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recommended by
Carlos R.

All 10 seeds popped, but one died early on. Heights were 28inches to 33inches. Very strong and resilient. Lots of super nice trichs during flowering very high THC percentage for the easiness. They needed the 10 full weeks of flowering. I definitely recommend to everyone.

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recommended by
Peter H.

Nirvana's PPP has always been my #1 favorite. It's amazing that so many great things can meet in one plant. The high is the most enjoyable, great for movies, music and socializing. Makes me happy and energetic. Truly the best of sativa and indica at once. The smoke is smooth, yet the high hits hard. And it's a consistent grow that always gives a magnificent harvest. Can take a lot of nutrients and training without trouble. I'll keep growing this one forever.

recommended by
Alan R.

Love Love Love triple P! A jewel of a lady!

recommended by
Dart T.

Easy Grow High Yield with Mainlining, the smell is overwhelming and they gave me very intense high with social and seemed like it kept some people really talkative. Overall She made up my day indeed^^

recommended by
Recep K.

çok hızlı ve gizli geldi tohumlar teşekkür nirvana

recommended by
Nathan R.

Great plant. Got my order in about 10 days. Germinated all 5 thinking they might not all pop, but 5/5 sprouted. Picked the best 1 to grow out. Very fast growing. Topped it twice and she turned into a bush. Flowered a little over 8 weeks. Very low smell while growing. Great for a closet. Really happy with the finished product as well - nice happy high without locking me to the couch. Overall a great plant very easy to grow and very enjoyable smoke. Thanks Nirvana

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recommended by
Arthur B.

This strain is healthy. I popped a 5 pack. I had a hard time selecting which pheno to keep for clones because there were 3 very strong ones to chose from. The other two showed some deficiencies so I booted them off the island but they still made good bud. I will say that there is a very spicey and earthy thing going on with the smell and taste that might be a turn off to some BUT I use WW for oil because it is simply the best anxiety meds I have ever tried.

recommended by
gary p.

As a follow up to my previous review, this strain made into a tincture has let me reduce the use of 2 antidepressants, eliminate narcotics and sleep aids. It may be helping my prostate issues as well.

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recommended by
Ezequiel V.

Strong high and aroma. Arrived in time and well suited of a bathroom closet indoor set up. Love Nirvana.

recommended by
Lisa P.

Great girl, large output. Energizing and fun.

recommended by
George B.

Very quick arrival-Discreet,have tried many others and all around PPP is Tip

recommended by
Valerie C.

WHOA! Love this strain. Germ in 24 hours just about for each bean. Easy grow that responds well to Lst. Great high, head and body, but this depends on the growers desire for milky to amber Trichomes. Will reorder, but after I grow through a few more strains. Thanks Nirvana

recommended by
Lucas F.

First time shopping with Nirvana and I was very pleased. Four out of five seeds popped fairly quick with an avg of 2.5 oz per plant. On the re order list for sure. Thanks Guys

recommended by
Doug S.

Impressive growth and finish rather early, impressive looking colas and trims easy; yet the weight/yield for the big look was disappointing; light-airy bud. The buzz is social and taste is pleasant; a redo for next season perhaps.

recommended by
John m.

Was really fast deliver good work nirvana.

recommended by
Charlene j.

Lots of resin, easy for my first grow, good size for indoor grow tent... can hardly wait to try some until its cured.

recommended by
Jay P.

Love this one, it grows thick and it has greattaste and smell. It is my number 2 all time, very easy to grow.

recommended by
Thomas L.

I really like this strain it has a super unique flavor and produces super sticky buds. I would give 5 stars but noticed a inconsistency in genetics. Some plants grow nice and strong while others grow long and skinny. Skinny plants finish in only 6 weeks and produced about 2 oz per plant. Thick plants grew amazing and produced 4+ oz per plant. I have weeded out week. . genetics and have a amazing ppp room at all times. its nice getting 2.5 lbs out of 1000 watt every three months. Defenetly need supports for buds but this plant FIMS very well and is super easy to grow. Great job Nirvana!

recommended by
Robert D.

First I want to give a shout out to Nirvana.I purchased five seeds and all five are now ready to go into my grow tent to start my First Grow. I was curious if anyone who has experience with growing PPP if I might get a little advise.I can only grow five plants(5 plants or less is a misdemeanor if caught).I am placing them in 5 gal.pots in a 5x5x80" grow tent with 600 watt MH and HPS lights.How high above my plants should my lights be during the veg and flowering stage? How big should I allow them to grow during the veg stage? What kind of yield can I expect from each plant in ideal conditions?Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially since this is my first grow. Thanks again Nirvana.

recommended by
Jeremy L.

