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recommended by
Jennifer N.

After a few days out of no where they started growing in leaps and bounds very pleased with results. There will be a repeat purchase.

recommended by
Dejan D.

As a first time grower this is ideal for low maintenance. I bought ultimate grow kit. But i do have one problem though. I have bought blue mystic auto and put one soiltab on first day and after a month 1/2 of flowertab. My problem is that you have no instruction for autos and comments on peoples reviews goes from not recommended (soiltbab) to put 1/4 to go with flowertabs from day one. Please put instructions on the product page regarding autos so me and other people wouldn't be confused.

recommended by
Kalvis J.

I already wrote a review about flowertabs, but these tabs really working too! If You want a safe and easy fertiliser - this is what You need. Simple put tablet into soil and that's all! When going to flowering, put flowertab fiew cm under soil - that's all what You need to know about fertilising if You use soiltabs and flowertabs. :)

recommended by
Chuck M.

You can't beat these thay are so easy to use you put them in place when you plant and there is NO need to worry about anything just water!

recommended by
terry s.

i used the soil,and flower tabs this year... outdoor..and my plants(Master kush& Swiss cheese) are 4'-5' tall,and i would say they have 1/2lb of bud on each plant. still have 2-4weeks till harvest.i would say they worked for

recommended by
Joshua B.

These will, and do, burn, if you put the whole tab in with a young plant, but after burning for a bit, the plants recovered and thrived. I would say don't put a whole tab in at first, put in like 1/4 tab, then put in another 1/4 tab every couple weeks, or somethin like that.

recommended by
Mike H.

I ordered these about 10-12 months ago along with some blue mystic seeds, and I was surprised at how beautiful my plant actually looked(until it died, that is...), It was beautiful, it had new leaves every day, and out of the nodes it began growing more branches, and then more branches, and it really never stopped... But the plant eventually died a very quick but also excruciating death, leaving behind nothing but an unfinished grow journal on XXXX forum and a huge hindrance to myself from purchasing any more grow materials...Anyways, these worked absolutely great until then, so i gotta give Nirvana props.**gives Nirvana props**Thanks Nirvana, Haaaaaaze

recommended by
Johnny J.

I forgot that a number of months ago I ordered some Solitabs. I grew one plant with and one plant without the Solitab. The plant with the Solitab seemed to have grown faster and bushier that the plant without. If you're a newbie grower and are unsure of your growing capabilities then Solitabs are for you.

recommended by
Juan enrique S.

La verdad muy pocas veces tube problemas de nutricion en las plantas, con este producto nunca. No siempre es necesario pero si en tu pais no hay buenas tierras problablemente necesites estos nutrientes.

recommended by
Gary K.

product description says it lasts six weeks before it's completely dissolved. does that mean I have to veg for six weeks? if I veg for only lets say four weeks then add the flowertab, will that result in a nute overdose? if i bury a soiltab closer to the surface does that mean it will dissolve in less than six weeks?NIRVANA COMMENT: We'd advise flushing before you add the other tab. Burying closer to the surface alone won't make a difference. You could also cut a bit off of the soiltab and use it like that.

recommended by
Review r.

Want the efficient and easiest way for the Best Result!! As simple as this !! And nirvana tend to help us on this way...i slowly become a fan of this on-line shop!! A simple thanksps: no weekend whopper between 18/09 and 19/09?? =/

recommended by
Rudolfs a.

Im first time grower, so i dont know the difference... :) But it looks great, ill post another review after week, becouse, one of my aurora's is growing without this thing in soil... :) And i will be enable to see the difference :)

Soiltab Nutrients

  • Constant supply of nutrients.
  • For use during the first six weeks of growth.
  • 100% organic tablets.
  • 10 tablets

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