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Recommended by
Andrew G.

Liked a lot

Recommended by
Wayne B.

I like this strain. Very Hardy.. I started it on 12/12 lighting on a 150w hps in March of 2016.. Grown till June... I harvested all top Colas.. Plant looked like a softball sized plant of branches. Transplanted it outdoors in ground, month later, plant revegged & grew wit such vigor.. Some many branches wit beginning top colas.. I LST it before pre-flower.. Fed regular bat guano phosphorus.. Huge fat buds so sticky,, very awesome bag appeal, super strong high.. I got 5ozs.. of top shelf meds.. So good, it didn't make it to curing process.. Imagine curing it for 6wks.. I only bought Sterling Haze because it was one that no one really commented it about.. Turned out to be really really awesome strain.. I waiting on reordering it..

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Recommended by
Mark H.

Soaked in distilled water 24hours, then into 2" peat pot (full strength FF-Ocean Forest in peat and 10 gallon pots), then into 10 gallon pot. 2-600 watt MH and HPS 24 hours in Veg for 5weeks, 12/12 for flower, water was always ph'd and FF-Trio for soil at 1/2 stenth once per week and Molasses once a month. Harvest at 12 weeks flower and it is STICKY, FUEL/SWEET SMELL, and got 6 Oz dried Primo flower. I have done several Nirvana strains this is best so far. I am a daily smoker for 20 years. See Full Moon review today as well

Recommended by
John m.

Must say nirvana seeds are really good that I all ways buy from them .

Recommended by
Wayne B.

Crazy strain.. I started on 12/12 wit a 150w hps(upgrade to 400w) in March.. Took all top colas of all branches in June(good bud,kinda premature).. Plant looked like a round softball sized plant..then, in June transplanted outside in ground. now it revegged,now it is a 2ft round plant in flower mood. Has many beginning top colas..looks like it was in LST but it wasn't. Nice slender Sativa leaves. Sterling Haze is a Hardy strain and I will keep this in my collection.. Pretty good cerebal plus the body from the Northern Lights... Wanna do the Haze 1...

Recommended by
Robert G.

Very Informative Service, My Order Was Shipped Out On May 3, 2016 and Arrived 9 days later on May 12th to Arkansas And Very Stealth Packaging So Far 6 Seeds Of The Freebeis Have Sprouted And Growing As I Speak. I Still have four seeds of the freebies left going to grow them first to assure i know what I'm doing and then plant the sterling haze and will report back once I get my results.

Recommended by
Shannon O.

I have 2 monster trees, looks amazing, under 1000 w , 4 footers half done, I will update when done.

Recommended by
Sam Y.

Friendly service , stealth packaging. you are best.

Recommended by
Buster M.

This was my fourth grow, my first time to try Sterling Haze. It took 11 weeks to finish and I got 300 gm from two plants under 600 watt HPS/MH light. Very large, dense, sticky buds. The high is extreme. I will grow this strain again and again.

Recommended by
Joshua M.

I have grown many strains from Nirvana. Maybe 15 different. This is at the top of the list of some of the sickest bud. So sticky its like playing with glue. the smell is sweet and sour, but also with a fuel undertone. The high is killer, Haze x N.L., can't go wrong. Also, with new lights finished at 9 weeks. Love it!!!

Recommended by
j s.

My first grow and I got 4 plants out of 5 seeds and they are very hardy . Very easy to clone. Last , the high is hang on and get some shit done. I am 50 yrs old and I cant work out without this strain. Also I suffer from anxiety and so fare I feel this has definitely help me . I would recommend trying it . This strain took 16 weeks to flower with cfls. don be in a rush . this is well worth it.

Recommended by
Andrew G.

all sprouted supper happy with nirvana company forever custormer

Recommended by
Johnny J.

i found that the SH sprouts quickly but seems to like it very warm 26 - 35 Celsius and very humid (just like the humidity for cloning). hopefully that will help with some of the germination problems that i've seen in the reviews. not only do you get a good seed with nirvana but the service is excellent

Recommended by
Jeff h.

My Sterling Haze seeds arrived at my house in the USA in about a week!! Same as my last/first time ordering from NIRVANA. I placed them in the refrigerator for about 3 days or so, placed them on a folded moist paper towel and folded it over only once over my seeds, I placed them in a small seed starter with the lid on and placed them under the shelf in my grow closet with my growing plants. In two and a half days they had all sprung to life very impressively!! PLUS, ONE SEED HAD TWINS IN IT, SO I GOT A BONUS THERE! 3 plus the twins doing great in a grow box, and one in a 5 gallon hydro bucket with a grow pouch, and growing under 2 coil flo. in a foil covered bottom half of a plastic trash barrell. This creates a pod for my plant and IT IS AMAZING!! I HAVE 8 ROWS OF THICK BRANCHES IN ABOUT 10 INCHES OF PLANT!! IT IS A 70'S BUSH!!! I will be flowering soon so will report back when I am getting baked with it and let everybody know how it came out. THANKS NIRVANA!!!

Recommended by
Ho an C.

I'v got one seed of this strain as a gift from a friend, he told me it is from nirvana seeds, its a good strain! very easy to manage and my plant is kind of compact which is good for a grow box grow !

Sterling Haze Feminized

  • Haze 1 / Northern Light F1 hybrid.
  • Tall but with dense, bright green buds.
  • Sweet-and-sour taste.
  • Stony yet uppy high.

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