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recommended by
Charles W.

One of the best autoflower strains Nirvana has ever put out. I grew this strain many times before learning about using LST on auto's to increase yields. My average yield has been 1.5 oz per plant with a few hitting around 2 oz. I usually grow 15 to 20 auto's at a time, and this strain is no exception. The plants flowered around week four and grew very fast. Some went as tall as four foot and were lanky with a lot of space between nodes. These produced well for me, but i liked the shorter bushy plants with closer node spacing. The bud sites grew together to make some really dense, large buds. The smoke is really nice and makes you want to do something and talk a lot. My next swiss cheese auto grow will include some LST to maximize my yields. I should improve my yields by 20% to 30% using LST. Good job on this strain Nirvana, keep them coming. Peace

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recommended by
Charles W.

This is one of my favorite auto's, and it went like all the other grows, nice. This strain puts out some really nice big sticky buds. I like the phenomes where the plants are tall and lanky with fewer leaves on them. They are much easier to work with imo when they grow this way. They flowered in 4 weeks and i started my lst'ing. These girls are so easy to grow, but they do require some extra cal mag around the middle of flower. Other than that they were easy to grow. Some got to around 40in., with most staying around 32". I used GH flora series and all the same additives i always use. All 15 seeds popped and at harvest gave me 24 ounces or maybe a little over that. My grow went for 13 weeks, which is the time it has taken for all my swiss cheese grows. Great strain Nirvana. This is a strain you must try. Peace

recommended by
Robert I.

my advice , feed her in slow steps before max feeding as their sensitive to nutes my exper, with nirvana is awsom! i would recommendtheir beans to all! thanks Team Nirvana!

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recommended by
Gary j.

this one is for anyone who likes an easy grow his the one.sprouted in less than 7 days in soil outside.After 9 weeks this plant looked like it was dipped in sugar. Another one of my favorites!

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recommended by
Angela-Marie G.

I just wanna say Narvana u guys ROCK!!!! I got my second order in just 12 days. U have a loyal customer for life! I love I have a company I can go thru n dey deliver like promised. Thanx n much MAHALOS!!!!!

recommended by
Adam H.

These guys at Nirvana are awsome, not only did they send me some Swiss Cheese autos they sent me some freebies that were A total deal maker. Thanks Nirvana team, can't wait to smoke down some of those beans. I definitely will be buying more!!! Love the shiping also!Thanks from your friends in America.

recommended by
gary p.

As a first time grower I have done everything in my power to kill these plants. So far they have survived me. They are flowering and making amazing and VERY STINKY buds in spite of me.The 6 freebies I have tried are also doing their best but as they are not Auto / Fem, I am having an easier time trying to ruin them. I know.... Just read and follow directions. Not possible for me. Brain injury. I don't follow simple instructions.Learned a few things. 1) Nirvana will reply to questions quickly. 2) I am NO good with mystery seeds. Gifts from now on. 3) Genetics must be really good because I haven't killed a single plant!Thank You To Nirvana!

recommended by
Wayne D.

This seed is amazing big white buds i got one oz per plant and i grew 5 plants outside in Florida in 5 gallon buckets .

not my taste by
Glenn L.

Less than impressed. Grew one in soil while my other plants grew huge in coco, the soil plant remained tiny and never amounted to much of anything. 6 months later I attempted to pop the remaining 4 and absolutely none of them popped and grew. While it was potent with massive couch lock, the yield was ridiculously small. This has never happened to me before in all the years of my growing. I love Nirvana seeds and typically yield 2-3oz per plant under the same lighting conditions. The OG Kush auto I grew at the same time was over 2oz.

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recommended by

Auto flowered just like it is suposed to. I had nice big buds by the end of July, outdoors.

recommended by
brandon h.

Shipping felt expedited! Ordered on 8/30, received on 9/7. Was not able to get started until 9/12. Will keep up dated through germ. Very excited. Started 3 strands for first growth. 10 pots total. 3 White Widow, 3 Swiss Cheese, and 3 AK-48, and 1 freebie they gave. Nirvana is awesome! I have been on this site since 2012 and now that I actually own my own home, much easier to have a grow tent inside. Can't wait to show what the yield is!

not my taste by
Kristian E.

