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Very Positive 94% (38 reviews)
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recommended by
Glenn L.

Super frosty plant and a good yielder. Never less than 2oz. Relatively low smell for stealth grows. Produces lots of sugar leaf trim loaded with trics.

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recommended by
Jay P.

Definetly have to try this once, it has a great smell and grows easily. Amazing nirvana

recommended by
Zach C.

Great strain. Robust growth and nice yields. Nirvana is great. Great customer service, great product. The only bank I will buy from

recommended by
Thomas S.

Tom SMy package arrived today and I have nothing but great praise for Nirvana. Sending cash from the US it only took 2 weeks to receive my order. Being paranoid about the order and being reassured by them that everything would be alright I will be a customer again. Thanks Nirvana, very professional. Cant wait to get started!

recommended by
Kathy G.

Got a package deal with Snow White. Package came in pretty good time coming to the states. Great packaging. 100% germination on all, up in a couple of days. And growing like a "weed". Can't wait to try this one when it's done. Kudos to Nirvana.

recommended by
Wayne C.

This strain rocks it inside or out! Mega crystal coverage and not overbearing with leaf/bud ratio. Nice smell and flavor, but will never be white widow.

recommended by
Brain L.

LEDs, 1 month veg, super soil . 2oz per. Top it. Sativa stretch, solid Indica nugs. Smoke is very relaxing. Tastes sweet and skunky.

recommended by
Kovatec .

I grew 1 and took 2 clones of it they both made it and are doing well the main plant finished in 9 weeks, looks nice and bushy just over 2 ft tall, being a newbie, I did kinda mess it up with nutrients, but it was very forgiving, took and smoked early clippings and the taste and smoje was nice and smooth :-)

not my taste by
john f.

Good germ, consistent phenos, bomb smoke, easy to grow, but yeilds werent the best, very sub par compared to other strains, but I guess its about why your growing it, if you prefer quality over quantity, this is for you!But i grew in soil, it does much better in hydro, i did a bubble bucket, But either way,, deff super good n easy smoke,

recommended by
duane m.

I have alway had good luck with nirvana. My last order 21 days from order to my hands. getting ready to start my seeds

recommended by
Adam G.

Decided to grow this heavy medical strain after my success with my first grow from nirvana. have to say that all my beans have always sprouted, forget what the nay talk nirvana is for real.

recommended by
daniel w.

Bought 5 snow white fem. 4 out 5 sprouted currently in 5th week of veg. And there all a foot tall & topped twice so have 4tops on all goina veg another week or two to get a lil more height on the tops but all n all they look GREAT! ;-) & 8 of the 10 freebies sprouted & are clearly different strains one of em has to be that plant that gets lanky 2ft tall & very Linky with super skinny leavesn stem is very thin for the size & is the tallest but looks the worst aa lot of browning on the tips of all the leaves ? But any way thanks nirvana very satisfied n can't wait to try some other strains soon :-)

recommended by
Yvonne M.

I received my order in 8 days, counting the weekend not business days, discretely. Took 3 days to germ my small seeds using Rockwool cube placed in a sealed plastic container( of course Ziploc ) placed in a 78° to 80° very dim area. My girls are kickiniiiit at 5 dys old!!!! Yes my seeds were small but their fine and if anything goes wrong at this point I can't blame myself :-p ..nd I won't blame Nirvana either SO lEt's hope nothing messing this up. I feel like a happily pregnant women in my first trimester. Anyway shopping here from now nd on.... placed another order for my nighttime med (Papaya...hope i spelled that right) Monday nd it shipped already. I'm totally satisfied with my overall experience HERE!!!

recommended by
Jason W.

All 5 seeds sprouted withing a couple days after being put straight into a peat/perlite mix. All 5 appear to share the same phenotype with very uniform growth/appearance between all 5. Transplanted outdoors early July (SoCal) and after mild bleaching on older leaves the new growth loves the high temps and intense sun. This strain is so far not very sensitive to nutes either, which I guess is the norm for Indicas. The growth shows a heavy tendency towards its Indica side, to the point it looks like a 100% indica plant. All 5 plants respoded very well to being topped - though they did need a few days to recover before they really started growing again. On that note, I used the tops of all 5 for clones and all 5 fully rooted within a few days with fuzzy white roots exploding from peat/perlite mix.As a side note, all 10 randoms sprouted very quickly, with the longest taking 4 days. Still no signs of sex (sowed at end of May).Over all I'm very satisfied with the seeds themselves. I'll be sure to update when I'm finally able to harvest.

recommended by
Chris B.

