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recommended by
Robert M.

This strain grew well for me. One pheno produced a fat cola. This strain had very little cerebral effect but a ton of body stone. It help with pain and sleep.

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recommended by
Lee H.

I live in Maine USA. Sent 140$ cash. Was leery of doing this. Seeds arrived in fantastic packaging. Can not wait to see the results. Very professional with great service Thank you!

recommended by
John S.

Great Product. This is a very good Company. No problems with anything. I will buy from NIRVANA again. THANKS

recommended by
Nick W.

This has been my favorite, no smell in the house through the hole grow and the taste was very tropical

recommended by

I have papaya, swiss chease, and ak48 groing outdoors. I've been concerned about my season here in the north. But I'm very happy to report that it looks like the papaya will finish for sure,as it started flowering two weeks sooner than the others.

recommended by
Wayne B.

Dropped 6 PAPAYA seeds..YEAH..! 5stars..,Nirvana gets 10Stars in my book.. Been buying since 2012; Never had a prob wit the seeds, they've always grown into perfect females.. Right now have Aurora indica, Sterling Haze, Venus Flytrap & a few more strains.. Huge perfect plants..Have AK-48 seeds on the way.. I can't figure out why anyone wouldn't be able to grow top notch grade plants with these kick ass genetics.. I started out as a novice.. So,I know Papaya is a winner(1st time trying)... Papaya will be Christmas Budds... Peace near 4Corners, USA...... NIRVANA is for

recommended by
D. R. C.

Have had four grows with Nirvana's Papaya. Beautiful, light green with o so red hairs. The smell and taste though is where this indica shows best.

recommended by
Robert I.

I liked what i was seeing,at first! then, sadely,i caught those dam spider mites and didn't get to try any. I washed those girls over and over and still, those were some strong N nasty bugs! u just can't kill them! Anyways,the papya beans were realy good looking , so i will try theese again! right now i have 5 lemon og hayze auto's in flower as we speak! I will give more info when thay are a bit closer to finishing! again thank you Nirvana for being the best!I can't wait to get some money togather soon ,cuz i realy want to check out some other auto strains you guys have! Thanks!

recommended by
Jim B.

This papaya gave me the largest buds I have ever grown 24" long and 4.5" wide for the top bud.All other limes had about the same size buds.With a very strong smell that stays on the hands until you wash them.Great plant to grow and easy to grow in hydro.I did not grow sea of green.

recommended by
Jerry G.

I wasn't sure what to think of Nirvana as this was my first experience growing them. Compared with many seed packs costing 4 times as much, these plants absolutely hold their own. I'm growing the Raspberry Cough now and they look great so far too. I'm a Nirvana guy now

recommended by
bill c.

First time buyer and grower. I placed 4orders with 2types of seeds in each order. Got every order within 8days of being sent. Germinated 2seeds of each kind for a total of 16 seeds every seed popped. I love this company. Hey just wondering do you have to pass or fail a drug test to get a job at Nirvana also when will you come out with a poster of Alice I'd hang them in my grow room

recommended by
James F.

Ok so here it is I wrote a review for Papaya about 2 months ago. It was not published. I believe this one will be. A few months ago I ordered some seeds from Nirvana. I received them very fast and well packaged. Out of the seeds I ordered I started 4 Papaya and 4 White Widow. All the seeds sprouted and grew very well I had also started a few other breeds as well. Somehow in the whole process the White Widow and the Papaya were switched so I thought the WW was Papaya and reverse it. So my Papaya was real tall and and not so tight of bud. My White Widow Was growing short and getting big chunky buds on them. Then one day it dawned on me what I had done smoke another one Jimbo. So My Papaya was exactly as described. I only got one female out of four seeds and originally I was gonna make it a mother plant so I had been clipping it and made a pretty nice bush out of it. I had not realized the plants were not what they were suppose to be so I threw the Papaya into flowering. It started to flower very slowly but then It really took off. This thing when finished flowering in 8 weeks it had fist sized buds on it. They were rock hard and very heavy. The resin on the plant was not that impressive but don't let that fool you there was plenty of resin. After dried and cured I ended up with 5.25 ounces from that one plant I would say that is very impressive! So yes very much do I suggest you get Nirvana Papaya you will not be disappointed!

recommended by
Mollie L.

