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recommended by
Jack S.

not a bad product great Sativa.

recommended by
Jimmy P.

Raspberry Cough LST was very easy to grow. Always dense hard buds with 600w HPS. Nirvana seeds outdone themselves. High quality seeds high quality shipping.

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Medical Symptons:
Eye Pressure
recommended by
joshua m.

2 of 2 grew well and I am happy with nirvana and will recommend to anyone.

recommended by
Beth P.

My first grow growing r.c. My total harvest was not that great. The buds are beautifully covered in red hairs. Buds are dense for a sativa. I'm relatively new to growing so my harvest amounts are not what they could be. Clones are doing nicely. Outside for the summer in 4 gal pots. Will update next harvest

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recommended by
Tonya R.

Raspberry Cough ended up being one of my favorite strains to grow. I was able to clone my plants with great success. My plants also got very bushy and were easily trained with lst techniques. I used two 300 watt LEDs and one 600 watt LED in both veg and bloom. I will for sure get more in the future.

recommended by
Jake L.

This is very heady, and energetic. I would throw this in the category of rugged strains as well. I had root rot from what I believe to be a combination of a clogged air stone bubbler, and my Hydroguard being out of date. She almost died early on, but after fixing those two problems, she bounced right back into an impressive bush with fan leaves the size of my hand. My only complaint is the name- the cough part. She's as smooth as any other, but people get a bit apprehensive about that first hit when they hear "cough." Maybe one generation or pheno omit the cough, and it'll help us sell people on this yummy morsel.

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recommended by
Steven L.

Excellent strain with nice dense buds. Very nice aroma and taste. Easy to clone. Would highly recommend especially on days that You want to smoke and still get things done. Great shipping..

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recommended by
Jordan S.

Was very skeptical sending cash as it is my first online order but after 5 days I received an email saying payment received and it was shipping within 2 days. It then arrived to Ohio in only 6 days. Very pleased with my purchase and much more confident about buying from here again

recommended by
Justin B.

Loved these!!! Dense colas and large buds!! Fast Shipping. 5 of 5 sprouted!!

recommended by
Barbara M.

I never do these. But I needed to write to say that this strain is awesome!! In 6 weeks I have heavy dense colas. sticky and sweet berry smell. I highly recommend this strain!!

recommended by
Med AMine F.

Very Fast Shipping ! Stealth and discreet !! Awesome

recommended by
Kyle W.

Arrived fast! Some of the most stinky bud ive seen, no joke! Will order again

recommended by
Wayne D.

Got my beans 10 days flat to Florida USA Started 2 seeds both germinated and im so hapy to get my project started im going to plant them outside so i hope the heat doesnt bother them thanks guys you truely are the best

recommended by
michael c.

i really dont know what to say i bought alot of strains from nivarna compatition but nobody can compete with this seedbank always get good yields and switching back to ninarna from castle seeds people dont waste your money on other seed banks this is the real deal i have only 1 complaint and thats just they dont have enough auto flower strains

recommended by
Ronald K.

I started one fem seed in a pot outdoors and transplanted it into my veggie garden after three weeks. I did nothing special when growing. It got the same treatment as everything else in the garden. It adapted very well and grew very fast. I super cropped plus did some topping. This plant was loaded with some very nice buds and was plenty sticky. I had to harvest earlier than I planned because the rain has moved in for the season and I did not want it to get moldy. It could of gone maybe two more weeks, at the most. I am still happy with the outcome and the high is great and long lasting. Nirvana is a great place to order your seeds from. I never have a problem and the one time I did hit a glitch it was taken care of fast and professionally. Thanks!

recommended by
tarek k.

such a distinct taste and smell to die fore! great yields, it is loved by all the smokers :P

recommended by
Michael G.

