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not my taste by
Nick D.

Well so far 3 cracked and never were strong enough to get the shell off i would love to reccomend but at this point im 0 for 3 while in ph adjusted water im unsure if i wanna waste time on the other 2 can honestly say ive done better with bagseed thanx for the learning experiance

recommended by
Alan R.

Super Skunk..... One of the 3 gifted beans from my friend that introduced me to Nirvana. Grew her again in the hybrid variety pack. Bought a 5 pack and 4 made the cut!Consistency through all 3 attempts. A treasure trove of love!5gal fab bags with naturally amended super soil on its 3rd run and ready for a repluged youngster. Weekly compost teas for the phases round off the love.

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recommended by
Matthew T.

Nice plants. Grown outdoors at 44 degrees north. They grew vigorously, but two of four turned hermaphrodite. All four seeds were feminized. Two distinct phenotypes, one sativa leaning and the other predominately indica. It's good bud, but conditions did not change, they should never have turned hermaphrodite. The sativa leaning phenotype turned hermaphrodite.

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recommended by
Bradley M.

Just harvested her, first time for her. Nice size Buds, firm and smell is not skunkie to me. Easy to grow for you noobies. I'll give taste and medical review when I put it out there. So far she at least gets my OK review! Thanks Nirvana! !

recommended by
Miles M.

9 days for shipping. 4/5 sprouted in 3 DAYS. I'm impressed so far. I will comment more after they grow more (or the 5th one sprouts).

recommended by
Daniel k.

Great strain, very potent. very sedative and tranquilizing. great for muscle spasms and pain relief. couch lock stone. stays medium in height. only had to top one of them to keep them under the light. easy to grow and germinate. used a 1000w and grew in foxfarm ocean forest potting soil and got 6oz. per plant. Taste was smooth and mildly sweet.VERY STINKY, hard to cover the smell, but worth it.

not my taste by
Andrew G.

I liked this strain grew well

recommended by
Stephen M. M.

Excellent smooth smoke and high. Would def grow again. Another 10 week plant.

recommended by

This is a very hearty and easy to grow strain.great for sog.

recommended by
sabri k.

Delivery is super stealthy and safe, and nirvana bank has great genetics, seeds sprotued 100% succesfully and well they grow super fast, its been only 1.5 week and they are already massive and bulky, a little advice to ones who want to have short bushy plants. Keep the lights on 24/7 during the early vegetative stage so they dont have time to stretch, and keep the ventilator right in front of them so stems grow thicker and stronger

recommended by
Keith Rex a.

really going after lively little suckers like instantly....

recommended by
Mark C.

Nirvana comes through yet again! I had 100% germination with these seeds and also 100% success cloning. I flowered them for 10 weeks and was very happy with the yield. I have grown several other strains from Nirvana and this is the highest producer so far.The smell and flavor is wonderful. It's a classic Skunk #1 type of odor and flavor and packs an uplifting sativa type buzz. I am well into the curing phase and the buds have kept their dark green color and skunky smell. Even with the strong scent, it was easy to keep at bay while growing with a good quality carbon filter. My wife has a nose like a bloodhound and didn't catch a whiff for the entire grow. Of course, it was a different story on harvest day. ;-)I am very happy with this strain from Nirvana and will continue growing it for a long time.

recommended by
Robert C.

excellent quality vigorous seeds. fantastic smoke

not my taste by
Minei K.

Nirvana, You all are the bomb-diggity. I ordered my new best strain. Kaya Gold Fem. If anyone wants a great easy strain to grow, Kaya would be that. I also took advantage of your special on Super Skunk Fem. I will grow them both at the same time in my grow tent. It will be a winter grow. Here in Hawaii, our winter is just a cooler summer. Nirvana, you have yet to fail me. I have never had a Feminized Seed not produce a good yield nor one of low quality smoke. With these 2 strains, make sure the curing room is dark, below 80 degrees, not over 50% humidity and cure in jars for no less than 30 days. Longer the better. KEEP IT GREEN. Aloha

recommended by
Alan R.

A friend introduced me to Nirvana, assured me it was cool to deal with them. He gifted me three fem beans: Northern Light, Medusa and Super Skunk. All will be 8 weeks manana and set to 12/12. I've got HIGH hopes and very pleased with all three varieties. SS has wonderland smell already.

recommended by
Kevin O.