Good properties. This is the second auto strain from Nirvana I tried. Have done a bunch of "blue mystic auto" b4. Now I wanted to try out another of their auto strains, and as I fell in love with Swiss Cheese years ago, this was a natural choice. I grew them in coco coir, using Advanced Nutrients Jungle juice trio. They grew very nice and fast, started flowering after 4 weeks and were ready for harvest after 7 weeks, which means 11 weeks from seed to harvest, but I really should have given them one or two weeks more to finish up. I got great yields from both, 65 and 69g of dried bud. I was not entirely happy with the potency and flavour though, and if I ever do an autoflowering plant again it would probably be another blue mystic which may produce a bit less but makes up for it in quality.

recommended by
Arthur B.

hey everyone. i just finished a grow of swiss cheese autos and they were great. Nirvana has a winner here for sure. i grew these girls in 3 and 5 gallon pots. fox farm of soil and ff trio for nutes with cal-mag in every watering. i used a 4x4 tent and hps light on a 18-6 hr cycle. they grew fast and healthy. the ones in the larger pots grew much larger. i yeilded 311 grams of some really great bud after dry and cured. i allso used Lst on these girls with great sucsses. i recomend these to anyone. very easy to grow and very good yeild of kick ass bud. -buster-

recommended by
Wes B.

5 of 5 popped, fast 3 week to US including my cash to get there...grew outside in Hempy pots, LST may have slowed them some on growth, but the smoke is mice and mellow. Also made a nice tincture...

recommended by
Charles W.

I received my 5 seeds in less than two weeks from Nirvana. I placed all 5 seeds in the Propagator Pro from Nirvana inside 1" rock wool cubes soaked in 5.5 ph'ed water for a couple hours. All the seeds popped, and i transplanted them into my 3 gallon fabric containers filled with coco coir/perlite mix 5 days from germination start. I did lose one of these girls for some unknown reason, but the other 4 plants started flowering in week 4. I gave them GH Flora Series nutes, cal mag, hydroguard and budswell up til the last week. Then i flushed these girls for only one week because at every other watering/feeding they only got plain ph'ed water with cal mag and hydroguard. I had baseball sized buds on these girls that were sticky and rock hard. When i trimmed them i had to keep cleaning my scissors because they kept getting too sticky to use (of course i saved the resin off the scissors for my own personal use). This is by far the best auto strain i have ever grown. The smoke from this strain is really hard to explain, but it does exactly what the description states. I ended up with 6.5 dry ounces of some of the best weed i have ever smoked. I have ordered 5 more Swiss Cheese auto seeds already. This was also my very first grow using coco coir/perlite mix. I received plenty of help from the "Experts" from Nirvana to make this grow a success. You have got to try this auto strain just to see what i am talking about. I grew these girls under a 1000 watt hps system where i started using the hps bulb in week 4 when they started flowering. I really believe i can get a better yield with this next grow, since i now have learned how to grow using coco. I can't wait to grow this strain again, but i have to wait til my seeds get here, lol. Peace

recommended by
Erik c.

Every one over 3 ozs dry if u lukn for snoop Dogg wiz kahilfa willy nelson this is it

recommended by
Earl D.

Fast growing vivacious plant. Sticky Stinky 3 oz. (Average) of dried goodness from each plant. Excellent High! Soil 5 gal. cloth pots. 4 out of 5 beans popped. Seed to harvest 10 weeks. Two thumbs up! Will purchase again. This is my 4th order from Nirvana over the past two years. Customer for life! Thank You Nirvana!

not my taste by
Kieren M.

mine turned really early but flowered quickly, could of been my nutes too high for an auto, but it is a fantastic smoke, like a sweet skunk and yes the peppery after taste takes about 2-3mins and it is there, it has a nice pleasant high not a couch lock but sociable high. I would defiantly buy this again

not my taste by
Donny D.

Strong (wonderfully stinky) odor especially in flower even with a charcoal filter! This plant is very sturdy and is growing some nice buds all up and down its main shaft along with a few nice satelites. I only have it in 1 1/2 ltr soil but reached about 24" height. Hearty plant.

recommended by
Cynthia B.

First I would like to say I have ordered from nirvana 3 times first order got here in 8 days second order took 13 days and I am waiting on a third which should be here next week sometime and I am in Texas now I have a northern light about 3 weeks old and an bubblelicious only a few days behind both are growing well so far but I picked this one to write my review cuz there wasn't one for Swiss Cheese I have to say it has taken 3 days from seed to about a 1/4 inch this one and a Blue Mystic are gorwing so fast I could not believe it as soon as my 3rd order gets here I will have all 9 of their autos I want to grow them all but I don't have the space I am new to the grow your own mj but I will post yield when she is finished thank you nirvana!

recommended by
Ammon k.

I'll be the first to review this strain, I'm into my 3rd week of begging this plant so it's still small, but it's growing beautifully!! It's thriving & its 3rd & 4th set of leaves are popping up!! & as for the package, it took 10 business days to get to the west coast of the USA. Very satisfied & will continue to buy from NIRVANA!!

Swiss Cheese Autoflower

  • Female seeds.
  • A knock off your feet.
  • Fast flowering.
  • Powerful cerebral high.
  • Cheese taste plus a peppery aftertaste.

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