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Very Positive 92% (26 reviews)
24 growers recommend this
recommended by
marty l.

Another excellent plant. This plant will produce fat rock hard buds.

recommended by
Boby P.

Thanks for everything

recommended by
Andrew G.

1 of many great choices

not my taste by
James M.

I grew two different phenotypes one is very sativa dominant growing very tall with light bushy purple hue buds. The taste was very unique almost like a elder flower smoke was very good and smooth. The other pheno type also grew tall but with rock hard lime green hues crystal filled buds they had a more sour diesel taste. Great purchase both will remain in my garden do to the easy cloning.

recommended by
Brent L.

started 3 seeds 2 out3 germinated look like very healthy plants so far

recommended by
John A.

You will not go wrong, pinch until you have 8 colas, lollipop and watch it happen... I have a colas bigger then my forearm.. Excellent!!!

recommended by
Daniel W.

This is one of the most gorgeous, aromatic, and vigorous plants I've ever seen, and I'm not just talking about marijuana. If it was legal, I'd plant them all around my house just to look at and smell. The bud structure is crazy, almost random, with long thin calyxes covered in sticky trichomes. This is seriously the stickiest bud I'd had the misfortune of trying to finagle into a bowl. Although it was beautiful, and incredibly potent, The effects seemed to have the worst of both worlds. The term "greasy and narcotic high" perfectly describes the physical aspects of this strain, which takes heavy influence from northern lights. It also destroys your short-term memory, causing the smoker to forget where their ass is and limits attention span to about 10 seconds. A somewhat creative high, but one that causes debilitating laziness. If you like Northern Lights, being totally spaced out, and Diesel and lemon flavored bud, them you'll love NYPD, it just wasn't for me.

recommended by
Franklin O.

I just harvested this wonderful strain!! this was a amazing strain to grow. I WOULD RECOMMEND ALL GROWERS TO GROW THIS STRAIN

recommended by
Daniel T.

The first time I ordered it I got 5 seeds and the all came up and did very well then I cloned and did well. Then I got five more seeds and only two came up but they are doing well too I use 600 watts lights ands hydrofarm drip all I got to say about this one is if they come up u are in good shape and clone and hit them hard and to the max in hydro they can take it

recommended by
Jashawn L.

Love it

recommended by
kevin c.

this plant is awesome, easy to grow, full of trichrome early in the bloom, bloom time is short compare to another variety. the taste of this is so good , the flavor you smell is the same in your mouth when you smoke it, Strong effect one advice : this one smell really really hard than be sure it will make no problem in your neighborhood but it's the price to pay if you want high flavor variety since i try it, i keep it into my garden A must have !

recommended by
soheil m.

I have ordered 5 seeds and I received them after 2 weeks ,thanks for safe delivery.

recommended by
Jesuis I.

Absolutely beautiful & well-behaved plant, if you take care of her as you should all your crops. Grown in hydroponics (using Stealth Hydro "Bubbleponics" system w/Dual Spectrum CFLs) using Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice 3-part nutes (Micro, Grow & Bloom). Veg period: 8 weeks. Flower period: 15 weeks. Yes, you read correctly: FIFTEEN WEEKS until she was ready. Trained her halfway through veg to contain her by tying down branches. Multiple new node sites grew, as expected. Removed most of her large fan leaves at 4th weeks of flowering. Her reaction? She stretched out her beautiful arms and produced buds at every single site where the cut was made. I have put her back into veg post-harvest, 'cause she is one fantastic mamma I want to keep in my garden.... forever! Will take clones when she grows new, robust leaves, then clones from clones... till I retire in the sunset! Kudos to Nirvana for (1) speedy shipping to NY, USA, (2) stealth packaging (folks: KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT ABOUT PACKAGE DESCRIPTIONS. Do you REALLY want to give this awesome seed bank a reason to stop shipping to your country? Then SHUT IT!); and (3) freebie seeds. Oh, forgot to mention: this seed was 1 of 10 freebies. Yes, you read correctly: this F seed was FREE & included in an order I placed. NIRVANA: THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

recommended by
Evan S.

This plant did not seem to be for beginners. It was very tempermental for me throughout flowering. I was in Coco using Advanced nutrients so maybe somebody using different supplies may have a better time. Regardless, it turned out amazing!

recommended by
Vlad G.

