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recommended by
Sylvia H.

Morning everyone. Just thought I would tell you I grew Sour last year outside. here in New Mexico. It got 13 feet high and gave me over 10 pounds. Outside is the only way to go. The buzz is remarkable. I only grow 4 plants every year and everything I have grown from Nirvana has been excellent. I want to try all your strains but growing 4 a year it will take along time. Thanks for selling the best seeds anywhere.

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Dry Mouth
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recommended by
Robert R.

Tried 4 seeds and all 4 germinated in about 3 days in my t-5 light set-up.

recommended by
James M.

This plant was a stellar purchase ,be careful with how long you veg with this plant with the long bloom period it can easily double its original size so make sure you have adequate ceiling space. Very distinct taste and it certainly has the pungent diesel smell and taste. :)

recommended by
Leslie M.

I had to harvest 3 weeks early due to a hurricane knocking out power for 6 days. This was still the best weed I have grown yet. I can't wait to grow it again and see what happens when it goes all the way to maturity. It gives a really nice head high. I will always have some Sour Diesel on my shelf. Thanks Nirvana, you never let me down.

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recommended by
S D.

Really happy i ordered these! Grew in Coco Coir 4 parts coco 1 part grow stone, in 3 gallon smart pot, under 400w LED. Was very easy to grow. Tried DWC with a different strain that wasn't dialed in right, growing in Coco seems almost idiot proof, which is well suited for me. Had great diesel smell during early-mid flower. Nice tight buds that responded really well to Low stress training. Also, pretty easy to clone even without any rooting hormone. Good diesel strain.

recommended by
Bradley M.

She is now in my top 5 and that's not easy to be there! You have to grow easy/good (only the strong sirvive in my garden!) I do baby my ladies, I try to give them the best! This lady grew nice Hard/firm Buds in DWC with new 600 watt cheaper LEDs. I just switched back to old nutrients. She clones easy. She'll need support, those flowers get LARGE! Everybody loves the taste and pain relief with relaxing benefits! Got no cons for these lady, she's a keeper for me! Thanks Nirvana for good quality seeds, when correctly grown they grow into supreme plants! Thanks again!

recommended by
Shala P.

A very resin-heavy strain, very good for pain. Smells wonderful, tastes decent. Yields are relatively low- 5 plants= 3 ounces. Took about 14 weeks from germination to harvest.

recommended by
Ian Z.

I'm very glad I got these. They are looking great and the smell is amazingly diesel. Can't wait to try it. Very good job nirvana, my hats off to you.

Sour Diesel Feminized

  • Genetics: NY Power Diesel x Sour Diesel
  • Flowering: 9-11 weeks
  • Height: 110-140 cm
  • Yield: 400-500 gr/m2
  • Indica/Sativa: 30/70

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