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Jennifer B.

PERFECT solution for ALL nutrient needs (especially if you use both soil and flower tabs). These little tabs are a true "no-brainer" and create an awesome utopia where one needn't ever worry about mixing chemicals, or timing doses...and where one simply has to push a tab into the dirt and then just remember to water the plant like normal. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE (I get very full, fat buds, EVERY time). I had a situation recently that provided a unique opportunity for me to compare a grow using traditional chemical nutrients against an "easy" grow using these tabs. Typically, I have used these tabs since my very first grow because they are so super easy, and to be honest I am a bit lazy when it comes to gardening in general. Recently, I purchased 5 seeds of the same strain, but I only used 2 of that seed strain in my previous grow. The remaining 3 I used in my next growth batch. This time however, my tabs never arrived in the mail so I was forced to do a chemical grow (organic chemical nutrients). In this way I was able to easily compare the same crop from a "tab" grow against the same strain from my "chemical" grow in the very next crop. It is quite clear that the tas are not only easier, but they are truly the most effective. By distributing those chemicals regularly and evenly throughout the grow cycle, the buds from the tab grow are (quite significantly) larger, fluffier, stickier and most importantly, my yield was about a 15% MORE with the tabs.BY the way, NIRVANA has the absolute best Customer Service around!!! When I mentioned above that my tabs never arrived in the mail - Nirvana just sent them to me again. Perhaps this might be considered "normal" customer service in most situations....but in my situation, I had received the "free seeds" and this provided clear evidence that the order was shipped properly from Nirvana and that my lack of delivery was the fault of mail service and completely unrelated to Nirvana service. Additionally, I live in a country where the mail service is NOT regulated or even controlled by a central agency, so it is horribly unreliable, making me absolutely certain that the fault was NOT with Nirvana at all....but AJ (Nirvana customer service madman, lol) nearly insisted that they ship the tabs again without question. This is a true "exceeding expectations" scenario and deserves a rightfully proper THANK YOU. NIRVANA is like, well, it's like nirvana!!!!!!!

recommended by
Mary C.

This made my first time growing an incredibly easy experience along with the potent Whit Widow seeds I received. I easily grew the most potent and incredible plants with very little effort or stress. I LOVE benefiting from your green alchemy Thank You!!!

recommended by
Nick H.

Amazing product not at all for lazy people, it's for smart people who don't want to spend 100s to start their own super soil and buy ALL the ingredients, when u can start all your beneficial biology tailored to cannabis with no guess work. I hate that u look this up anywhere online and people just say oh it's just ferts 4 lazy people. To those people I say in my book u obviously are not experienced enough of a grower and are just passing judgment because of your ignorance . The best tasting, most potent cannabis comes from the "organic" microbiology in the soil, and this my friends is one of the best cheapest ways to inoculate your soil and give them the beneficial bacteria and fungi it so desperately craves

recommended by
John W.

I used flower tabs on my autoflower grow with bubblelicious. I read the review's and cut them into 1/4's and put them in 2" away and 2"down . Most plant got a wicked curl started , some took off just as some are trying to grow through it . I had these out doors and we had lots of rain for 10 days . I think they dissolved to fast with all that water and created this problem . I will see if my indoor grow will do better . A 1/3 are kicking ass ! Mixed result for me ,honestly I will use smaller amounts and add more Every2 weeks through flowering phase

recommended by
Kalvis J.

When I bought flowertabs, I growed canna wrong - my plant's died one after other. Then I think - this soiltab's, flowertabs is bullsh**. Nut when I finally found my mistake, my (last plant's) growed like a crazy with flowertabs! I use CFL but bud's was AWESOME!!!

recommended by
Chuck M.

I think thay work great!I would like to see a plastic plug that you stick in when you plant then pull it out when it's time for the flower tab! There hard to push in 2" with all the root once the plant has grown.

recommended by
Review r.

The danger is concerning auto... Used one half tab for the "ex blue mystic auto", and it works well... But on the other hand, burn one "ex bubblicious auto "at a friend's grow , resulting 50% of success for auto (could have break it in to 1/4 as advided, but hard to do it) BUT 100 % success for regular plant!! Easy as it seems: Flowering, put a tab, add water, watch it growing and enjoy the result! Perfect!! Same yeld for me compare to other nutrients you could use!... =) Thank you Nirvana to make it easy, and to access the best result of quality to every one !! Works also for outdoors as well !! I ve got a SUGGESTION for Nirvana: Could it be possible to create a flower tab already cut as a 1/4 to use with auto flo plants?? (OR is it finally not advised to use it at all, because it's in definitive not good for ruderalis? ) Peace !! Take it easy, but with Quality =)

recommended by
Simon W.

These are great! If you are busy (or lazy like me) you just pop one of these in your soil and you're good for nutes. No need to worry about overfert for normal plants. Autos I'd go 1/4 tab at start of flowering and add another 1/4 after 2 weeks.

recommended by
Juan enrique S.

i have used these in my plant for the last few grows ive done and they work super i dont have to worry about giving them nutes or any thing i also have been using the flowering tabs also with these

recommended by
David H.

3 weeks into veg(SoilTabs are fantastic),my babies(Auroura,White Castle) are ready to flower. My Question,If I start flowering @ 3 weeks,can I finish off the SoilTab, then insert the FlowerTab.Thank You HugoNIRVANA COMMENT: Use the Flowertabs when you start flowering - your plants need different nutrients for flowering.

recommended by
Rudolfs a.

This shi*t is amazing, its way 2 better than without, i was growing 4 widows, 2 with this amazing stuff, and 2 without, the difference is quite bigg... i mean realy big

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