Vegged for a month under 250 w MH, the plants grew tall branches, almost tripling when they entered flower. The yield was acceptable, and they finished at around 70-75 days. The plants grew great, and the extra surprise I got was that they turned a bit purplish! Both plants I grew turned a bit purple towards the end, even though the temps never dropped below 21 degrees C( even at night). This, together with the smell, made my NYPD nugs catch the eye of everyone I shared them with. Everyone was amazed by the colour and the pleasant smell. The high also did not let down at all, it's a clear high, that inspires, and made me and my girlfriend pause the TV alot just so we could talk or do some activies together. Walking around in nature and sharing an NYPD joint with someone will make for some great memories! The high that NYPD brings on is my favorite from NIRVANA seeds so far. It is clear headed, relaxing, and makes you look at life with a lot more joy and wonder than usual. Even though the yield is smaller than other strains, it is well worth it, since the nugs are better quality. Cheers.

not my taste by
Jeannine C.

Two are the only to make it of 5 that germinated. I have never had a problem with a Nirvana seed like this. Guess If it's good as everyone is saying then one shall be a mother.

recommended by
Courtney P.

I ordered 5 feminized New York Power Diesel.Excellent shipping time and method. I had 3 of 5 germinate within 24 hours. I I just moved them to flower. after vegging for 4 weeks.They're so pretty!!! The experience I have had has been excellent. The customer service ,support, and of product are A+. I look forward to my next order almost like Christmas.In fact I'd say better than Christmas . I haven't experienced this level of customer service anywhere. If Nirvana sold rocks I'd be first in line to purchase just for the level of service and support. My girls are in their first day of flower. They have to be the prettiest ladies I've ever seen! I look forward to my next order. I'm thinking of AK-48 . Any thoughts?

recommended by
M M.

I have been a faithful loyal customer going back more than 5 years. I have been cultivating for over 15 in all media. I ordered over 200 euros worth of seeds, all feminized and I was surprised when the average success rate for 8 feminised seed groups was only 3/5 came, even to germination! I don't know if it was a bad batch or what (the free seeds (thanks) were fine), but the feminized (those that survived) were/ are all stunted runts, even though I have them blasted by Mediterrean sunshine. I like Nirvana, but I would appreciate a little feedback/compensation for my loyalty. Keep up the great work!! NIRVANA COMMENT: If it's feedback/compensation you want, don't use the Review function, but try to resolve the matter with the Help Desk first. Alice'll be more than happy to help sort this out. Please log into your account and open a ticket under "Help Desk".

recommended by
Brian S.

Great producer of big buds! nice vigorous plants, very healthy. Strong lem0on odor coming off these babies, smells like lemon heads. Csnt wait to toke on these classsy buds. Thanks nirvana!

recommended by
Paul M.

This review is more about the customer service at Nirvana, more so than anything else. I've been a customer for a couple of months now, and am blown away by the professionalism. I thought this definition of the word hit the nail on the head when describing my experience with Nirvana....... Meticulous adherence to undeviating courtesy, honesty, and responsibility in one's dealings with customers and associates, plus a level of excellence that goes over and above the commercial considerations and legal requirements. Cheers to you and here's to many more years of my business. Thank you!!!

recommended by
Orlando A.

Took me awhile to finally decide on which strain to choose, but man I'm glad i tried NYPD. Plant took a little over 9 weeks of flowering. The Buds she produces are light green, drenched in crystals! and very very very stinky!! The smoke is smooth with a full flavor of lemony-pine and the high is heady and great for pain. Warning!! This is serious gear not meant for lightweights, but an A+ choice for the true diesel fans and medical patients alike.

recommended by
Charlotte p.

they came fast 14 days im going to sprout them in about 2weeks will let you know how it goes but i know they will be great thanks for having the best seeds on the planet...

recommended by
Nicholas K.

Order 5 of the Fem NYPD and also got 5 greenhouse train wreck from a friend (still in package) Germinated the in the same manner, planted in same soil. Results: 4/5 NYPD looking great, 2/5 Greenhouse still hanging in there. Nirvanas are grow lightning fast compared to the trainwreck as well. Good seeds, good service, im a customer....

recommended by
Iain M.

3 of 5 seeds germed, now ready to harvest, looks good, full sticky buds , great smell but not the quantity of bud I get from PPP.

recommended by
Ken v.

by far the best ive tried ....thick hashy yummy.... i haven't even got any seed here b4 n very glad i did .. nirvana is by far the best ive tried ....... quick took 7 days ..... stealthy undamaged n very very happy when the cracked last nite ...... thanx nirvana

recommended by
Fran Z.

germinated one seed and took 3 clones from the plant. great yield and great high. i've been dealing with nirvana for a couple years now and NEVER had any problems. you guys ROCK!

NY Power Diesel Feminized

  • F1 hybrid of Sativa Mexicana and Aurora Indica.
  • Shockingly powerful terpenoids.
  • Lemony flavor and diesel-like aroma.
  • Surprisingly tight bud structure.

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  • Highest quality. The best marijuana seeds you can get, straight from the source.
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