I received my seeds in the mail yesterday, planted them last night! I am looking forward to this soooooo much! I am only growing 2 seeds for now! Planted one PPP and one of the mystery seeds (hoping for the best)! The packaging was great and not even remotely suspicious! The delivery time was fast, considering that I live halfway across the world from Nirvana seeds! Thanks Team Nirvana! I will keep write another review once I have sampled the fruits of my labour!

recommended by
Gary E.

ive been growing Nirvana PPP since 2014, i love it because its the perfect stealth grow, very low oder during flower., Nirvanas Blue Mystic is great too howverver if you extend veg time it will smell the last two weeks really good and loud, PPP however is very low oder i reccomend for closets.

recommended by
Joseph L.

As a long time grower in my (part commercial-part self-built) hydro/DWC recirculation indoor garden, I have to say 2 things. (1) I have grown many many different strains (starting with bag seed 17-18+ yrs ago). It has been a osteoporosis 10 yrs since I came across Nirvana (and even tho they have changed their website a cpl times and one of those times caused me to lose my loyalty points and everything causing me to re-register with the site, I have no complaints whatsoever with Nirvana and have only extreme praise for their honesty, their customer service, their willingness to remedy - at their expense - any issues that (very rarely, and has *never* happened to me) pop-up while in transport during shipping, and the all around "brotherhood" they create once you become a member. There is NO NEED EVER to go seek out other seed banks because, well honestly, of the many reasons, the most obvious is that most seed banks are not breeders like Nirvana but rather CARRY INVENTORY of seeds from many breeders INCLUDING Nirvana and they jack up the price, and honestly you don't truly know what you're getting bc it comes from different breeders. I've been a 10 year customer of Nirvana and will stick with them forever. Even tho i lost all my credit for the first few years due tontheir website overhaul causing me to have to recreate my profile a few yrs ago, I still have no complaints! Sometimes you must be patient for the delivery to arrive, but I've found out that the more loyal you are, somehow it reaches me faster. At first I remember waiting almost 10 wks. Now, less than 1 week. Of the (approx) 255 seeds I've planted over the years, 99.999% grow and grow STRONG. I would say 100% but - although I truly have no recollection of any seeds not popping, I'm just being careful. But if I were to.speak honestly, I can't think of a time where 100% didn't pop and from.seedlimg grow to a towering beautiful female. When the seeds are feminized never have I had a male EVER. It's been a track record of pure success. With PTSD, I've found Northern Lights and PPP to work the best, Blue Dream too. Many strains work wonders but I will admit that every garden of mine ALWAYS has at least one northern lights plant. Nothing like the good old NL. Most hybrids have NL as a part of its original strain development. I do clones, but rarely. That's because there is something FASCINATING TO ME to watch the seed become a huge, gorgeous, bountiful female with budding fruits. I love watching it grow. Yes, more time, more care/risk, but after so many years, it's not bad, it's a science. AND using the KIND LED K51000 and two K3 450s as supplemental lighting the harvests are the most potent and resin filled flowers you'll ever experience. Like taking a xanax (in regards to the feeling of the medicinal properties that relieve stress...and yet, it's NOT xanax, and thus not addictive). 5 stars for this strain and 5 starts for Nirvana!!!

recommended by
Robert H.

I've been a customer of Nirvana for 4 years and can't think of any problems with them. I've always had excellent service from them and every order has been delivered faster then expected. I ordered the pure power plant on my last order and the first 3 seeds I planted, the 1st one sprouted in 3 days. Keep up the good work Nirvana, you have a lifelong customer.

recommended by
Leilitz l.

just great

recommended by
Jonathan H.

This is honestly my first seeds i got from them. I have went threw 3 grows and 6 different strains. I keep coming back to this one. Yields BEST I have this dialed in right and i got them to purple. I honestly have little bushes all over the plant. The buds don't get massive tall. What to look for is they get massive WIDE as they go down. It took a moment but once you have it LOOK OUT.This is a 7-8 week Nutes with 10days flush in Hydro (after the 7-8 weeks flower) So combined i run 9 weeks flower total. The tri's are 25% Amber and i harvest.PROs: BIG Yields SCROG SCROGS Short So more head room in grow space Very even canopy LOW SMELL (Mine smells like fruit loops) Easy to take care of and very forgivingCONs: VERY sensitive to Cal/Mag!! PH Best at 6.0-6.3 (you will know right away what im talking about) HPS Can get Very Stringy Best with LED

recommended by
Saeid t.

