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recommended by
Ryan M.

I got a pack of these and a few others. These are amazing, fairly low odor but strong taste, effects, and overall quality. Very stable and most of the plants looked identical. I think there were 2 different phenos out of 10 seeds with the only variance between the two being branch structure. I've taken clone after clone for repeated cycles and can say im honestly impressed. The NL from nirvana will always be part of my growing lineup. I refuse to run a cycle without having at least a few of these just because I know what to expected and always exceed my expectations. A true winner. Love you guys at Nirvana! My only issue is that I have no more seeds left and can't afford any at this time due to medical bills.

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recommended by
William S.

Nirvana is awesome. Their customer service is 11/10!I cant wait until I germinate these beautiful looking seeds! I will be ordering from them again just from their customer service!Time to respond- 10/10 (Time difference included) Result- 12/10 (Can you ask for better?!) Reps professionalism- 11/10!Thanks Nirvana and AJ, keep up the great work.

recommended by
David C.

Awesome smoke. Bud to leaf was great. All seeds popped. They were regular and got one male. Wish I would have saved to pollen. For sure will grow it again.

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recommended by
Mesh A.

Good taste, easy to grow

recommended by
Gabriel B.

Very good strain, develops blue and copper colors with colder temperatures, awesome smell after cure, very low smell during grow. One of my favorite strains.

recommended by
Johnny c.

I ordered some of the regular northern lights while they were on sale and the got to cali in about a week which was cool, but i ended up getting fem seeds. still for the price and the speed of delivery i cant really complain. Im about to place another order, hopefully this time i get the regular ones.

recommended by

didnt grew vigrously,.slowly than alot of genetics,bud strong and healty plants.

recommended by
George B.

100% germination as always,4 out of 10 ladies,moved outdoors at 2' on July 4th- blend in great, beautiful harvest mid October. EXCLUSIVE-NIRVANA, next time I go fem

recommended by
Stephen M.

POP 5 in total of the ten but two fail because of runoff. Stealth Shipping was good

recommended by
Cheney D.

Received seeds in 14 days, very discretely shipped. Germed 5 seeds in water 30 hrs, 3 small tails. In soil 4 days now, 1 unsprouted, 1 just breaking soil, 2 with one set of serrated leaves, 1 with two sets of leaves (besides cotyledon). Hoping for fems, but have 5 more NL seeds and 10 freebies just in case. No complaints, will definitely order again.

recommended by
Bruce H.

They arrived just like they said they would. Very discreet packaging. I haven't started with these or the freebies that came with them as I already have some now that are just now in the flowering stage. But I can't wait to get either of these growing in the next growing season. Two thumbs up Nirvana!

recommended by
Richard B.

Thank you nirvana team. Arrived in good time. Very clever packaging. Look forward to germinating. I will be using nirvana seed bank again, and again, and again...

not my taste by
Lee m.

Middle of the road.

recommended by
Josh D.

10 for 10. High yielder under a 600 watt hps. A+ strain for sure.

recommended by
Chris m.

Fast delivery, 100% germination, growing very well. Very pleased customer.

recommended by
Stuart W.

Great service,stealth, website easy and simple to use, great price and excellent germ rates... Already placed another order...

recommended by
Sam Y.

Friendly service , stealth packaging. you are best.

recommended by
jake k.

Grew two of these no smell when growing fruity couchlock high. Great plant can't recommend enough

recommended by
Rolando G.

Quick service, stealth packaging. Thanks again!

recommended by
Darrell T.

Ordered northern lights, they arrived on time, packaged very nicely. Hoping they germinate, but so far I'm impressed. Nirvana this is my first time purchase ever, and it appears that you may have a lifelong customer. Very pleased with the shipment.

recommended by
Tim R.

Ordered Northern Lights regular seeds and ended up with 4 different pheno types. 2 of which are totally outstanding to say the least. The buds grow tight and covered with crystals. Don't hesitate to try this brand. Great flavor ,smell and great buzz. I have sense ordered several other brands. Thanks for the top genetics Nirvana. Customer for life

recommended by
Daniel B.

40 seeds $60 100% germination rate via paper towel stealth shipping was awesome too nirvana is unbeatable!!!

not my taste by
Algwen P.

I order Northern Lights about 7 days ago and they arrived... I am pleased to say the least... Right on Nirvana, I will order more.

recommended by
Corey W.

I sent a cash payment and in less then three weeks I received my seeds. And this is coming from what many consider the most isolated island on earth!!! I planted the seeds and had a 100 percent germination rate. I'm still new to growing, I've only had two successful grows thus far. And I placed this seeds in some of the worst soil ever. All seeds sprouted within' 5 days. And after a horrible transplant into some better soil they all managed to survive. I'm about to place them into flowering, and I cant wait too see the results. I've heard good and terrible reviews about nirvana, stuff about delivery time, poor germination, and customer service. And I can say from personal experience that I've had nothing but a great experience with nirvana and their seeds. I will definitely be a returning customer : )

recommended by
Stephan S.

I definitely recommend this classic strain!! But make sure to plant a lot of seeds to select the best ones. The price is very good for this. Thanks Nirvana

recommended by
Charles b.

Well, when i ordered these, I originaly lost the pack of seeds somewhere between my car and my bathroom. Found them a month later and 8/10 popped within 24 hours. They are coming along nicley and I cant wait to sex them. Im hoping they show sex within 5 weeks.Will definatly order these again.

recommended by
Troy H.

This was one if the first strains I have grown and it is still what I judge all new strains by. Extremely easy to grow and a low odor until the cure and it would stink up the house whenever I opened the jar. I did 12/12 from seed with these and still got an ounce per plant in about 70 days in 3L pots. I will buy some more again when I catch it in the weekend whopper, I am poor. heh

recommended by
Juan enrique S.

un amigo compro esta variedad y la probé, la verdad es una de las mas ricas que fume. El efecto es muy relajante

recommended by
Tony C.

Seeds arrived in good time. First 5 did not sprout, next 5 all sprouted, but 3 males and 1 hermie. Only one lonely lady left. Appearance not what I expected from other reviews. Long thin light green leaves rather than the wide dark green Indica type, pheno of the Sativa in her? Also longer flowering time than expected, another Sativa trait? Lot of branching and did LST so she really filled up the gorw space well. Thirteen weeks flowering and still not much amber. Samples have been heady rather than stoney. All large leaves are gone, but she is still growing and fox tailing (most likely my fault, not the strain). Will let her grow another week or two max. Need to get ready for next batch soon. I hope I have better luck with the Super Skunk and Papaya I recently ordered.

recommended by
Kalvis J.

This strain are very popular in Baltic states. And I like NL smoke. 1x I tryed to grow this plant, but my cat ate NL leaves!!! :D

recommended by
Brian S.

Nice yields of these. Produced avg. of 2.5 oz per plant! 100% germination, fast shipping and great seeds make nirvana a winner!

recommended by
Scott g.

got 8 females out of 10 seed planted. Grew in cold conditions (under 66F), in soil, but this amazing strain still yielded me with dense/sticky buds. Very piney smell during flower. Worked wonders for my sleep and anxiety.Even better results on the second grow.Thank you Nirvana for such a quality strain and smooth transaction!

recommended by
Lewis B.

I love this stuff....being a medical cannabus patient its one of the best for pain that I've grown. Easy to grow and has a long shelf life, kept under proper conditions. Thanks Nirvana!

Northern Light Regular

  • Lucrative indica strain.
  • High flower/leaf ratio, dense buds, lots of resin.
  • Neutral yet full-bodied taste.

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