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recommended by
Thanh n.

Fast shipping. Great quality seeds. Good price. All seeds pop in 3 days.

recommended by
Jake A.

This little lady definitely had a growth spurt during the flowering stage. I used LST to keep the height down and to provide plenty of light. I ended up having to trick her into flowering since the veg stage took about 1 1/2 months and flowering took another 2. First time with an auto but not quite sure why the veg state took so long. I am planning on buying another set soon just to have.

recommended by
Brian u.

My all time favorite auto I have hold my record auto grow of 5'8" yield of over 9 oz(pics on weedportal) and keep it in rotation...super easy to train and grow...get it...great smoke!..

recommended by
Logan A.

Very fun grow. Not the beat yeilding but nugs are top notch and tasty will grow again

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recommended by
John G.

This is my first set of seeds from Nirvana. All 5 of the popped, flowered, and provided good times. First couple of seeds, I planted in FoxFarms soils. Last set of seeds, I used MG Seed Starter. In both cases, FoxFarm trio provided the nutes. I favor this strain over Northern Lights because the high is more euphoric which I prefer.

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recommended by
Angela-Marie G.

Just wanna say thank Nirvana!!!! U guys rock!!!! Just got my magic beans today n I'm so excited. Da shipping took about 3.5 weeks to happy valley oregon. Awesome job on da shipping. It was packed really nice. Can't wait to get my new order or bubbalicous n swiss cheese. My new fav. Spot to order. Much love n respect to da whole team at nirvana. Kept me posted n didn't let me down. I recommend nirvana n e day. U guys should come out wit stickers! I'll rock it here in da 503. But once again I wanna say thank u n I'll be ordering again for da 3rd time. Mahalo n jah bless

recommended by
Gary j.


recommended by
Edmund M.

I want to just say that Nirvana is a first rate Company. from shipping quickly all the way to there beans! So i ordered all autos lemon blueberry and short rider. Mind u I just generaly grow outdoors in the So. Cal desert! I grew half of my 30 beans with a 4 way t5 during veg. Than relized that it was time to get a 1k hid system. Since I have done that, I have 70-100c or 3 feet plants and am loving the 20 hour light cycles! the flowering process is amazing and flawless! All but 1 bean have popped and sampled all of it this week! The bomb very happy!! Putting together my summer order

not my taste by
William D.

received quickly to Texas, US. started all 5. 3 of 5 germinated, all were female and all were stable. this was my first auto and honestly Im gunna stick to reg seeds. The end product was very skunky and pungent, but the buds were loose and airy. Very decent...just not my thing.

not my taste by
John S.

Turned out a little airy but great buzz. Perfect little bonsai plant. Grew 3 ,2 short and bushy 1 tall and spindly. Trying jock horror next

recommended by
La k.

Easy and fun! Pretty little girl. 5 out of 5 from 1 gal pots to 3 gal then 5. But she likes it tight so 3 gal is good. Great soil and she loves organic kelp. One was not a short rider but looks like the white widow rider! Will grow her for sure next. White widow auto is a magnificent plant. Short rider is too but the widow will yield 2x more than rider. Rider is done in 50 days. Rider does the job and gives you good smoke fast Looks like the widow will go for 2-3 more weeks. So very happy and grateful to you. Growing over 30 years and the autos are fun and easy and wonderful to put in with your photoperiod girls creating a never ending garden. Mahalo nirvana!

recommended by
Daryl B.

I grew under LED light. Start to finish 8 weeks. Great bud.

recommended by
John t.

fast grower, can't get any easier. excellent choice if you need smoke fast

recommended by
Rene S.

Just to be sure, Nirvana has always come thru as Professional as possible....can't wait to try the Short Rider autoflower

recommended by
Brian B.

