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Very Positive 100% (26 reviews)
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recommended by
R.d. P.

it worked ok nothing special might work for beginners

recommended by
urh C.

It came very dirty, full of dust and fingerprints all over the ‘glass’. Looks like something from Aliexpress. On the package side was writen Propagator. Not very discrete. But seeds love it

recommended by
Carolyn C.

Works great especially with rapid rooters. I highly recommend this kit.

recommended by
Frank U.

Wow works great

recommended by
Charlene j.

very useful

recommended by
Rex F.

Love this it makes germinating seeds so easy, as long as the seeds are good. I plan to get much use out of it. I had to change the batteries already.

recommended by
D A J.

Worked well for sprouting seeds.

recommended by
Rik D.

this is one fantastic bit of kit, I got mine last year and I kid you not, every single seed i have put in it has germinated, (over 100), i reccomend using rechargable batteries and swap them over every 48 hours for a constant light level!

recommended by
Danielle W.

This worked very well for starting my plants and I will definitely use it again. It was very easy to put together and my plants germinated in two days.

recommended by
Albert W.

Bitchen. Works great. Thanks. Great product.

recommended by
Med AMine F.

Fast Shipping !

recommended by
Rolando G.

works great, 3 out of 4 seeds popped in 5 days!

recommended by
Sergio S.

Great product, in 4 days seeds germinated, had a low rate of germination for freebies 1out of 4 i planted, nice thing you can re-use it just replace the batteries and youre ready to go.

recommended by
Larry H.

Small, but extremely effective!!!

recommended by
Donna f.

I love my propagator pro 2 all my seeds started to grow within 4 days

recommended by
Jada m.

I purchased the Propagator Pro2 along with the Germination kit and let me tell you all 10 seeds I purchased grew like crazy. Within 10 days of planting all the seeds had sprouted and are happy happy happy! I have found my method to start seeds....won't be trying anything else.....thanks Nirvana!!!!

recommended by
Christopher H.

Planted seeds last night, within 18 hours all seeds are sprouting quicker than I have ever seen by any other means. Definitely a must for an effective indoor grow, and not that expensive that it'd be cutting into ones budget heavily. Will be ordering this again in the future to increase the my yields.

recommended by
Michael P.

Well, I ordered the Propagator Pro alongside 10 feminized seeds. I had grabbed 5 Aurora Indicas in November, then decided I didn't want to try and grow them without everything Nirvana had to offer for germination. So in January, I ordered 5 Blue Mystic Feminized and into the Propagator they went. The whole thing seemed a bit too easy to assemble and drop in the seeds, but I figured I'd do everything they was it was said to. So I was hoping for at least...AT LEAST 3 of each to pop. Well, I didn't get 3...I got all freaking 10! Within 20 days of being popped in the sponge pots. I will post reviews of the two strains after the grow. On a side not, I received 10 freebies with the Christmas order. I popped 4 seeds in peat pellets and dropped them in the Propagator beside the germination tray. None of them have popped...Could be bad seeds, or that I'm using peat instead of the germination dream kit. I got 6 of them left, going to order some Bubblelicious next month, and will fill the other half of the tray with 5 mystery seeds. THANKS NIRVANA!!!

recommended by
Jason C.

stealthy packaging, secure, and wonderful A+++ highly recommended...Thank you NIRVANA

recommended by
steve c.

Just ordered the weekend offer propagator pro with free ice reg ice seeds.what a great deal.can wait for this as managing 2 different light patterns can be awkward if limited space. this will take pressure of when starting a new batch due to the portability and compact size keeps it near and tidy. :-) ;-) :-)

recommended by
Josue S.

is an excellent tool for cultivation, should specify that serves 2 germination kits, I am very pleased with the quality and price

recommended by
Johnny J.

Nice little unit. I bought a couple with my points when on sale for half price. Only thing I did was change the battery to DC plug adapter because of the continuous use I put it through. I do 20 seeds or 10 clones per unit and it works GREAT! Good for Pros but excellent for the newbies.

recommended by
Eric B.

Awsome product. it works like a charm. popped all my seeds in no time!

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