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Positive 78% (14 reviews)
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not my taste by
Keith A.

High Hopes, only 3 out of 7 cracked but none of them sprouted. I was so looking forward to growing.

not my taste by
Daniel Z.

Recieved seeds in about 7 days. 2 out of 7 was pale green. 1 was very small, and another had some sort of discoloration. I have 1 working sprout, but it is strugling to stay alive. And another 2 seeds spent 5 days in warm water and nothing happened. Not sure if i recieved old seeds or maybe water temp was bad. Perhaps soil PH and overfeeding from start. So far all the tutorials i have seen get sprouts very easy with no efforts.

recommended by
Brian A.

First of all let me give kudos to the team at Nirvana. Their customer service is by far the best I have ever experienced in any industry. They really care about making things right. Now to PPP...2/2 beans popped of the 5 I ordered. (I only grow 1 or 2 at a time) Easy to grow. I waited until another grow was finished before putting these to work. I’m currently in the flowering stage with about 4 more weeks to harvest. Every day the buds get thicker and longer. I can’t wait to try this smoke. I’m really impressed with the overall experience. I’ve bought regular seeds (I like having a male in the mix from time to time for crossing) from other vendors and have ended up wasting so much time on male plants. Of the two regs I popped from Nirvana both are beautiful females. I will return and update as to the high when the smoke is ready. Thank you Nirvana for your stellar operation.

recommended by
Robert G.

I really like this plant. It was the first order I placed, grew fast and made me a customer for life, but the last 2 orders I received did not germinate. I'm not giving up yet, but it will be a while before I order this again. Can be flowered very early, so if you're in a hurry, this is a good plant, with a great high. It was the best I had tried.

recommended by
Bedri Özgür G.

10/10 of PPP seeds germinated. Unfortunately only 2/10 of the mystery seeds germinated but not a problem. The only thing I get upset is that i saw 3-4 white seeds in mystery seeds which obviously will never germinate (no need to try but i tried anyway). Planted all 10 PPP into pots in my balcony. 4 seedlings of PPP and 1 seedling of mystery seeds up to now. I know the others will come out soon. I hope majority of them comes out to be female. In fact 2 of the seedlings grown too fast (get very tall in a few days) which usually shows it's male but it is not certain of course. We will see eventually :) I will definitely buy from Nirvana again. Wish they will throw the white seeds in mystery seeds away while packing. They are really useless. Thank you Nirvana. See you in the next shopping :)

recommended by
Marquis L.

Put these babies in the dirt and they exploded. Grew quickly and vigorously! Excited to see how they take to flowering!

recommended by
Marquis L.

Put these babies in the dirt and they exploded. Grew quickly and vigorously! Excited to see how they take to flowering!

recommended by
John S.

Great Product. Very Good Company. No problems with my order. Will buy again. THANKS

recommended by
tarek k.

its a nice grow, good yields, nice smell, but i prefer to try something new from nirvana.

recommended by
steve c.

I like this one its nice the bud don't smell until smoked. At first smell and looks like nothing special then after lighting a fat one it def pure power. Looks can be deceiving.

not my taste by
Jason C.

Although its not the best smelling or greatest tasting bud I've grown, it does yield nice sativa colas. The smoke is smooth and it has a nice "alert" high, but its not all that popular with my customers. They seem to prefer the dank, smelly, and sticky buds best. I'm going to keep it round for another turn and make a few minor adjustments to see if I can't up its other strains yield equally as well so no big loss if I end up eliminating it from the roster.

recommended by
Kalvis J.

I planted it outside last summer and in autumn i get AWESOME quality buds without any special fertiliser. (Just place some dung in the ground when planted and that's all...).

recommended by
Alain p.

third time that i bought PPP.i like that creative buzz.(sativa high) the feminized ones were better yielder.(more the same) the ten,i got 5 females 5 males,,made myself some seeds. nice yielder too.made 6 oz out of five females (36 inches) on two 400w easy to cure,,,,,easy to grow ,hybrid vigor, easy to clones,,,happy now looking for indica,probably snow white,to get calm(getting old) thank you Nirvana never been dissapointed

Pure Power Plant Regular

  • Strong F1 hybrid.
  • Good example of hybrid vigor.
  • High Production.
  • Pleasant piney taste and social high.

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