This is a great plant! She's not short by far at least when you think of autoflowers. She grew to about 4ft and took 10 weeks to finish. But, the quality and yield are worth the wait. A whopping 2.5 oz dried and cured. That's from one plant. I used Fox Farm nutes and Kellogg's Organic soil. Don't for get love and attention. She grew listening to Zeppelin and Floyd. Great Smoke!

recommended by
Ricky K.

Nirvana always delivers! They just shipped my seventh order! So far they have delivered within 15 days of ordering. Their seed are great too! I love the Short Rider! I recommend it to any one who likes to have a plant going 365. Short growth period with a really nice "Daytime" high. I recommend Nirvana to all my friends. :-)

recommended by
Dart T.

only 2 weeks of delivery to the land of smile, very impressive!!! Love Nirvana

recommended by
Jim L.

I grew Short Rider outdoors in western Washington US. It's classic skunk weed. I planted on May 10 and harvested August 17. I got a little over an ounce of bud per plant. This strain is easy to grow and would be a good choice for a beginner.

recommended by
Albert M.

I have to give 5, seeing as I have received every order without fail. Straight to business. This short ryder is one of the most beautiful girls I have grown, one of those you don't want to bring down. I didn't want to grow a couch-lock, so I harvested with the 90/10 cloudy trichome. 1 plant 43.4g under 1200w. I wanted to do the 20/4 cycle, but my rhino has priority over all with the 12/12. Very pleased with the quality and reward. Thanks again Nirvana.... AKfortyeight.

recommended by
Devin b.

Seeds came in 14 days after purchase all have been germinated 2nd buy from Nirvana and 100% satisfaction quality product

recommended by
Steve p.

Ok I ordered this Short Rider and got it back in U.S Very Fast, about 3 weeks from mailing my payment. I got 4 instead of 5 seeds, but didn't expect to get anything, so I was fine with it. 3 of 4 Short Rider seeds germinated, and took 11 weeks from germination to Harvest, Buds Sparkle, Tested and it is Very Good smoke. I am now Curing it. Overall Short Rider, and Nirvana are a Safe Bet. I am now waiting for confirmation of my Payment for Papaya, and will let ya know how this one goes, when finished.

recommended by
Christopher O.

Very good for beginners. Good smoke.

recommended by
Brian u.

These are so fast..and they all always Nirvana's shipping department rocks..and a Happy grower I am!!

recommended by
David P.

Received seeds 7 days after ordering and had 5 out of 5 seeds germinate.

not my taste by
Jody M.

Just received my seeds!!!! Ordered on the 17th of July! They arrived here to Atlantic Canada on the 4th of Aug.!!! First impressions of the seeds, short riders look good out of the 5 there's 2 small ones but we'll see how they are!!! The freebies all look good nice and big except for 3 are on the small side!!! Thanks NIRVANA!!!! Pretty sure you have a customer for life!!! Updates to follow!!! Going to start some tomorrow!!!

recommended by
marcel g.

my short riders started april8, had cold nights in the low 40's days 50's to 60's outside grow in 5 gal buckets. took 31 days to show flowers (i think the temps may have slowed them). day 60 now looking good! looks like little x-mas trees, budding out great, im figuring 3 to 4 more weeks and harvest. about 2ft tall average and guessing about a oz dry per plant! cold spring temps and short spring days but they still did very well, thank you they are everything that you said they would be!

not my taste by
Robert G.

Hi, I just got my seeds within 10 days. Im from the Norteast USA. And I started 1 seed,and it germinated. I have 4 left. I Ordered seeds from 2 other so called good sorces, and never got my seeds. after 80 days, I just want to say, NIRVANA! you have a lifetime customer here!! I dont have to go anywhere else! Thankyou Nirvana!!!

not my taste by
Albert W.

Bought some of these Short Rider seeds several years ago. Got ill and had them put away over two years. Found and planted 5 of them in straight dirt. Three popped. Now will water them hit them with some light nuts in a month and see if can get them to flower.

recommended by
Jake L.