This plant rocks!!! 5 stars for fast shipping, quality seeds and outstanding results. That pleasant piney taste is one of a kind specially with vaporizer, powerful social buzz is what makes it unique from other sativa dominant strains that usually gives you a higher heartbeat rate. I have my own business and this is what i smoke(vape) before meeting my customers, it instantly gives you the social buzz that you just want to talk all day! All my friends who got some sample from me saying that this is very unique and amazing strain. The price is pretty cheap for such quality buds and that is just because there are still people in the world that simply put custmer satisfaction before just money, yes that is true and you are getting much more than you paid just because there are good people and honest work still exist in this world. Very easy to grow plant with lots of forgiveness. I used regular potting soil and cfl lights to grow ppp and still got almost 3 ounces out of each plant. Just wanna say great job nirvanna and your way of doing business is what i call Fair and Honesty.

recommended by
Mark M.

Just received 3 days ago. Put three down and three popped up. Looking forward to another steller adventure at the power plant ;)

recommended by
Bobbie F.

grew this side by side with wonder woman. 4 by 8 indoor 2 1000 watt lights dwc. ppp was the winner as the wonder woman top 30% colas went in the trash due to mold in the thickest buds ive ever seen. mind you I'm anal about the humidity and you can't keep it low enough to avoid the mold on wonder woman, even under the 50% limit the dehumidifyer can produce. i'd like to give weeks per veg, but that's irrelevant to the vigor of the plants. glue a tape measure to the tent, at 18 inches move them over to flower or cut them down. if allowed to get to 24" tall in veg they'll be next to your flower light fixtures at their highest possible elevation in a 3 weeks... the sativa in these really likes to show her stretch. on harvesting, 9 weeks in flower seemed to be right on. cloudy trichs and wilting yellowing leaves, never took above 650 ppm both phases. love the vigor but this one takes some careful attention to growth, and that is not an understatement. As far as the demand, the last harvest was bought entirely by one of the customers from last time when it was new. bag appeal fantastic.

not my taste by
Joseph p.

Ordered seeds online and received them in 10 days, wow that's fast. Couldn't wait so soaked one of the PPP seeds and it popped a tail in 48 hours. Can't ask for much more than that.

not my taste by
James B.

purchased pure power plant feminized on the 13th got them in the mail today total time was 8 days s. very nice! package was in great condition along with the seeds. they are large and have excellent color.

recommended by
Wolfgang G.

10 pp bestellt.Sehr schnell geliefert.Sehr schnell eingepflanzt.Alle 10 sehr schnell, (24 Stunden,) gekeimt.Nun wachsen sie und erfreuen mein Herz.

recommended by
Rick N.

I germed 2 seeds and both popped quickly! Both plants have looked great and pretty much the same (next to each other under CFL's). Just put into flower at 24" tall ans they are showing signs of flowers already after a week. They look great and I cannot wait to try this strain. Very impressed so far by how healthy and vigorous these two plants seem.

recommended by
pablo a.

the best i have gotten from nervana high bag apeal just so good i have it in rotation costanly

recommended by
Marc C.

Ahhh, PPP, my old friend. If you are reading reviews and haven’t concluded that this is a must try, I doubt that I will convince you. Just look at all of the rave comments above!I have had PPP in rotation for a few years now and I am back today to get some more seeds. I just converted to Deep Water Culture, two crops ago. This last crop, I wondered what this monster might do in a DWC bucket situation. I wonder no more!It is all in the dryer now, so actual weight is an estimate at this point. But one Super Skunk and one PPP are about to dry out to just under one pound of primo buds.When you combine optimized nute uptake (DWC) with genes hardwired to take advantage of the situation, you get some crazy shit. I topped my PPP one time (I usually do three pinchings) and it turned into a two foot wide head of cauliflower- the only way to describe it!I grow in a closet, three feet by six feet, by six feet tall. It is nice to have a producer like PPP to crank out the bud weight in that tiny space. Try it with DWC and prepare for astonishment...

recommended by
sanche o.

ma variété preferée depuis quelques années deja. excellent rendement, resistance a la moisissure plutôt bonne, son petit plus c'est le deuxieme coup de boost que l'on peut mettre a l'engraissage une fois que les têtes sont bien formées, vos plantes vont adorer. rien a redire sur la qualité des graines, bonne communication avec l'equipe de nirvana shop, envois astucieux et discrets, bref, une dream team qui n'est pas prete de s'arreter !

recommended by
Mark S.

have not harvested yet. In third week of flowering and it is looking GOOD. All five seeds sprouted and using an AERO-GARDEN for first time with them. Looking forward to see the end result.

recommended by
Jason B.

Received order within 10 days of being shipped, germed the same day. Within 24 hours all seeds popped open. Growing now, and they are quick growers, already have the second set of fan leaves within 5 days of planting

recommended by
Jeannine C.

All 5 came through. Short and extremely bushy. Growing slow but steady under florescent's. Snow White and Blue Mystic plants are catching up quick. Kept 1 seed of each, and from the last harvest the Snow White took the cake! Keep growin and tokin!

recommended by
Steve M.