First time with this strain and must say this is a amazing plant good for beginners like myself and will deffently order again nirvana is the best around thanks agian

recommended by
Joseph S.

Clone Veg'd around 60 days with LST/HST and topping techniques. Flowered 67 days. Nice bud to leaf ratio. Easy to trim. Easy grow. Clones easy. Looks more sativa but hits very Indica. Head buzz into a body stone.

recommended by
Paul D.

Grew 2 Snow White and 2 Chrystal. Hydro/CFL grow. Very forgiving strain. I had heat and humidity issues in Veg and she still grew strong with very thick main stem. LST and Fim, alot of bud sites. started nutes 1/8 strength week 1 veg went 1/4 mid week 1 , week 3 veg was at full nutes and she loved it. GH 3 part,floralicious rapid start, subculture B, liquid cool bloom in flower, kept PH at 5.8 . covered in trichs around week 6 of flower. If you have limited space make sure you switch when you're at a bit less then half total heigth because she explodes in flower. Week 9 she finished with about 30% amber and had a sweet smell. Over all very happy with Snow White and will grow again after I play with Auto northern lights and Auto short rider. Good choice for a frst time grower, very forgiving strain. Nirvana is a great company and the only one I will order from.

recommended by
Mark S.

Like these girls the best out of all that I have gotten so far from Nirvana. These are definetly on the buy again list. Order came relatively quickly and without hassles ... just dont try the candy ... lol

recommended by
Nathan P.

first time grow wth dis strand using 1000watt mh veg hps flower using full line fox farm nutes...

recommended by
Brain B.

Oxygéner un maximum les racines en permanence (attention au H2O2 - micro-organisme)...valable pour toutes les plantes du monde en terre ou hors-sol.

recommended by
Steve B.

have been growing under flourescents since June. germinated 3 & all did well. killed 2 by accident. plant is just under 3ft tall now. 2 weeks into flowering now under 400W HPS & white hairs starting to show. clones have succeded as well. a very good strain for beginners. cant wait till she's ready to taste.

recommended by
David H.

Relieves stomach pains and migraines

recommended by
Evan S.

This is my 2nd time ordering from Nirvana (and 2nd grow); and both times i have been extremely satisfied with the results. The only issue i ever encountered on this strain was one failed seed. Nirvana once again delivers me a reliable strain that has helped me tremendously. One less thing to worry about :D.TL;DR - AMAZING skunk/fruity smell and very compact nugs. Flowered 10 weeks - Nirvana FTW!

recommended by
Casey C.

Finished a very nice lavender purple that dried out to be a bright purple. The buds were purple the leafs were dark green however.

not my taste by
Jeannine C.

I put in four out of five, unfortunately one did not even emerge and another looks very skinny, don't look good. I also put 4 of the Blackjack, to whom all emerged and are doing well. I was really hoping on this strain to come through better for me. Never had a problem with any seeds I've bought from Nirvana....Maybe they will come through for me?? Other than that I have had no problems at ALL with Nirvana. Fast shipping to the U.S. Always females!

recommended by
Kyle W.

Great shipping, got my package in a week, very stealthy and fast. I would recommend nirvana if you want the best!!! IM HAPPY!!! Thanks nirvana

recommended by
Andrew S.

