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recommended by
Jay M.

Seems to work, and does not cost much. I like to start my bug colony before I grow the plants a couple of weeks to give them a chance to multiply prior to going to work on the plants.

recommended by
Carolyn C.

This is a great product. I sprinkled a packet in the solo cup and put my seedling in the rapid rooter and in one week the roots were growing out of the bottom of the solo cup. I used it on a plant that seemed sensitive to watering (leaves drooping) and it snapped it right back to normal.

recommended by
Kristian E.

As good as the best. I have used many different brands and sources of mycorrhiza, from the really cheap ones to the extremely expensive ones. What I can say about root extender is: it costs as the really cheap brands but performs like the truly top shelf products! Have used this one b4 and will keep using it! Keeps me and my flowers happy!

recommended by
James s.

sprinkle in the hole with ewc on transplant root explosion.

recommended by
Mb S.

Excellent results. Used with autos.

recommended by
Jussi k.

Nice and powerful product. Ty nirvana!

recommended by
Johnny J.

this definitely promotes bigger, better bud. i use it with every plant

Root Xtender

  • For healthy and strong roots.
  • Endo-mycorrhiza and rhizo bacteria.
  • Handpicked mix.

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