I bought 5 seeds from Nirvana, sprouted 4, and that was only because I dropped one seed down the sink.My setup is one vegetating stage closet with a 250w MH lamp going 24/7/365. I transfer to another closet with 3 150w HPS lights going 12-12 for flowers.I've been growing pot forever, and I'd been used to putting the plants in the flowering stage after they got knee-high, but that was seeds from cheap Mexican weed. With seeds of good provenance, which has consistently been my experience with Nirvana, I'm finding it's better to flower the females when they're about 10 inches tall.My growing medium is dirt(!) cheap supermarket soil mixed in a 2 to 1 ratio with worm castings. When they go into flower I add a layer of bat guano to the top. I start seeds or cuttings/clones in 3 inch plastic pots and move them to 1 gallon containers if they don't die.As regards the PPP strain, I'm looking at a chunk of it right now, dried, cured, lying in front of me on my table, and I'm hitting it with a beam from a cheap but intense Chinese LED flashlight I got for 7 bucks on ebay, and there's bright white laser-like beams bouncing off this thin clear sparkly coating that encases this bud.I'm smoking just a little sample wee bit of this strain as I write this, and it's good

recommended by
Alain p.

third time that i bought PPP.i like that creative buzz.(sativa high) the feminized ones were better yielder.(more the same) the ten,i got 5 females 5 males,,made myself some seeds. nice yielder too.made 6 oz out of five females (36 inches) on two 400w easy to cure,,,,,easy to grow ,hybrid vigor, easy to clones,,,happy now looking for indica,probably snow white,to get calm(getting old) thank you Nirvana never been dissapointed

recommended by
Brian Z.

This was one of the best my friends and I smoked. Definetly a great strain. Fairly easy to grow and great rewards to those who wait... very happy with this strain... had some issues getting delivery last year, but Alice came through. She's the greatest and so is Nirvana Seeds. #1 in our book! Com'n back for Super Skunk.

recommended by
Fran Z.

i have 4 weeks till harvest and these girls look awsome. i've been growing for about 6 years now and using nirvana seeds for 2 years and have never had any hermies. the feminized seeds are the best. it's not rocket science. learn good growing techniques and you'll always grow like a pro. nirvana is the first company i've dealt with and they are the BEST!

recommended by
Dan b.

have grown this strain for just over one year ,it is ver bushy and clones very nicely . i average about half ounce per plant ,i budded the clones just after the rooted on a flod and drain table system the finished nicely in about 65 days at about 12 to 14 inches in height . the smoke was sweeet very good stone buds were very tight and heavy , i would definately recommend , easy to grow and cloned very easy as while , just got snow white and venus fly trap looking forward to trying these ones out . you guys are great awesome service

recommended by
Larry R.

PPP was my first seeds,from Nirvana that I grew! great for newbie,s produced a lot by growing Scrog, just a great plant.

recommended by
Linda h.

everyones reviews sound so good that I have to get the seeds! Has anyone tried them inside?

recommended by
Iain M.

9 of 10 seeds germed, grew well and harvested 450 grams from 9 plants put to flower at 18inch high. Very sticky buds and a Great smoke , feedback from all my friends who have tried it is first class.

recommended by
Joe O.

I have been a Nirvana customer from the very beginning. I've been growing and breeding medical cannabis for over 30 years. Many seed companies have come and gone during that period - and I've dealt with many of them. Nirvana has always been the go-to seed supplier that I trust to provide healthy and viable seeds at reasonable prices. PPP is another winner in their feminized offerings. A strong plant with good commercial value to dispensaries, easily cloned with a great taste and high. Shipping is secure and fast as well. Looking forward to some pure-breeding offerings if they ever become available again.

recommended by
nickolas h.

Received shipment within 1 week of purchase - awesome customer service when mistakes were made. Nirvana is the only place I shop - every order has always been delievered un-opened and much care was placed into making sure it arrived safely. Seeds germinated within 15 hours - second grow of PPP and what an amazing plant. My #1 must have. Great yields in small and large spaces.

recommended by
Steve S.

All I can say about this strain is wow. I am a chronic pain sufferer and was looking for some serious relief. This hit the spot perfectly. Very potent smooth smoke, excellent for the end of a long day (since you will be couch locked). Not a huge producer, but the potency makes up for the quantity. Another definite strain I gotta grow again.

recommended by
Thierry h.

Résumé : 1 graine féminisée...1kg800 de récolte!!!! FANTASTIQUEEEEEE!!!!

recommended by
H H.

This is one strong plant. I unintentionally tried to kill it by trying something for gnats that was reccomended by a gardner. These little guys came back from the brink of death unharmed, and produced very nice buds and smoke. I have purchased more ;o)

Pure Power Plant Feminized

  • Strong F1 hybrid.
  • Good example of hybrid vigor.
  • High production.
  • Pleasant piney taste and social high.

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