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recommended by
Joseph B.


recommended by
Darrin B.

First ever grow. Nirvana is an excellent and trustworthy shop. Great customer support, and trustworthy with your card. Received all orders under 14 days in the midwest. Super Skunks regular, my first order, (have since ordered more, with 100% success with the stealth). I was not quite prepared for the odor these ladies emit. 2 of the 4 reg beans ended up ladies. Beautiful cola's, 31 days veg, it's week 6 of flower, really, these are ready now, but will let go to 8 weeks. Love Indica, and these, well lets just say, WOW!!! Love Nirvana, love their cust support, love their product! Used for PTSD in my case. Papaya Fem bean next. Nirvana is the best.

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recommended by
Lee H.

I live in Maine USA. Sent 140$ cash. Was leery of doing this. Seeds arrived in fantastic packaging. Can not wait to see the results. Very professional with great service Thank you!

recommended by
Edwin O.

Super Star

recommended by
Dontavious m.

I'm like a kid in a candy store when I got my package. At first I almost throw it away than I remember what I was waiting for. Cant wait to get started. I'm so happy now.

recommended by
M. F.

Boom! Customer service was top notch, package was very discrete, can't wait to try out these seeds. Thank you very much nirvana! I WILL be ordering more seeds in the future! :D

recommended by
Mike G.

I absolutely love this plant. Super Skunk is the best of all worlds. You get a great plant that mine grew 6 feet tall and once pruned right then it turned into a tree of buds. You cannot hide this smell so do not carry it in your car on yourself. I took a small amount in a baggie that was also wrapped up inside a ziplock bag and folks I worked with said that I smelled like I had ran over a skunk on the way to work. LOL. Very strong high and my first order turned out 4 females out of 5 seeds which I used the male to pollinate one branch on one of my female plants which gave me enough seeds to share with others and to keep my growing from fresh seeds whenever I wanted. Great seeds and discreet shipping. I will order several more times and experiment with different strains. Thanks, Mike.

not my taste by
Selcuk Y.

3 Days ago i got my SS + Freebies in a very stealthy way where i was thinking that the beans got caught during the shipping :) sending the money and getting the seeds takes 24 days , and im over 1500 Flight Miles away from Holland !!! Thx Nirvana

recommended by
Kristian D.

8 of 10 females, 1 didnt germinate, awesome ratio. Earbuzzingly strong. I'm so happy with Nirvana. I'm sure my orderhistory says it all, customer for life!

not my taste by
Craig d.

Indica 65% | Sativa 35%Yield indoor Up to 450 gram / 15.9 ounces per sq meter Yield outdoor Up to 600 gram / 15.9 ounces per plant

recommended by
wade h.

i have ordered, not just sk but northern lights, old blueberry whiye widow and a few outside seeds that didn't relly do well. my favorite is the skunk and bb which i have lost due to no seeds left. rest assured if you order here you get what you ask for.

recommended by
T G.

This is one of my old favorites and always will be. But if ur growing inside it stinks bad so prepare. I have had to tell neighbors that my dogs got skunked more than once to explain the smell, lol. Thanks nirvana.

recommended by
Jacqueline t.

Wow super fast delivery, super skunk & Medusa regular seeds planted one of each and they grew beautifly, both female first time grower which was made easy with germination kit & both tabs, now in flower mode & cant wait smell lovely, ordered auto & AK-48 feminised arrived super fast, have turned this into a hobby with extra benefits at the end lol, highly recommend to anyone who is hesitant safe payment safe shipping.

recommended by
Rodney W.

Was very worried about ordering over web, have heard about too many scams so have became a clone person. However, after exhaustive research of seed banks Nirvana seemed to be the best choice to take the chance on an since my first order, what a Great decision. Fast, descrete delivery with no worries what so evevr not to mention the best medical strains available. So far any failure of beans sprouting has been my fault. Their so fresh that all a person has to do is simply plant. Lost count of how many times I've ordered because their all so Great. I highly recommend Nirvana as a persons #1 seed bank. Thx Nirvana!

recommended by
Carlos V.

This was my first grow. It was a 12 day delivery to South USA. Nice and discrete shipping. I built a grow box for it (4x3x2). Stared with 3 plans of which 2 where males. They veged for 5 weeks. Put the males to rest and harvested the female in 7 weeks. What a high. Some of the strongest stuff I've smoked so far. If I smoke too much of it, it knocks me out on my ass. Thanks Nirvana.

Super Skunk Regular

  • Potent F1 hybrid of Skunk #1 and Skunk Special.
  • Strong flavor, powerful buzz.
  • High-production yields.

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