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