Ok, I got a 5 pack of feminized Snow White and all 5 sprouted right away. I put them in 4" pots to start off with on 2-1-11. I immediately gave 1 to my buddy and put 4 of them under a 400W MH about 18" away on a 24 hour light period for the first 3 weeks; I know overkill -- shutup and let me drive this bus --lol. After 3 weeks my babies were about 6" tall and about to their 4th to 5th node. After week 3 I moved them to 1 gal pots and switched to a 16 on 8 off light schedule. That was good for about another 3 weeks then I saw the 1 I gave to my buddy after the same amount of time in a 3 gal pot and ran home and put the 4 I had left into 3 gal pots Big difference!! 2 weeks later here we are My girls are 18" tall and at their 13th-15th node. Hormone levels are perfect as I have female pre-flowers at the main stalk but still symmetrical growth. I am going to let them go for another week and take 6 clones from the bottom 3 nodes of each plant. Currently my mature ladies are in 3 gal pots with 70% potting soil mixed with 10% perlite and 10% Gro-Rocks 10% coconut fibers -- all crap I had sitting in my basement already from a previous grow from like 6 years ago (before I had a job). *** Note if you are going to re-purpose mediums like this make sure you leach them WELL to avoid salts locking up your nutrients!!! *** I went to my local grow store and told them I wanted some liquid nutrients that were organic -- 'cause I think the flavor is better -- he suggested General Organics BioThrive and CaMg+ I water once a week with those mixed between light and heavy feeding per the instructions on the bottle plus some leftover micronutrient with added nitrogen for a total nutrient profile of 6-3-3. The plants are strong and bushy and short. Ill let you know how the next stage goes and post some pics if I can somewhere here. BUY THESE SEEDS!!!

recommended by
Kevin L.

1. Snow White fem From NirvanaSoil nutes water FFOF soil, FF Nutes all 6, Distilled water Lights 600w MH veg and 1000w flower Hortilux bulbs Planters Potted up from ½ gallon pots starting all the way up to 7 gallon pots. Veg time 7 weeks from seed Height when switched to flower 18 in when switched Stretch 40-50% Finished height 28 in Flowering time Smell SW has an earth vegetable smell to it. Dry weight On average 1.5-2 oz of dried product when switched at 18 in Taste, High, Bag appeal Has a good taste and the buds are a little on the airy side so it looks like more when sacked up. Notes I would give this one a 7.5/10. I would like to see more output so next time I am going to veg them to 24 in before flower.

recommended by
Jesse P.

Nirvana has some great people working for them. I had a problem with my order and Alice helped me fast. I got an answer the same day I sent the email. I will always come back to Nirvana....

recommended by
Juan enrique S.

This again is another one. I bought different seeds at the same time to have different types to grow. Well this one out did any others by far. There will be absolutely no complaints from me on this one. Awesome job on finding this one.

recommended by
Dana s.

Got my Snow white today . Fast shipping from the Nertherlands, omly took 9 days to get to Kentucky. thanks loved the candy. Will post pics as soon as the start vegging.

recommended by
Fred S.

I just finished a batch and was very happy with. I have been growing four different strains at once to see which ones I like the best. I use a vaporizer, so I get the true tast of the pot. Good buzz.

recommended by
Igor R.

Damn ! ...SNOW WHITE for me is the best strain for get relax !!! really good ! I grew some on World Cup and i got a good times.... I Recommend ! Excellent strain. Peace.

recommended by
Brian S.

I recently ordered these seeds and they came very quick to the west coast and was very happy. Unfortunetyly i only got two of five to greminate. But those two have grown strong and vigurous. And are difintley turning out just as described. Asked nirvana about the germination issue i was having and they seemed suprised which was a good thing (said to me that it wasnt a very common problem) anyway they wrote back immediatly, answered all my questions and took care of me like no other company has. Nirvana is #1 will be doing buisness with again in the future.

recommended by
fred b.

very stealthy, an envelope with bubble wrap and inside was a *************** and in the ************** there were my babies along with 10 mixed seeds as a gift. nice touch. The only thing that made me nervous was the ************ was battery powered with lights in it the batery pack made me a little sketched out for a minute. Paranoid thinking feds gps but that was crazy thinking . My germination kit did'nt come yet but I'm sure it will be here soon. Thanks nirvana and alice you sexy bitch! F.M.B. New Hampshire U.S.A.

Snow White Feminized

  • Top quality white F1 hybrid.
  • Short indica stature, sticky buds, lots of trichomes.
  • Strong stone, smooth taste.

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