Just wanted to say thank you, I received my seeds in a unique package. I am already on week two of my other seeds.these will start soon.

recommended by
Martin C.

After reading others post I wonder what the problem is. I did have some issues after sprouting. Turned out to be my local water supply. After figuring this out the grow went smooth. They need to be babied if your a heavy feeder. So start slow and gradually increase your nutes, they will take all you can throw at them if you do it in steps. This was my first go around with SS, they cloned easily and well I will have another crop shortly. They do need all of 8 weeks flowering. This next batch will be getting ten weeks if they need it. All in all very happy. Thanks Nirvana you came through again.

recommended by
Toms K.

another good strain, buds are heavy, sticky and big, easy to grow. Buds deep green with brown hairs, lots of crystals

recommended by
Marc C.

I have had this in rotation, either from seed or clones, for a few years now. I also grew Nirvana’s Skunk No1 (sad to see it gone- what flavor!) and Skunk Special as well. This smoke is an excellent ‘daily driver’ and everybody who gets my sticky bud loves it for that reason. Great for getting stuff done, too. It starts easily, grows well, is super easy to manage, and clones beautifully. I come back to get more seeds from time to time and the Super Skunk seems to be consistent- a huge plus. Right now, I am raising two plats in Deep Water Culture, from seed, which is a new wrinkle for me. The Super Skunk clone from the last DWC crop delivered 5.5 ounces from one plant, in a closet grow situation, in DWC. Plenty enough for me and a few close friends... Super Skunk is a great strain. I think most of the negative reviews are from folks who need some grow skill development. Totally understandable. It will remain in my secret closet into the foreseeable future. Thank you, Nirvana! Much allegiance!

not my taste by
William J.

All 5 germed and all 5 female. I lost one due to grower error. I could not clone this strain. I only got one clone out of maybe 25 cuttings. The yield was very low and very disappointing. They are slow starters for sure and the distance between inter nodes was tight. I think a longer Veg time may have helped my yield. Grown under 400 Watt HPS using drip irrigation.

recommended by
Evan S.

This plant seems to be a little sensitive to nutrients. I was keeping the nutrients about 300-400 ppm lower than the NYPD i had next to it. This may have been the pheno possibly, I'm not sure. Either way, after the nutrient adjustment it powered through and ended up fantastic.

not my taste by
Alex W.

Decent smoke and appearance not the best yield

recommended by
dennis d.

Would grow again for free but if I'm buying I like trying new strains.

recommended by
Larry F.

Just wanted to say I am amazed at how fast these seeds germinated. That is proof of fresh seeds...Thanks! all seeds germinated and were planted wirhin 3 days Woohoo..kudo's Nirvana.

not my taste by
Tony C.

Nirvana company over all is excellent, support and shipping. But... Disappointed results, and my plants were extremely healthy and got a lot of TLC No where near the description on the site. Smell - none, D Was supposed to be like coffee shop hash more of an up high to me and others. Was expecting to be knocked out. C+

recommended by
Dawn m.

Not sure what im doing but giving it a try. transplanted them at 2 1/2 inches and used the grow kit. Not sure about the flowering process and if i need too feed other then kit that came with. what i do know is i enjoy good smoke and so far Narvana has been great... I would appreciate any input any one has too give me. Email me at thank you, looking forward too many more purchases. Thank You...

recommended by
Thomas M.

Had 100% sucess rate with 5 of these seeds. Fast growing, fast flowering, great yeild & and an awesome buzz. If Your looking for a good skunk strain this is it!

recommended by
Chad R.

15 of 15 germinated and sprouted, plants are 3 weeks into veg, just topped, very healthy. Reason I wanted to write was to comment that they are starting to smell a little even at this early stage, no shit. I've never had a strain do that. Will update about half way thru then again at harvest.

recommended by
Brian Z.

This is a truly "super" plant. All seeds germed within 48 hrs. Fast out of the blocks. Thick structure, great growth rate, and HUGE colas & buds. Just started looking "frosty" in past few days. In the home stretch. Cutting & curing soon. Will do a follow up review with yields and buzz rating very soon!Alice is all that and more! Is Alice married? :)NIRVANA COMMENT: Nope. Eligible parties may apply with photo and resume. :o)

Super Skunk Feminized

  • Potent F1 hybrid of Skunk #1 and Skunk Special.
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