I usually don't write reviews until I have a harvest.. but I felt I had to. First time using autos in hydro- great idea! Never seen anything healthier and bigger for their age(5wks). Using .5ml/gal Three part Advanced nutes, plus 1mil/gal Cal mag. Works flawlessly. Adjust ph of course. Slowly increasing bloom now..

recommended by
John O.

As usual all 5 popped and grew well. Easy auto to grow as it is a version of lowryder from other breeders. I used from 1 -3 gal pots with about same yield; it is a small auto and no need for huge pots; 2 gal is optimal for Short Ryder. Tight buds, unique flavour and 60 days to harvest make this a no brainer even for an experienced grower. NEVER TRANSPLANT AN AUTOFLOWER PLANT. PLANT IT IN THE 2 GAL POT AND SPARINGLY WATER IT. Nutes once after 30 days in good soil. Foxfarm Cha Ching until harvest. It will grow into a work of art.

recommended by
Jeffrey L.

Received these on the US East coast within two weeks of placing my order. Germinated one seed to test this strain out and I have to say I am a bit confused by my results compared to the other reviews. I have my plant in a 5 gal air pot under 600 watt HPS light using FFOF soil. The plant went into flower 32 days after germination and kept growing I finally had to tie down the main stem after it reached 4 feet in height. Not very short or even close to what other people were saying they had for a plant height. These plants have been in flower for 73 days and look like they need another two weeks before they finish. How people are saying that these are finished in 55-60 days baffles me. The main cola on this plant is just about 12 inches in length and I can't wait for it to finish.

recommended by
Zul V.

Just got my seeds today on 20 aug, ordered on 12 august fast.. Just germinate 2 of them and hoping to see it grow fast in my closet..thanx nirvana, and i like the update again..

recommended by
Matthew J.

Still vegging, but just wanted to give shipping props. Got it about 10 days after shipping. Very fast. 4/5 seeds were good which is fair. LEDing right now. Fast growth!

recommended by
Bobby S.

I can truly say that Short Ryder of Nirvana is a great strain, uniform in growth, autoflowers immediately, and with only a few weeks to go, and the buds glistening already, it will be a great smoke. I was skeptical when it came to Short Ryder and any autoflowering strain for that matter, but considering the germination rate (100%), health of the plant (perfect and disease resistant), as well as the ability to randomly change the light cycle, I am a true Believer :), thanx again to the great Nirvana team and to the breeders of this amazing strain. Will be ordering real soon.

recommended by
Holly P.

Got my seeds in 10 days, very discreet and I did not do tracking. Purchased with bitcoint. Easy peasy. Great job Nirvana, can't wait to plant these for my first grow!

recommended by
Nedra R.

Love the plant

recommended by

I started with 1 seed in a 2 gallon pot in potting soil. 24/7 CFL and plain water till I saw pistols then started bloom booster. Been alternating between straight water and a little booster. 58 days from sprout this plant is about 2.5 ft. tall and loaded with buds and the main cola is about 6 inches long. I don't know if growing weed is suppose to be this easy, or if this strain is that hardy. Nirvana is the only one for me! Thanx Nirvana, you have made growing easy!

recommended by
Greg W.

Grown outdoors in 90+ temp in 3 gallons of ff ocean forest dirt and trio nutes. Huge cola with buds so heavy I had to prop them up. Surprise is the strong 2-toke high. Very nice. I will reorder these babies!

recommended by
Jamo S.

I'm still watching. 5seeds, 5 plants.they started flowering quickly under 24/7 CFLs. I'm eager to see the results.

recommended by
Christopher K.

So far so good..Give the the Shorties a try.

recommended by
Tommy p.

After six seven weeks they already show the sex and has begun flowering. An Incredible fast maturing strain.

recommended by
Megan P.

Grew 2 to maturity. I absolutely abused these plants. They suffered moves, power outages and neglect. They were green and healthy the entire time. I would recommend to beginners/cash croppers

recommended by
Tad H.