Love the papaya. Growing her is a delight. She stayed short and bushy. The high is very mellow. Great night time strain. Thank You Nirvana I' m a customer for life.

recommended by
Colin S.

This plant has grown huge I had not had success with this plant as far as getting females because liek I have said before during the summer time in the southwest desert it is hard to keep the place cool winters are perfect but starting mid late april your gonna have a crazy electricity biwith those big lights. Anyway I am at 9 weeks plus now I believe at least 9 weeks anyway this thing seems to be finally filling out I grew a blue dream and two blue mystics with this and another papaya that my girlfriends dog ate(I'm an extreme dog lover but this dog is just rrrr and this issue I really was nothing compared to the usually crap she does) anyway I am gonna have to fllower this thing at least 12 weeks and it now sems to be filling out. The plant I have is very leafy its the most leafy I have seen before but I mean maybe that is just this phenotype cause I have been growing for a while and get better and more knowledgeable each time. I will post update when I finally clip on how it wenbt I'm sort of worried though, however it seems to be starting to really fill out it also took what seemed like 2 weeks of 12/12 for this particular plant to start showing sex so it where as my others are done or at 9 weeks and some days I guess I can consider this at 7 weeks. Will keep ya updated!

recommended by
Jose q.

this plant is very uniforum.placed seeds in hugo blocks in 6 inch x 6 inch blocks.placed on 12/12 lights from very begining,even before seeds popped.grows one main cola.very few side branch,only fan leafs stick out.bunch 16 in a 3 x3 ebb and flow.grow nutes 4 weeks at 600 pmm and flower at 750 ppm.use humboldt honey es.and flolralious plus.13 weeks total.2 oz.each do the math.big colas hardly any popcorn must start 12/12 before seeds even son in michagan grows and sends me timelapse vids.very beautiful.trichome covered.with use of mollases.keep nutes low you will not have any problems at all.papaya very very nice.thanks nirvanna

recommended by
Henry a.

got these freebies last yr. vegged for 4 wks..2nd wk into flowering is 28 " tall. can't determined if male or female yet. under 3 100 watt cfl's. so far so good . will update later.

not my taste by
Adam C.

got the 10 seed deal 4 germinated and 3 of the 4 were male. kept the male in a seperate area to colect pollen. the one female is doing great for its size bout a foot tall and started to switch to flower stage. ill tell ya how she does in about 7 to 9 weeks.

recommended by
Simon W.

Popped 5 in germkit, 2 female. These ladies grew small and dense. Very easygoing and forgiving, just the way I like my women ;-) Not impressed with yield but it was decent. Smoke is smooth and effect is extremely relaxing. This is the absolute cure for insomnia, people. :-) I recommend it

recommended by
Jesse P.

I have grown Papaya before its a small dense plant. Great for SOG. I loved it so I had to get some more. Fast shipping was great got My seeds in a week to the west coast US. I will be coming back to Nirvana. Im a costumer for life.

recommended by
Craig L.

I recently ordered Papaya, and wow the package was fantastic., almost crush proof, then they **************** to keep the seeds from being crushed and taped tight to keep from damage. A lot of thought went into this package. Good job. It only took 7 days toget to Mo. The seeds look great, can't wait to try them

recommended by
Dallas E.

I have been "sampling" for some time now, and this is by far the best plant I have come upon for size and mass of buds, and strength. Pure heaven! I did have some trouble cloning, though, they were a little stubborn, so I am ordering a new batch, and hope I get even luckier this time!

recommended by
Jameil M.

Papaya was my first grow. It gave me no trouble, and the smell and smoke were unbelievable, the high, outstanding. I recommend this strain to anyone who just wants to relax....

recommended by
Olivier R.

My third time growing this strain, very easy to grow, will take lots of nutes and matures superfast - awesome yields for SCROG. Very relaxing smoke. Peace from USA.

Papaya Regular

  • Greasy cannabis indica strain.
  • Grows and matures quickly, stays short and dense.
  • Exotic taste and relaxing, narcotic effect.

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