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recommended by
Dan d.

well to germinate my seeds I place them in water for a day or so then place them in a seed dirt if you don't have that used coffee grounds mixed with a little sand that way it can drain this time had my wife pick up some dirt used that not one seed came up PEOPLE READ THE BAG OF DIRT Because I DIDN'T SO I THOUGHT NIRVANA GAVE ME SOME BAD BEANS NO THE SOIL WAS WEED AND FEED I didn't look at the bag of dirt so sorry to nirvana for thinking that D.ron

recommended by
Brad M.

These seed are regular seeds and germinate in 3 days and got twins out of one seed.then that seed showed sex in 1 that's awesome crazy cant wait till i start getting flowers.

not my taste by
Duane m.

I have field tested this plant. To start with delivery is always absolute, customer service as well. No Doubt. First of all you need to be an expert to grow "her" I say that Gently. I ordered a five pack feminized. 3 sprouted 2 then died. Don't want to get into the specifics of the room but its top shelf, HIDs, MH ,LEDS, tent vents etc etc. "Sally" grew fast and spindly in all directions so I made clones. Started too flower the mother and put some clones in veg (they don't clone well). I sog the area with plastic fencing. (cheap plastic fence in a roll you tie the ends with wire to your tent poles. You can easily adjust at will). I then moved the hydro in the same tent. One in a five gal soil five 4inch clones in dro. I fed them with the best, Again I don't want to get into it, but I used advanced nutrient's (with tech support the whole way, their GREAT)! The other clones I saved to put outside here in upstate NY. Everything is fine up until flower, They start too stretch two feet almost. They are very photosensitive. the smallest light leak caused me to throw them away because they started horse tailing. (The leak dint effect Bubble gum.) They love too feed, they eat everything. They keep growing even during flower. Hydroponically disaster, You have to almost sit on them because they eat so much. Finicky eaters to say the least. Ph has to just right. In soil, same thing only they need more air. Don't over water, They love heat/humidity I mean love it..90 degrees and they grow .75 inches a day all around. Soil must be almost like jungle soil. They have no smell. Granted I got five seeds phenotypes so this one was on the diesel side. I got stretching, horse tailing.. No harvest indoor. plant was out of control. I tried twice indoor, the plant was not worth growing in My Opinion. Next I brought the clones and planted outdoors. I planted five that were no bigger then my finger in a sunny place. I knew a lot of deer and people might go HERE, but I expected them to be munched. I also placed one at My girlfriends house near lake George. I placed 20 in another location that I Faced facing south.The five plants grew too six feet four feet wide. Small slender buds. Late flower they camo well indeed. I was impressed at the size but no odor no stickiness. The buzz last long but no taste, Nothing. these plants were put out later about two weeks after the 20 on the other side. NOW.. THESE. OMG monsters so much so they collapsed on their own wt. I had too stake them, tie them down and they still collapsed, Branches fall of and snap. Every time I went out I was repairing a plant staking it up. One plant completely collapsed, I fixed it and it grew back and it collapsed again. I left about five out because they didn't finish until...Wait they never finished I picked them on nov 4-7.. we had a hard freeze right after that. the before this. I always harvest before this time. The plant does not resist mold in any way. In my opinion this is a weak plant in every respect. I had trouble with her from day one. its like a marriage you see might not make it and it doesn't, Don't marry this girl. Outdoor don't do it unless you live down south, Don't expect big bud's. Expect time and effort for a buzz that might payoff. Put it like this, I won the Canni Cup. I have been growing outdoor for over 20yrs. If I did as much work on this as I did in years past my name would be in High Times. SO Scale 1-10 Growing 10 (Hard) Buzz 6-7 Effort 10 (HARD) Thegeneral

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recommended by
benjamin s.

Got these in great time started 3 1 male in 7th week of flower look amazing

Sour Diesel Regular

  • Genetics: NY Power Diesel x Sour Diesel
  • Flowering: 9-11 weeks
  • Height: 110-140 cm
  • Yield: 400-500 gr/m2
  • Indica/Sativa: 30/70

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