My 1st time growing. Still learning. I used the Auto flowers. Going to try some diff. things this time around. Love watching them grow! Got my seeds to the U.S. in no time! I ordered more Short Ryders and Some Bubbleliciouse autos. Starting them up now. can't wait!

recommended by
Joseph S.

This is the first auto-fem I've tried (my last was AK-48 regular, 7 males and WOW A very long lasting powerful head buzz w/ some body buzz great gaming weed). sorry, back to the shortys. Got 5 seeds 3 germinated and are just over 1 month in and POW pre-flowers right on time but the odor is a bit concerning, personally I love the smell, but you know, neighbors. Anyway I'm using a big 4100k CFL and 2 7800k grow lamps so while not the best of conditions they are coming along fine, the AK's came out fantastic, same lights, FF soil, mild nute's black strap molasses (unsulfured). the 2 that didn't sprout are a complete disappointment since I am on a tight budget but am looking forward to a great harvest soon and am getting some auto-fem blue mystics in a few weeks. I just wish a sativa strain could grow as fast since it's my favorite buzz but it's good to mix it up. Nirvana will definitely get my next order very soon since these grow so darn fast, Joe

recommended by
michael w.

Planted in 3 gallon root pouch with quality garden shop soil mix dropped it in the "high pod" go easy on the ferts. and I was shocked by the yield. Nice High, Easy Grow p.s Careful, Even running large carbon filter It Stunk Up ENTIRE House!

recommended by
Jerry W.

Planted 5 Feminized seeds all five grew to maturity. Used full strength ferts and feeds. all 5 had rock hard buds and 6/10" main colas. There were only 2 that got 36/38 inches, the other 3 were about 2 foot tall. The amount of resin they produce in such a short time is truly amazing!!! They all finished from seed in 55 days. I could have let them go a little longer but needed the room. I have already ordered them again along with the Jock Horror auto, and the Blue Mystic Auto. I give them a perfect rating.

recommended by
Kalvis J.

My friend growed one pair from theese seeds and we are satisfied. We got nice skunky buds in short time. Plant was short, but grow time too and that's pleased us. :)

recommended by
josh q.

If you like to smoke bud as much as I do you probably run low in no time. Well with this you only have 70 days (from seed) to enjoy ripe flavorful sticky buds. Two thumbs up.

recommended by
Asif Jonathan K.

Best strain ever for small spaced growers. This plant is one strong mfker that can take alot of abuse. The Stem is as hard as wrong. Excellent choice for first growers

recommended by
Brun V.

TTen out of Ten germinated, 7 sprouted and grew into beautiful, not so short ladies. 3 of them smell and taste skunky. 3 of them smell and taste fruity and 1 of them is neutral, very neutral. I would recommend this strain for beginners indoor but for expert just go with regular or fem. seeds. Yield was ok considering it is autoflowering but was low for the plants sizes...

recommended by
Dan d.

I got 5 seeds spouted 3 all 3 took 40-45 days later they all autoed all are about the same size 2 foot and budding up and smelling good cant wait for the final product so far so good. thank's nirvana!

recommended by
John R.

Had a couple issues with germination but the end result was wonderful. I really loved this strain!

recommended by
david h.

short and just right for my grow room! just harvested today. will start mid april for our growing season outside, strong skunky,&tasty. mmm, as long as Nirvana can get me the seeds i will always buy from them. there honest and will help you out if homeland security gets your order! thank you guy. peace. oo using 2 8500k full spectrum flourscent lights /18/6 lighting & Nirvana soil tabs!!..................:)

recommended by
erik q.

2 out of 2 seeds planted the 21th of Feb and have now 2 flowering plants (26th March), been flowering for a week now. Very small plants that suit my growing space very well. Thank you.

recommended by
Ilkka K.

