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recommended by
Sami E.

Easy delivery, 4/4 seeds popped. Growing under 600 watt hps and 4x4 tent in soil. With four weeks veg they would easily fill up the tent. They streched 20 cm more than blue dream plants, so watch out for that. I would recommend holding out on bloom nutes until the second or third week of flowering. They tend to start yellowing the fan leafs..

recommended by
Thanh n.

Fast shipping. Great quality seeds. Good price. All seeds pop in 3 days.

recommended by
Trilly K.

An Absolute frost fest! I have 3 weeks left so i can't provide info on flavors. I can however, tell you about the smell. It's a deisel fuel but sweet aroma. It's the most frosty thing I've grown to date. Not huge buds but my goodness are they trichome covered

recommended by
Joseph S.

Popped 5 beans in Early May, started them in my veg room indoor, by the time the weather broke and they went outdoors into their own 4'x4' holes, they were around two feet in height. Now, in those same holes, they're approx. 6-7 weeks out from harvest, all consistently between 8-10 foot MONSTER Christmas Trees. They even dwarf my Chocolate Mint OG, and that's doing something. Some seriously insane genetics. I'm in shock. The smell, size, the yeild, just incredible. Only strain I have outdoor that even comes close is my Texada Timewarp (Original Island Genetics, not a cross or someone's take) and, to even keep up with that Yeild Moster of a strain is beyond Impressive. Bravo Nirvana. Bra-fuckin-vo. You've got a customer for life in me after seeing these beauties perform side by side with the best In the world and keeping pace. I'm speechless.

recommended by
Erick P.

Awesome yield! 4 plants grown indoors under 600w hps in dwc buckets yielded a whopping 982 grams dry weight. Curing now. Great stony buzz so far. Fragrance and flavor are not what I thought it would be, but I hope that improves with the curing.

recommended by
loni m.

Growing 2 under perfect conditions, let's just say mine look better than the picture AAA+

recommended by
Blake P.

I run a perpetual garden and I'm excited about this strain so I'm going to review it several times. I just put the first one in flower, and after 45 days in veg it already has trichomes. Not the long stalked ones, the ones that are only 1 cell height above the leaf and look like little droplets of resin. So far I'm impressed. Only problem at this point was a Magnesium deficiency. A dose of micronutrients cleared that right up, but it's worth observing that I used the same nutes I do with White Widow. So it appears to be a little hungrier for micronutes than the Widow. I gave it a medium gro difficulty for this reason, but really it's an easy grow so far.

recommended by
loni m.

I would 100% recommend, growing 2 both have big frosty identical colas and same almost cookie smell little sweeter tho. 5stars

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recommended by
Josh c.

Seeds got to middle of US in just a few weeks! We are about 4 weeks from harvest and these girls look incredible! They are not jokimg when they say she shoots up durning pre flower stretch! They are about 4.5 feet tall. Absolutely covered in resin and have a wonderfully sweet smell. I am growing in ebb and flow hydro system under 2 cheap 1000w hps lights. This is my first grow and im so glad i went with the glue from nirvana. I will update review after harvest with weight and flavor profile reviews! Ps. All the seeds i got sprouted and were female! Buy with total confidence from Nirvana! They are a very professional company with amazing products!

recommended by
Paul L.

my seeds started sprouting in 24 hours! amazing! past purchases have always had a 100% germination rate. Best place to get seeds.

recommended by
Justin b.

Bomb ass looking buds...nothing butt crystals everywhere. Every time I tweet something in a tank top my arms are sticky. Great smell too. Haven’t harvested yet but willl check in after

recommended by
Don K.

This stuff is The real deal! Germinated 2 seeds both of which popped, put in 17 gal pots and used advanced nutrients fertilizer. I grew outside in full sun, started to get a little bud rot after 6 weeks flower so pulled them. What I got was 20 ounces of awesome tasting potent bud!

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recommended by

Got my grow room ready, When seed arrived, Very subtle way!!!. I put seed in a cup of water to soak over nite. 3 floated to top, 2 sank. Placed in paper towel on dish until sprout. 3 sprouted immediately 2 did not. Put all 5 seed in 8" separate pots, 2 came up strong, 1 weakling. Waited 3 days and POW the other 2 exploded and went up further than the 3 Good seed, but then they caught up to the so called bad seed, I now have 5 babies that look heathy, about 4" tall. Usually I have found that if your seed can make it thru that crucial cotyledon period and true leaf appear you are over the hard part, and a have a real good chance of growing some good hoot, THANK YOU NIRVANA.

recommended by
Shelby E.

1st UPDATE; on order; Received my order 6 days before expected date. the packaging was sick. I have ordered form other companies, and they were no where near as stealthy with there shipping as nirvana was. this is my first order with nirvana. at 8pm I placed 2 of the 5 in tap water with Constant temp at 76-77 F. I joke not, the one had cracked with tap root exposed by 9 am the next day when i checked it!!! Only 13hours! wtf! I have never seen any thing open as fast as this. The previous fastest germination I have ever done was as little as 22 hours. So yeah this is a great start. I had to share this with others. Excellent you have my repeat business so far. I Will continue to update, and with photos if possible.

recommended by
Rick S.

Fast shipping stealth I've been buying seeds for the Last 5 Years great place .Gorilla Glue number 4 got the seeds in 3 weeks I live in Oregon put 2 in popped in under 24 hours it is 21 days old now really thick healthy beautiful plants got it in cold water culture and there'll be cloning for some outside plants

recommended by
John S.

Just harvested my last michigan gg#4 clone, had to order these to compare. One thing you can't deny is everyone loves the glue.

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