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Very Positive 91% (23 reviews)
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recommended by
Danny S.

First time with an autoflower. Took a while to get here (NW Arkansas), but 3 of 3 sprouted, screwed up on 2 of 'em, so just growing 1 at the moment. I was very surprised at how leafy it got. Will start trimming leaves a little earlier with the two seeds I have left. Didn't do any training, but should have. should be ready to harvest in about 3 weeks, so about 11 weeks, seed to harvest. Very happy with the outcome, and will try more autoflowers in the future.

recommended by
W Mark T.

Our 3rd order from Nirvana, fastest order yet! 14 days to N California, WOW!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that Nirvana shipping "MAGIC"!!

recommended by
Gary j.

this one was very easy to grow outdoors. short but, sturdy plant hard buds with a very strong high. liked this one so much, I am going to try the fem. version this summer. Everyone at nirvana ROCKS!!! So, Helpful with all my needs. THANKS again.

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recommended by
Charles J.

So far everything is going ok. 2 weeks

recommended by
Matthew N.

Best order ever from nirvana. Would order again. Great taste. Very dense.

recommended by
Travis W.

Fast discreet shipping.5 of 5 germed. Very early still but seedlings r vigorous. ..nirvana is all business..I'm impressed

recommended by
Frank M.

Sprouted the seed on Oct. 25th and moved outside when it was about 6 inches high.I live in Florida and we've had a warm winter so far.The plant has a nice sized cola and smells fruity. It has been an easy plant to grow and can't wait to smoke it! Just put down another seed and hope this one turns out the same! Highly recommend Nirvana!

recommended by
Glenn L.

Fantastic strain. Tastes great with a very active high. High yield at 2.5 - 5oz per plant. This has become a favorite.

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recommended by
Michael g.

Got seeds with in two weeks.very satisfied with nirvana once again! All 5 of the plants grew really well.every tree had the kush bud structure.the only thing is only two turned out closer to the Og kush lineage.the northern light really showed in the other three.cant complain though thanks nirvana!!!

recommended by
John K.

Great strain, Eazy to grow, got about 2 n a half oz's off each seed,Could be better for OG Kush...

recommended by
vaibhav b.

I loved it. Nice body buzz.

recommended by
jay t.

i've ordered OG kush Auto yesterday and m anxious to receive it :)

recommended by
Jonathan M.

Ordered seeds first week of April. Got seeds 2 weeks later. Soaked seed in water for 6-12 hrs until it sank to bottom of glass. Planted in Jiffy pot with Fox farm Ocean Forest soil. Seed sprouted in 5 days. Kept in window sill for one more week and then moved plant to 3x3 tent with 600w LED set initially for 24 hr cycle. Replanted into 3 gal pot by week 2. Plant started flowering by fourth week. Moved plant outside when temps were above 50 at night. Fed weekly with Fox farm nutes. Plant is currently 23 inches tall, has a nice fat, thick cola and nice buds on branches. Not as many leaves as other plants, but is producing a decent amount of flower. Resin glands are clear and milky. Trichomes are turning as well. Smell is like faint cat urine and pine trees. Looking forward to resubmitting a review after harvest and curing. Enjoying the Nirvana experience. Next seedlings (White Widow auto and Bubblelicious auto) are ready for 3 gal pots now. Looking forward to a summer filled with buds!

recommended by
David H.

Hard compact buds with lots of resin! Can take nutes well and the high was really stoney and relaxing! Very fast shipping! :)

recommended by
Kyle W.

Arrived quickly like always and produced nice firm buds, so many crystals. Def a must have :)

recommended by
Henry H.

I would recommend this for a first grow in 95 days or shorter I waited a little longer will have beautifully plants with plenty of resin I grew these with a 800 watt Mars hydro first time I'm ready for a different strain now learned so much from this one got about oz/ n 1/2 from each one.

recommended by
Robert I.

This was my first time with an auto, I bought five og Kush autos, and was very satisfied! Receved my beans real fast, Got all 5 in 3 gal, of foxfarm soil under 1000watt hps 18/6! First ten days, under t-5s for 24/0.After 70 days feeding just tigar bloom, I ended up with 2 that were og kush 2 that were ? not sure still the smoke was top shelf with a nice fruity flavor. and the last 1 i pulled early.I liked what i got and decided to buy some lemon haze autos, havent received them yet, just to soon yet. cant wait! Thank you Nirvana you guys rock in my book! I'm even refering a good friend to you guys! Thanks guys!

recommended by
bob J.

I was very satisfied with the entire experience!!!!! My first autos ,second time ordering from nirvana.fed them earth juice hi brix in 3 gal coco loco soil under 400w DIY cob was 24/7 for 70 days.i had to keep the lights on due to temps ranging from 50-65f.all my photo plants turned purple stemmed and sickly but theses autos "don't give a fuck"!I've never seen anything grow that fast!flowered out gorgeous shrubs of nugs. I got over an ounce off each one but it's hard to tell cause I kept clipping buds out of desperation.

recommended by
Kenneth M.

Just finished curing our first OG Kush Autoflower. We got 2.5 oz of dried medicine in 11 weeks from sprouting to harvest on one plant. Hubby tried it last night and like it and told me to keep growing it. What I grow is based on works for his disability (PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain). I actually had to hang weights on the branches to keep them from growing up into the lights.

recommended by
Charles W.

My seeds arrived from Nirvana in less than two weeks. I germinated all 5 seeds in the Nirvana Propagator Pro for 5 days. I transplanted these girls to my 3 gallon fabric pots containing coco/perlite mix. The plants started flowering during week 4, and grew very fast. One plant reached five foot tall with many bud sites. The buds were rock hard with plenty of trichomes you could see with your eyes that looked like frost on a pumpkin. All five plants made it to harvest with no problems. I harvested these plants 13 weeks from seed. I ended up with 7.5 ounces of dry weed, which smokes like a regular kush with that want to do something feeling. I grew these girls under a 1000 watt hps system, switching from MH to HPS in week four under an 18/6 light cycle the entire grow. I used GH Flora Series nutrients, cal mag, hydroguard and budswell for this grow. I am very pleased with this strain, and i plan on growing them again. Nirvana has come out with another winner in the autoflowering strains. Peace

not my taste by
Kieren M.

This is a fantastic plant growing solid golf ball flowers with the smoke being a little stronger than the northern light strain.

not my taste by
Clarinda W.

Just got the og kush let you know what it do

OG Kush autoflower

  • Female seeds
  • OG Kush x Northern Light Autoflower
  • Big Yielder for an Autoflowering strain
  • Nice balanced High
  • Sweet Lime with a hint of Diesel

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