The seeds were delivered on schedule and in one week came 5 sprouts out of 5 seeds! Growing well in the sunlight. Incredible, Reliable and effective! Now hungry for more.

recommended by
hurk b.

great strrain will do her over and over again yeilds higher than expected taste smell and overall stone was and is off tha f n charts cant go wrong with this 1 ladies n gents ya cant go wrong

recommended by
Charles W.

All five seeds sprouted. Two weeks growth in a AeroGarden and doing great. Nice fat leaves. Nirvana has earned my business.

recommended by
Gregory C.

I've grown these for three years, and they always deliver good yields. Beautiful buds and easy to grow.

recommended by
Michal S.

This is my first order with Nirvana and first try to grow on my own. Stealth package was delivered to me in a week. From my 5 Short Rider seeds 4 poped out. I placed under my red LED panel on 6/18 regime and they started flowering in about two weeks. No hydro, just regular soil and water. One plant is much more taller, the rest stay short. I love watching them and the smell is just great. Can't wait to smoke my babies !

recommended by
David C.

Took almost 2wks to get my 10 auto-fem short rider seeds in the mail.. but they came! Took about 4days full germ, been 5weeks today. Lost 1 as a baby (prob my fault). 9 left. 3 have been on flowering steroids last few days or so. Amazing! They're only 8 inches tall and look like tiny little bushes. Started em OD in great weather, than had to move ID on 20/4 about a week ago. they seem to like the ID conditions (about 200W rack of high output cfl) but nothin beats the sun. I'm gonna experiment and put a few of em OD to finish, we'll see which turns out best! I use dirt, old school. Need an HPS tho soon I think. So far so good. Can't believe they're flowering already! I'll let u know his they taste. Nirvana u rock!!

recommended by
Vlad G.

Five feminised short rider seeds were the first seeds I ordered online. It was the first time I grew anything. I build myself a small micro cab and got these seeds.In my opinion this was the best possible strain I could start with. The fact that they autoflowered on their own was a great benefit for a first time newbie grower such as myself. I only grew 1 seed at a time, and after each harvest the seeds germinated, except for the last one, but it was about a year old and it was my fault because I tried germinating it in rockwool and probably drowned it.However the seeds germinated very smooth, and the plant took all the abuse a newb like me could dish out and it still gave me some sweet buds. This strain practicaly got me hooked to growing, and made me build up some confidence and experience. Aswell as being very fun to grow, the smell was great, even stinkier than the ICE plant I currently have gowing. I lsted the plant a bit and it kept very short, it kept to a height of about 30-35 cm and was bushy.The high was very relaxed, and mellow, great body stone, it was great for getting in that couch and watching some movies, munching on some carrots, and it was the best damn weed I ever smoked at the time, way better than what dealers around my parts try to push anyway. I didn't get any hangovers the next day, and it helped quite a bit with lifting my mood. I didn't wait for the whole batch to cure properly before smoking it, so I can't say alot about the smell, but the few buds left in the jar, after a few weeks had passed, started to have a very pleasant fruity aroma.So all in all this strain is great for begginers, or relaxed easy growers, the fact that it autoflowers is a trait some people look for these days, and these puppies definately autoflower. The last two grows I let the lights go for 24/7 all the way, the plants still autoflowered, no hermies, and grew really well and healthy. I've learned alot growing this strain, and it was good to me. After I try out more strains I might come back to this some day, and grow it with all the experience I've accumulated, just to get the maximum I can out of this strain.

recommended by
fred b.

This plant was put in 5 gallon pots with a promix medium after started inside. From seed to finish 60 days and done! believe it. I used foxfarm nutes and yielded an average of 3/4 of an ounce per plant. The downside is if you plant them in the spring they will be flowering during the humid days of summer in return equals BUDROT , at least thats what happend to me. The bud itself was awsome and the taste and smell was exactly like a grape, thats right grapes!

recommended by
Ossi K.

