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Recommended by
Domen A.

My first ever grow was with these babies under a 250w HPS lamp and the taste was impressive (yield wasnt). But my next grow I upped my lamps to two Quantum Boards 304's and the plant took off. I could hardly contain 2 plants in a 80x80x160 cm box. End result was 230 grams cured. Very potent and nice smelling plant with excelent high on a vaporizer, which does not slow down your thoughts. So far my favorite Nirvana strain! Good job!

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Recommended by
Darrin B.

Grew two girls, vegged for five weeks, if you had seen them, they looked like pure sativa, when flipped, double their size, just like sativa, ended up, one right around 100cm or 39", the other 32". But by the third week of Flower, they then decided they were Indica, and boy did they. Set up is a 2'x4', under one cxb3590 each 100W, 65 at the plug, hanging light bulb. BIG yield, believe it. Comes on like a sativa, fools you, but then the indica kicks in around 15 minutes, but because of the sativa I'm guessing, NO couch lock. Love it and strong.

Not my taste by
James G.

Not a great one I can say. It yeilds alot but I have problems with the airy buds.

Recommended by
Marcus R.

I also grew this wrong but boy after i put it in another pot BOOM it takes off . Switch to flower and it was competeing with my two wonder woman clones ( excellent strain btw) and i didnt grow this proerly at all but man i like the high abd taste... crazy yield all of these products have been yeilding crazy im impressed

Recommended by
David S.

Beautiful plant to grow and experience. Wonderful taste with a high to match. This was very easy to grow with an excellent harvest. I grow indoors in soil (my own concoction) and got almost 1/4 pound off of each plant. Nice buds that all your buds will want.

Recommended by
Brian B.

Great plant! She grew to about 4ft and loaded with flowers. Her flowers are covered with tricomhes but the leaves are not. She has a nice sour fruit smell while growing but a dank sour shunk smell when dried and cured. I yielded about 5oz from one plant dried and cured using a 250hps and yield kit. This was my first time using Nirvanas yield kit and it will be in my cart from here on out. I used Fox Farm Ocean Floor soil and a little TCL. The high is strong so be warned. She has a psychedelic/ couchlock high which I find very unique. 11 week flower and 4 week veg. 7 day dry and 15 day cure. I highly recommend this strain!

Recommended by
Robert B.

First of all Nirvana is first rate when it comes to stealth shipping and customer service. Seeds arrived in about 10 days. I soaked 1 somango seed overnight and then planted in a peat plug . Spouted in about 3 days. This plant is very easy to grow. It is a thick plant and it will need defoliation. Takes nutrients real well I always add cal mag to my water along with the fox farm trio and she seemed to really like it. I am in week 5 flowering right now and she is packing on the buds. She is going to be a really heavy yealder. If she is as good as I have read this will be a fantastic grow for me. I would definitely recommend.

Recommended by
steven r.

i recieved 5 seeds and all 5 seeds are up about height they look great and they are growing great,thank you

Recommended by
Jason w.

Easy grow, med yield amazing flavor and effect. 2 very distinct and different genos from this batch.

Recommended by
Dean D.

Stealth shipping,and quality!

Recommended by
Major W.

Somango XXL (fem) is a great seed with great potential in the right hands. Single grow tent, under 600 w LED, in coco coir/ perlite mix, with the gen hydro nute line (additional myccorhyzie added).Shop: great stealth packaging, and speedy delivery (about 19 days to south US). Highly recommended.Overall impression: Easy to grow, short plant with an above average yield and excellent flavor. Highly recommending this strain. Appearence: Beautiful plant, lush green accentuated with white pistils.. Grew approximately 24 inches (lst and cropped, with scrog netting). Easy to maintain and grow. Smell was not previlent until week 7(ish) of flowering. Flavor: Absolutely spot on, as described. Earthy pungent aroma and smoke up front, followed by a dance of sweet mango on the tongue afterwards. Affects: A slightly heady high with great tones of overall calmness. Happy, goofy and just all around great for smoking with buds.Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Recommended by
Tim W.

Impressive stealth packaging and fast delivery appreciated. All five beans popped using wet paper towel method. Growing in a 4x4 tent using optic 6 Cree cob/led light. Vegged for 6 weeks 18/6 now 2 weeks into flower and wow! Fantastic node spacing and overall growth. Can't wait to harvest. I will update. Nirvana rocks!!

Recommended by
Stephen H.

So far so good beautiful in veg they clone well using emerald harvest and i loike what it llooks like so far

Recommended by
Nicolas C.

Somango strain is growing beautiful. It has a nice smell to it once it goes into flower, high recommend this strain.

Recommended by
anthony c.

First seed did not sprout. A rare dud from Nirvana. Second seed sprouted 08/13/2017. My anticipated harvest time is between late December and early January.So I have not had a chance to sample the plant. But I wanted to point out that the description says the plant reaches a maximum of 100 centimeters (39 inches) indoors.I am growing mine indoors, hydroponically. I switched to 12/12 light cycle on 10/28/17 and the plant was already 29 inches tall. Today 11/19/17 it is almost 4 feet tall (48 inches). Looks like with the proper grow medium and lighting, you can get a lot larger plant indoors than the 100 centimeters stated in the product description.

Somango XXL Feminized

Loved for its sweet taste, pleasant high, and fruity scent, Somango has been dubbed “the beast” after years of popularity and critical acclaim on the internet. The strain earned its name because it has a satisfying and fruity flavor that is reminiscent of tropical mangos.

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