Have had goo luck with this strain. At first I thought it was a bit touchy with nutrients, but turns out it just wanted more. We average about 8 oz per plant going from t5 for 3 weeks, to 600w veg to 1000w flower. Using general organics with 10gal soil pots, cO2 at 1200ppm, at around 86deg avg temp in flower. These ladies always need to be staked as the buds get very top heavy if you lollipop and tend to flop all over the place! my patients tell me this is one of their favorite strains besides the Blackjack. I think this strain would do excellent in scrog. very dense buds. high yielder. easy to clone. easy to trim. we always keep this strain going :-)

recommended by
Jason P.

Got seeds in 5 days west coast in very stealth packaging. 9 out of 10 Popped In Two Days Paper Towel method hoping for the last one soon. Will keep updated

recommended by
Molly B.

Ok, this is where I am good. Now, this is the very first time we have ever done a grow of any sorts. We did a small indoor grow in a cabinet specifically built for this purpose. I have been using outdoor grown product for a long time from my bro in law, no complaints, as it cost me nothing. Then the collective opened so I was able to try a few different strains. Collectives are closed down... Fast forward, grow done, harvested, cured. Ready. OMG... one small hit off my little bubbly pipe and whooee whoo, now this is what it is supposed to be about. I haven't had this type of high in a very very long time, and believe that is saying a lot. I highly (pun intended) recommend

recommended by
todd n.

129 days from start to finish.large top coli-as. well worth the time

recommended by
Ryan P.

Was a treat and it turned out as my fav from Nirvana.

recommended by
Randall S.

If you have the room to accomodate a few Sativas, I would recommend this plant. It has a decent buzz and an excellent taste.

recommended by
Jerry K.

had mine the 2nd week after i orderd. planted right after all5 came up ,8weeks veg now on 12 on 12off 1st week and r ready to start buding cant wait. be back soon with the outcome thanks nirvana

recommended by
Allen n.

Got my seed... very fast shipping and great service... all 5 popped and are doing good.... will post how there doin and pics later... would recommend nirvana to anyone!!!!! will be ordering more soon!!!!

recommended by
Michael N.

1st off, thanks Nirvana - best all around for seeds and customer service.Now, this was my first indoor attempts, so made some basic mistakes in nutrients and stuff but my 2 plants not only allowed me to make mistakes and survive, but the growth stages made self adjustments to allow for over nutrients.The root growth made me wonder if I had to call someone since its became the "monster" in water (5 gal buckets). The amount of roots was by far one of the most impressive things I have ever seen.My bottom growth was not removed (I wanted to see what this plant would do if not trimmed) and eventually became some mighty stalks that produced almost 1/2 my fat buds so why cut them off?Now, the main stalk - very sturdy to hold my growth and I can't tell you how my kolas not only fattened up but the smell was slight (not giving away my grow area). I appreciated this fact!At harvest, I got more bud by allowing it to flower longer (9 weeks) and was not disappointed by being patient.I posted my pictures and the comments I got back were very favorable as far as looks, but the people I shared the smoke with are totally in love with this high. I think allowing it to flower longer helped the plants produce a much better high.Try it, you'll LOVE it.

recommended by
Ken v.

love the cough ... love nirvana . speedy stealthy undamaged n very very very happy.... nirvana is the real deal and i will definitely order many many x's

recommended by
Nedra R.

My seeds pooped right up and have been growing great just put one in the bloom so we will update as she goes I really need pain relief as a medical needs person thanks you so much for the great service and wonderful product.

recommended by
Larry R.

The 5 fem raspberry cough seeds that I got, just didn,t germinate for me, this is first time seeds from Nirvana, didn,t Germinate, I Think Nirvana is great! and will refer them to everyone that grows. I have gotten great seeds from them, speedy delivery, nice streath packing, great pricesNIRVANA COMMENT: Please contact our Help Desk regarding this issue (if you haven't already)

Raspberry Cough Feminized

  • F1 hybrid of a Cambodian landrace and Ice.
  • Clear, uppy yet calming effects.
  • Highly recommended as a medical marijuana strain.

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