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Positive 71% (7 reviews)
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not my taste by
Mike P.

I just harvested the two out of five I got to germinate. Good smoke but not very much of it. It would of been better if all would of germinated. Thanks

recommended by
Ron W.

Really good high and yield is pretty good for an auto,i got 2 ½ zones off each one.Nirvana Rocks !!

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recommended by
Trilly K.

These were shipped the dat after purchase and arrived 8 days after that. Phenomenal! Nirvana, as you have heard on many reviews, you scored yet another customer for life.. love the update to the website. Thanks nirvana

not my taste by
John S.

Out of 5 seeds 3 were autos , 2 I had to put on 12/12 to flower. Buds were a bit fluffy , potency just ok. For being a skunk variety not much aroma.

recommended by
Jon S.

Amazing genetics! Fast maturation with a huge yield! Twice what I've got from other autos. The buds are so covered in crystal that you can't tell what color the buds are.

recommended by
Karl R.

Here is a true story that shows just how good the quality of Nirvana seeds really are. When I was germinating some Blueberry Kush Autoflowers I slipped and LOST 2 of the seeds that had been soaking for a few hours in water. I looked around but just couldn't find them anywhere! So I was mad at myself but got over it and had kind of forgotten about them. Today I noticed that there were 2 little tiny seedlings stretching for light in the bottom of a 3 foot tall Black Jack(also Nirvana) mother plant. It was the 2 seeds I had lost! They actually had enough moisture to germinate and sprout all on their own with no special attention because I didn't even know they were there. They got watered when I watered the Black Jack but that was with some fairly strongl nutes so I'm surprised that didn't burn them up. I transplanted them into their own 5 gallon smart pots with Sunshine #4 and organic perlite. I use a mix of Roots Excelurator and some Advanced Nutes stuff so I hit them with a healthy dose of that. Now I just have to hope they handle the transplanting. I know autoflowers are fragile but this shows just how viable and for lack of a better term durable Nirvana Seeds are. Oh and I have 5 different Nirvana strains. All of which germinated and grew into beautiful plants without any issues at all. You can't beat 100%!!

Super Skunk Autoflower

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