Those short rider`s has.. very fast and furious way to grow. First one really was ready before I even had to think it thru. Learning learning.. now I`m ready for that next one. I have to be bit faster with the cycle. Then it is fun when cycle is just right. T:Ozz

recommended by
Bradley M.

Its amazing Nirvana!! I thank you for your great service. My short riders are three weeks along and WOW...They are all damn hairy women 3 out of 5. Can't wait to taste the product...They smell good just like all ladies should smell...a little skunkie and I like it!! I tell all my friends about you Nirvana, I'm proof and they see and hear it ! ! I had little problem with Nirvana web site at first...It was on my server, not theirs Since than all my orders have been very fast...My percentage of germination is very high with Nirvana. I did try another seed company with terrible results but what a sale ! I'm staying with NIRVANA !!

recommended by
Matthew M.

sooo i just got my short riders in. took about a week from ordering (im still waiting for my fairytale pack its only been like 12 days butttt i digress..) so while waiting i realized i had an old aero garden! sweeet i poped two short riders and a northern lights in the aerogarden in a triangle. ( i figured this would allow for best light/space usage) my little ladies love this thing! there at about 3'4ths and 1.25 inches! Conclusion, nirvana short rider auto fem seeds live up to the hype. Now lets see how this strain fairs in the aero, yield, strength ect. thanks nirvana! i will deff. buy these again. let yall know how the northern and the fairy tail go once there in.Grace peace and plentiful harvests!Fresh Nugs

recommended by
sami m.

Very fast flowering, Buds are bit small but quality of smoke is very pleasing :). When smoked, you will be so relaxed and feel peace and happiness, i think that this strain will be my #1 smoke. Recommended for beginners, both to the growers and smokers. This strain aint suitable for those who want _big_ yields though.

recommended by
Brian Z.

After reading the reviews, it looks like I WILL be needing to order this strain. It will be a nice addition to the other five strains I've purchased from Nirvana. Keeping all growing, some going into their 6th year. Nirvana offers the very best high quality seeds, that keep you coming back for more of their great prices, outstanding customer service, and the tops in the business with their stealth delivery. I'll NEVER use another supplier for my Marijuana needs. Hat's off to the whole Nirvana team! Wish they had a contest for their customer's... maybe top prize could be spending a few days with your awesome team and see the "behind" the scenes look at your wonderful organization. Nirvana supplies peace and tranquility all over the world, each and every day, day after day. Oh yea, please don't forget to include a dinner date with Alice as part of the contest winners package. Peace to all / Keep the smoke growing and the love flowing!

recommended by
Jeremy L.

well nirvana did it again. seeds came today. everytime i order i get nervous. this was the longest that it has ever taken to get my seeds. 2 weeks, nothing to complain about. will start germinating tonight. I guess the only complaint that i have is this is the first time that i did not get any free seeds with the order. my biggest order and no freebies. no complaints here though. i will continue to order from nirvana cause they have never let me down, so fand i don't think that they will do that anytime soon. thank you nirvana for everything and you will be hearing from me in the futureNIRVANA COMMENT:

recommended by
Petri L.

Delivery to Finland took usual cuople of weeks (~10 days) from placing the order. Germination took 4 days, but I put them warmer place after first day. If I had put them warmer right away, seeds would have germinated in three days for sure. 5/5 seeds cracked and my expectations are high. Now they are rooting and looks good, keeping in mind they are just few days old.I recommend the strain for everyone who wants to try somenthing else for a change. :)Great customer service all the way, use Nirvana for safe delivery and high quality seeds :)

recommended by
Marek T.

If You're in a hurry ! I'm gonna only say that this plant grow and make buds so quickly that just HPS, water some kind of watch and You can start counting =] Peace

Short Rider Autoflower

  • Female seeds
  • Autoflowering trade favorite.
  • Early-finishing strain.
  • For growers with limited space.
  • Strong, skunky buds.

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